Season 5 Episode 16

The Softer Side

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on FOX

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  • A painless House worries everyone and paranoid parents with a secret almost kill their child using the nice House.

    First of all, the medical case was another labyrinth of interwoven conditions. I really enjoyed the way that the mixture of parental protectionism ("He's not ready") and the mother trying to reinforce their own choice ("Basketball or Hockey"!), resulted in the unfolding of their secret (and nearly poisoning the herma-child to death).

    I agree that nice House was so jarring, it was almost scary. We were scared of losing the House that we know. Which was exactly how Cuddy & Wilson felt. Wilson helps Cuddy see the silver lining in this, and she eventually finds out that this could potentially end both their misery.

    Which personally think what scares House away from Methadone. He realizes that connecting to other people will erode his intellect in the end. Although I think Cuddy put it nicely: "You're afraid of change."

    If the writers decide to use this episode as a pivotal point in the House/Cuddy relationship, I would be seriously impressed.