Season 1 Episode 6

The Socratic Method

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 2004 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house . he is confronted by a women that has a problems and house must figure it out that she may have a tumor and he must confront his birthday and chase must deal with his mother and he conidition i thought this ep was really good and it has a good story and it shed light on the other charaters that have storys invovled with them and that is why i gave this a 8.5 instead of anything lower and the show is very enjoyable and it keeps getting better from here on out.
  • Was house right to shrink the tumour?

    Another reasonable well-done episoide, i kinda of figured out the patient wasn't crazy which made it predictable, if there's was no other possiable explanation it had to be that. Still it's funny how things worked out i mean if mother hadn't rang social services house would never of known she was able to make a rational decision . it's strange to actually see a young boy look after his mother, i couldn't imagine doing that, mainly because it would drive me crazy but i think the boy managed fine, it's just it was too much for him to handle. i really liked how Dr.House tricked the boy into revealing his age by using someone elses X-ray.

    The dabate in this episoide was House right to shrink the tumour so they can operate?, it depends on a situation i wasn't sure if surgury was successful but looking at the surgon face i guss not. It was also strange to see her at the end of the episoide, reading the book like a normal person. The fact that she was mis-diagnosed doesn't give me confident in the medical profession. i understand that these things happend but she living like that for a number of years.

    Dr.House birthday, i don't blame him for not wanting to celebrate his birthday, i personally don't look forward to my one neither , Camron- i still trying to figure out whether she has crush on him or not. She seem very persistant to find Dr.House's good side.

    next weeks case looks boring
  • Another great episode of 'House'- definitely one I'm going to watch again!

    After last week's rather average episode, I'm pleased to see that 'House' has returned to form- it was one of those very fast paced episodes, where it's hard to keep track of exactly what malady the poor woman [Lucy] was suffering from, but it did make sense in the end. I loved the biting sarcasm of the quotes from this episode:
    House: Love the suit, it says 'I'm a
    professional, but I'm still a woman'...
    actually it sort of shouts that last part
    Cuddy: Yeah, and your big cane is real
    subtle too...
    And House does so have a heart- look at how he didn't turn Lucy in for calling Social Services, but let the boy think that he had been responsible. It's also touching the way he continued reading to Lucy while her son wasn't there to keep her company...
    What I didn't quite get, though, was Cuddy entering the men's room- persistent!
  • This one was sort of like a puzzle, more so than most of the other episodes.

    There are a few episodes in this series that start out a little differently, where the patient has a symptoms before the one that sends them to the hospital. These are often very cool ones too because it shows just how smart House is. Every other doctor says its uncureable and in these episodes are wrong about their diagnoses. It feels great when the lead character gets it right!

    I said this episode was more of a puzzle because House visited the patient to listen to her speak. Everything she said was sort of made sense if you really thought about it. I rather like how the writers pointed out that she made a rational decision to send her son to social services.

    Medical Problem: Wilson's
    Rating: 9.5/10
  • really exciting

    this was really exciting i loved this episode heres the review:L

    the review:

    Dr. House is intrigued by the symptoms of a schizophrenic woman, who displays mixed symptoms, including a tumor, but soon realizes the source of her problems isn't the obvious. House confronts his birthday and Chase confronts his past when the mother's son tries to keep up with her condition.
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  • Crazy lady

    What more could you want? A crazy mother with a son who lies about his age so the state doesn't take him. It was a very interesting episoide.

    It was surprising to see House voluntarily visit a patient and talk to her. I enjoyed that very much. How they shrunk her tumor with ethanol was so cool. And how the lady wasn't really crazy oh I just loved it. And how the mother called the social services beause she wanted her son taken care of was really sweet.

    This was a fine piece of House and I'm glad that many of the episodes were great like this one.
  • Review

    I thought the acting done by the entire cast in this episode was of pure brillance. I thought that the son and his mother did a fantastic job in their acting roles, with the mother having to pretend to be crazy and the son having to show the emotional distress that all this has caused him. The House-Clinic aspect of the show wasnt as funny as they usually are, but it was still comical nonetheless. I thought Houses birthday would have generated a little more of a spark, but it was pretty much kept on the down low between the two people that know. I thought this was a great episode, with a lot of good acting.
  • A great episode! Was more of a puzzle then the other episodes.

    Fantastic episode! Though the other episodes confuse you and you can't figure out what's wrong, this one was more thought provoking and more like a puzzle to the viewers.

    1) Like i said above, the thing about it being more puzzling then others.
    2) The idea of a woman who is believed to be scitzophranic (I have no idea how to spell that! XD) but really isn't, it just turned out she had something called "Wilson's disease" in the end. That was neat.
    3) Hugh Laurie was awesome in this episode! Very funny!
    4) The thing with the boy taking care of the mother with the whole Child services thing was a good idea.
    5) I liked how House got the boy to confess he was fifteen. That was cool, the way he tricked him with a scan of a bone.

    1) Well, okay, why would a fifteen year old take care of a mother who is almost crazy? I know he doesn't want to leave her, but still, he seems a little young.
  • Gripping

    SOCRATIC METHOD is one of the first season's more intense episodes, in which a mother with serious health problems is thought to have substance problems. Her son is like a parent to her, protecting her at every turn. House suspects something far more peculiar going on, and has his team check out the woman's home for possible contributing factors. This is the kind of episode that has hooked me on this show. It plays like a medical episode of LAW & ORDER, which is the highest compliment I can give any TV series. The acting is first rate, the drama is high, and the action is compelling. And we get to see the House team in a different light in this episode.
  • House's birthday.

    A very painful episode to watch because having a mental patient as a mother, that is definite intensity. Painful to watch because a 15 year old boy pretending to be 18 t nurse his mother. Just so sad to watch. House's birthday was the bright side of the episode, Cameron gets him something & Cuddy almost gets him something but then doesn't. The mom throwing up blood, seeing the house, how dysfunctional it is, House cracking the code for the boy's real age. Another painful to watch moment is in which they take him to child services, that has to hurt, but the good thing is she got better at the end, which was expected but she looked like a whole different person, a great revelating episode.
  • Right to be wrong

    Escencialmente me parece muy importante esto: Greg se da la chance de equivocarse, equivocarse hasta llegar a la verdad. Y sí, de eso se trata, no? De diagnosticar, de no creer que uno es dueño de la verdad. Lo que no es simple, creo, y le pasa a House al no poder llevarlo a su vida cotidiana, social. Ahí viene el problema, por qué no admitimos que la soledad nos carcome el alma y no es simplemente una buena y necesaria consejera? Por qué no dejamos la ironía para convertirla en soy un inadaptado social que no sabe cómo comunicarse con el mundo pero tiene miedo de decirlo porque aunque este mundo le parece una porquería está obligado a vivir en él y no sabe cómo?
  • "He likes the puzzle..."

    This was one of the most interesting cases so far. House treating a character with schizophrenia and being fascinated with her condition shows the curiosity he lives with and the desire to solve the puzzle.

    There wasn't great character development in this episode; slight acknowledgement to House's birthday, whilst a little bit of Camerons growing attraction to House. There was also a small focus on Chase's past as well, as it was clear the fifteen year old boy looking after his mum brought back some painful memories.

    Nevertheless, the patient storyline was one of the best in the series, and was a very interesting storyline, cleverly written and fantastically acted between the mother and son. House was indeed very witty in the episode, and the banted between him and Wilson reached an all time high, especially when they were discussing schizophrenia at the beginning. The clinic scenes were once again very amusing.

    One of the best episodes yet, and a definate series classic- one of the most underated episodes of the series.
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