Season 1 Episode 6

The Socratic Method

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 2004 on FOX

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  • Was house right to shrink the tumour?

    Another reasonable well-done episoide, i kinda of figured out the patient wasn't crazy which made it predictable, if there's was no other possiable explanation it had to be that. Still it's funny how things worked out i mean if mother hadn't rang social services house would never of known she was able to make a rational decision . it's strange to actually see a young boy look after his mother, i couldn't imagine doing that, mainly because it would drive me crazy but i think the boy managed fine, it's just it was too much for him to handle. i really liked how Dr.House tricked the boy into revealing his age by using someone elses X-ray.

    The dabate in this episoide was House right to shrink the tumour so they can operate?, it depends on a situation i wasn't sure if surgury was successful but looking at the surgon face i guss not. It was also strange to see her at the end of the episoide, reading the book like a normal person. The fact that she was mis-diagnosed doesn't give me confident in the medical profession. i understand that these things happend but she living like that for a number of years.

    Dr.House birthday, i don't blame him for not wanting to celebrate his birthday, i personally don't look forward to my one neither , Camron- i still trying to figure out whether she has crush on him or not. She seem very persistant to find Dr.House's good side.

    next weeks case looks boring