Season 6 Episode 4

The Tyrant

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • The Turant

    This show is seductive in that it pulls you in and keeps you there. It gives you a taste of what life is like in the exotic world of the Middle East. I have been captivated by this show! All the episodes leave you hungry for more!
  • The Tyrant

    House's sixth season hasn't had a flaw yet, and this episode was just fantastic with some very well-done scenes and an interesting concept. I'm sure all House fans have been waiting for this since the show's fourth season premiere, hoping the old team would be back together one day, and we got that here.

    We got amazing dynamics between the entire cast. From Cameron saying her old catchphrase: "Could be autoimmune?" to House's witty banter, and you got yourself a House classic. Upon watching this the second time, you can really see a lot of foreshadowing of the tyrant's death.

    The closeout scenes were the most emotional though, Foreman burning the evidence, that was definitely intense. Looking forward in seeing how this story arc plays out. The Thirteen & Foreman scenes were also interesting, and House with the neighbor: that was just good TV. Overall, a superb installment to what is a so far great season.
  • An old school episode that makes a point.

    Wait did they just use the right formula?? Well yes and it delivered. For me this episode makes a strong point: here old school really is cool. For the first time since season 3, the original cast re-unite as a team, leaving behind the newbies (yes 2 seasons in, I still consider them newbies..says a lot) and it worked like a charm.
    The dynamic in the team is intact, unlike the other team, when the camera is off Dr.House/Cudy/Wilson, the show does not become a snore feast cause Foreman, Chase and Cameron remain pretty interesting characters.In the past 2 seasons, if the medical case was not good enough, very often the episode came out as very dull unlike the first 3 seasons were the supporting cast was solid enough to make it worthwhile. If the medical case was not good enough here, this would have still been enjoyable but to makes things better, the case brought a very engaging story.
    Having a dictator as a patient represented a huge emotional turmoil, specially when you have Cameron in the team. Chase ended up killing him, this is poignant and quite a shocking turn of events that will have some serious consequences and also bring a new dimension to Chase...all good. I hope they don`t use that to write off the character. Meanwhile Dr.House was his typical self while being his new self..don`t you just love it. He remains as refreshing as ever..6 seasons in and still one of the best characters out there.
    The bad part of the episode was the ever boring Foreman-Thirteen saga....if only they would get rid of her, she`ll be forgotten within a couple of episodes(or even earlier). I mean look at Tobb, who actually cares if he is gone?? I know most fans don`t, his absence is not felt. Kutner is dead and nobody really remembers...they are just not good enough characters. While I feel they`ll have the terrible idea to bring Tobb back, just looking back at season 1, if one of the characters was absent for an episode, it just didn`t felt right. This was the right formula, I have the bad feeling the won`t keep it...please prove me wrong. Anyway, after a great premiere followed by a solid second episode and this excellent follower, this a very strong start for Season 6.
  • like Rowanda

    House M.D
    Season 6
    Episode 3: The Tyrant
    House returns to the hospital while Cameron and Chase work again with Foreman. The old team is reunited to treat an African tyrant who is planning a massive genoside against the rival tribe.

    I watched this episode about a month ago but until now I decided to post a review. This was such a great episode! It was so full of drama and thrills, keeping the abitual comedy they have! James Earl Jones guest stars as Dibala, an african genosidic tyrant who plans a massive massacre against the tribe of his country who are against him.
  • A Tyrant under the staff care die's of natural cause's or does he?

    This show really made me think what would i do if put in this postion you take a oath to do no harm but in front of you is a person who does not live by this rule but lives by a rule kill all who don't think like you or who goes against you to make them follow you. I think what Chase doe's is wrong but I can see why he did it I believe I would have done the same thing as he did becuse the live's of the many do out weight the life of one and anytime you can help the week who can't control there situation you should try and help them if you think I am wrong then all you have to do is remember WW2 great job Writters I just wish she would come back to him he did do it for her also he just did what she didn't have the guts to do Bravo.
  • Gripping episode, fantastic concept as well. Do the ends always justify the means?

    Overall I really liked this episode, James Earl Jones is fantastic. Definitely can see him as a "Mugabe" type. The only thing I have a problem with is Chase's faulty logic. Yes, it seems like a good idea to do away with the dictator whose killing tons of people but as Julius Caesar has taught us, there's always someone else next in line. It's a basic formula for dictatorships, a bad guy might go down but the next guy in line could be even worse. Some people are just corrupt by nature. It's all they've ever known. It wasn't Dibala's decision (ethically) to chose when and how his people died and it wasn't Chases' choice to decide when and how Dibala died. The right thing would've been to expose him for the tyrant that he so blatantly was. And even then there's not much else that can be done. Once a society has become that corrupt there's almost no going back. And even if change were to ensue it wouldn't not happen overnight just like that. Countries fall into dictatorships for a lot of reasons, lack of education for one thing. The less people know the more power the ruler has. Knowledge is the greatest defense. The spiel aside, I thought it was a great concept. I thought the writers took a very well executed risk. No pun intended. And the "phantom limb" bit was absolutely priceless. I also really like the love arch between House and Cuddy for the first time we're exposed to how much he actually cares for her. House really is human under all of that sarcastic "armor". I'm very much enjoying this season and I hope Taub and Thirteen come back and stick around. As much as a like the old team I do enjoy the others as well.
  • An interesting episode

    In this episode of House, the following happens. When an African politician falls ill he is taken to House's team to try to find out what has made him ill. And so the team have to decide if they are going to treatment him, as if they do and he goes home, he will kill a lot of people. As the episode ends, the politician dies and we learn that Chase had something to do with it. Hose is also back at work, with his old team, who I still love. As the episode ends, we see Foreman burning the only evidence linking Chase to the politician's death.
  • House M.D.: “The Tyrant”. Changes, changes, and changes again…

    House M.D.: "The Tyrant"

    Dr. Wilson: How was your first day of school?
    House: I didn’t pee once in the sandbox.
    Dr. Wilson: How was it with Cuddy?
    House: What did you think I was talking about?

    House M.D.: “The Tyrant”. Changes, changes, and changes again… I think it’s for the better. Why?.. Scenarists slightly changed the basic concept of the series, revealing the tempers of the main characters. It’s really great. Do not forget about Forman with Thirteen, but at the forefront of today are Cameron with Chase. Great to see the old team back. Never thought that Chase or Cameron would ever end up doing something that contradicts their ethics. Almost forgot to tell about probably still most important change in the series… Old Guard back in the ranks. Yeah… Great to see the old team back. House (seeing his original team): “Oh, my God. It’s three years ago. Does that mean I’m still crazy?” House - again House, except without medical license, but it is temporarily. The name of the episode is quite interesting, isn’t it? “The Tyrant” - an African ruler, President Dibala, ruthless dictator, and most importantly, that Dibala is Forman’s patient. And here is no sense to tell, because… spoilers - the evil (again it said). Although … I think it is necessary to say that Chase’s actions clearly have results, very serious results. Really big problems are outlined. So… Chase’s storyline is going to be continued. And this is very good, more precisely - very interesting, believe me. And I almost forgot… To at least somehow dilute the seriousness of the series, several episodes of the series were devoted to small wars between House and Wilson’s neighbor who lives below the floor. “What’s the problem?” - you request. Explaining… The neighbor is particularly rude about House’s cane noise. Next - solid threats. But don’t worry House will find a way out of this situation. Well… This show is getting better and better. This episode added more drama, and you never know where it is going to turn from week to week.

    Мy rating - 4.7/5

    Link to original review -
  • Old Team!

    A much welcome return for the old team! The "oh my God, its three years ago!" line had me in stitches! It was good to the see the old dynamic back, and the guest star in Robert Earl Jones was brilliant.

    The case this time around was interesting, and full of twisting emotions. I really enjoyed the ethical dilemnas raised, as it seemed to channel the old days of the show.

    House dealing with a nasty neighbour in his new "talking things through" way was also brilliant- I didn't expect him to cure the guys hand! But it was really well done.

    It was also nice to see Cameron andChase get some reknewed screen time. They really did well in this episode. The ending was so dramatic, with Chase taking somebodies life, that it surely will come back to haunt him!

    Overall, the episode was brilliant, and a reminder to exactly why the show is so great. Brilliant.
  • Interesting and new.

    This show is getting better and better. This episode added more drama, and you never know where it is going to turn from week to week. House has such a knack for being the best at what he does, there is No stopping him this season. The conflict alone is impressive between the team members and house being his own individual. What a conflict the team has in this episode to be god or not. Who know how this will all turn out for the team. You will have to stay tuned to watch how the season unfolds. Lets hope this show never ends!!
  • I think im loving house even more now!

    The old team is back and what a comeback!

    Loved the story line..everyone's acting. Never thought chase or cameron would ever end up doing something that contradicts their ethics. But ofcourse cameron didnt do it but chase did.

    I love how the new House is so amazing ! LOVE IT!
    And how house made the pain go away for wilson's neighbour was pretty touching. And wilson and house are just so good! Their friendship is getting stronger.

    But I am a bit worried since chase did this and no one knows but foreman. Lets see what happens next...havent seen the new episode yet!
  • Oh My God, It's 3 years ago xD

    I absolutely love the fact that the old team is back together again!

    I loved all House's jokes (like always!) and when he was trying not to talk and the others had to guess what he was saying XD I also loved the story with House and some Willson's neighbour, who lost his arm during the war in Vietnam. At first i was kinda schocked when he tied the guy up, I really thought he was going crazy but It was so nice to see how house helped him with his pain problem.

    This is one of my favorite episode of house yet!
    It was soo funny!
    And I'm really starting to like the 'new and improved' House!

    But i was kinda schoked about Chase killing the patient on purpose. (althought the guy really deserved it!!)

    And Im glad 13 is stil in the picture!

    oh my god.. this was the best episode i have ever seen.

    amazing. i have seen every episode of house, this for me was the best.

    it was funny
    it was nerve wrecking
    it was tense

    it was EPIC



    This is is what you call a real drama.
    This is House at it's best.
    Words cannot describe how well this was pieced together.
    The story is perfect, the acting is even more fantastic.
    It truly feels like you are watching a movie inside an episode of house.

    Everything feels fresh. The ideas the jokes the concepts the lot. It's all there and its one jam packed episode of house

  • Great to see the old team back :)

    A top notch episode! James Earl Jones is an amazing actor, period. So therefore it was good to see him in action here, playing a character that makes the viewer not want to like him. But for the docs at Princeton-Plainsboro, the aim was to look beyond the crimes he'd committed and treat him like every other patient. Easier said than done right?

    Good to see House out and about, Vicodin-free and playing an important part in the case. I'm really enjoying this new House, its refreshing! Definently looking forward to more Huddy ;). Interesting to see how Thirteen and Foreman are crumbling, I mean, I do like them, but it is interesting nonetheless to see how Foreman's descision plays out on them. Oh and did I mention, GREAT to see the old team back :). ALWAYS did like them better (though Kutner was a legend).

    Loving Season 6, more please :)
  • New season, new House but old team :)

    If I dont watched last few seasons I can think House is still the same :) , again we can see House, FOreman, CHase and Cameron together during solve a case. Temporary Foreman is the chef but of course Greg is totally dominating, not like always because now he`s different man than before but he`s still funny and really brilliant. This episode talking about the tyrant from Africa. He is sick and they of course put him in Cuddys hospital :) All sense of this episode is in choose beetwen good and evil thing, defienietly kill or rescue tyrant. First Cameron she wan`t rescue bad pacient but she can`t kill him because she is too good person and next Chase he talking with "bad man" all episode about his country and reign... when he try to save his live tyrant say some bad things about killing people so Chase decide to kill him ... later Foreman decide to cover this secret.

    I must write something about one more thing ... that is story with House and some Willsons neighbour without arm lost during war in Vietnam. In this story we can see totally different behaviour of House but and the end back old House and rescue situation :) Summary 6 season starts really great. I am waiting with huge impatient for the next episode :) maybe some new staff or next curious accident :)

  • What a great episode to see the old team back! So happy to see the magic again!

    I am loving House Season 6 for now. I love the fact that the old team is back and working their magic into interesting cases. I really like the interaction between the characters and also the fact that House has not lost his "charm" full of sarcasm and insults. He is a bit more mellow but it works because it is juuuuust a bit :-) It brings me back to how much I liked Season 1-3 not so keen on S4 but S6 is bringing the old charm, excitement and most important the old team back together. Right one things I have to say though I am holding my breath for House and Cuddy to hook up together! Now that he is back to what he does best - diagnostics let's see him have some fun with Cuddy! Made for each other!!
  • The old team is back. They treat an african dictator who is accused of atrocities.

    Wow... okay.. I think Chase got away too easy. I wonder what House would have done had he found out. I bet he would have been pissed. Whether the death was a good thing for the world or nor is not the point.. the point is that as a doctor you can't play judge, jury and executioner.

    Foreman.. he is really getting himself in such a mess. I doubt his relationship with Thirteen will ever be rock solid again. That is if she even gives him a chance. I guess at the core Foreman really is a total ass. But I totally loved the teasing House dished to Foreman. Didn't go all out but was still snarky and irritating.

    I'm liking the new House.. He is still House but restrained. He's also trying so hard. But it is not going to last. Sooner or later House will snap. He isn't a goody goody and Wilson is expecting too much from House.

    The whole House and the war veteran was very amusing. Imagine House trying to be nice and encountering somebody as nasty as the old him. And somebody with a pain problem to boot. Such irony!

    Overall I loved the episode. It was new and refreshing. The ducklings are back in the roost. I hope they will stay for good.
  • Great episode. SPOILERS

    This episode was completely breathtaking. I loved how they tried to focus on the patient, but also on House's neighbor problems and Foreman's mistake of firing Thirteen. Chase killing the President was quite shocking. I don't approve of murder, but I guess something had to be done. I think that Chase is a type of guy who would turn himself in, but I'm proud of Foreman to help him. It shows that he's really his friend, even in situations as horrible as these. It would be great if Taub and Thirteen came back, but I hope to see more of Cameron and Chase too.

    Can't wait to see how everyone deals with the aftermath of this episode. Great one!
  • Looks like the second string is out and old team is back together again. [spoilers in full review]

    Foreman continues to be in charge of the department until House regains his license. He still doesn't know how to handle his professional life or his personal life. 13 is still on the show, but unless Foreman can admit that he made a mistake firing her, she won't be for long.

    The ending of the show was something of a let down. I'm not talking about Chase causing the death of President Dibala. Chase isn't a technocrat and it's only his morality against murder that would keep him from killing President Dibala. I am disappointed that Foreman didn't turn him in.

    Most people are probably rejoicing, but since I don't really like Cameron and Chase, I'm disappointed seeing that the show is returning to the original cast.
  • What an episode

    Ok.. I have no idea why I was postponing watching this episode. I was maybe afraid that the new "different" House will be gone and it will settle back to old rythm but I was so wrong as I can be. It was stunning episode.

    First I loved the old team back together. That was the show for me, in first seasons: House, Foreman, Chase and Cameron. To have them all together again.. and in different situation - it worked. I loved House and all the mimic when trying not to talk and letting others quess what he is saying. It was great.

    Also the storyline with neighbor. The way it first look like he will be over House and what really happened in the end, when he broke into his apartment and drugged him. That was shock but the outcome.. it was somehow shock too. I love that nicer House. I really do.

    But the main amazement goes to the storyline. I was watching the episode with my sister, the episode starts. We see it is diplomatic car and two people inside. I joked that if it would be 24, two black vans would show up.. and just that happened. And the storyline it takes up: the conflict of interests and moral. That man who tried to get to Chase and then to the president. The way it affected Cameron. I was so sure she will kill him in the end but no.. it was Chase. It was something different. But there was so much emotion, so brilliant acting and really good writing behind it. I can only imagine where those storyline go. Foreman face in the end.. It talked it all.

    Brilliant episode.
  • The Tyrant...Spoilers inside

    This episode felt less about the tyrant and more about everything else. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, but the story fell slightly in the background with everything else going on. Taub is gone, so is Thirteen...however the old ducklings are back, just to quote house Oh my God! It's three years ago. The thing that was most intriguing about this episode was House's willingness to yield before the canadian next door...Or so I thought...there he goes breaking and entering, just a few steps as he put it, tying the guy to a chair and...curing him. Well for a moment I did think he was still crazy, but luckily not. I enjoyed having the old crew back, though I must admit, hardly anything seemed changed as far as their evolution as character goes. Cameron was still idealistic, yet unwilling to do something...other than what she sees as good. Foreman was still lacking confidence in his abilities...But in comes Chase who just killed someone. I slightly went big eyed and mouth agape, I recovered fast and was further shocked, yet not so much when Foreman decided to cover up for him. This seems to be an on going theme...First Cameron does a mercy kill, now Chase goes out and whacks the tyrant (sorry for the choice of words)Well, House is known for throwing curve balls at us when moral choices come to play. He stopped a tyrant, he killed someone...All I can hope for is they don't gloss over this event like over the mercy kill.
    I have to admit I found something very odd about this episode, but it proved that deep down, on his way to healing house is still house, and that nothing ever changes.
  • The old team get back together(ish) but could be the start of the end for one character? Spoilers ensue

    I'm not going to go into a mini show synopsis as that's been done on here many times. But I would like to focus on the ending and revelation of how Chase interfered with the test results.

    Surely you could define this as murder? Chase has reasons for what he did and they played out in his favour.

    The House universe has always adhered to cause and effect, well up until now at least. Surely this must mean that Chase will have some major repercussions for his actions?

    I truly believe that this episode could be the start of the end for Chase's character Maybe not in the next episode, but down the line.

    In a show like House, I think they would morally find it difficult to continue with Chase's character after what he did, but then that is me :D

    Overall, a great episode with a interesting off the norm plot line, which is why House is great :D
  • James Earl Jones and the old team all rolled into one episode? Yes please.

    James Earl Jones as the evil (but strangely straight-forward) dictator on a visit to America. The man with the most recognisable voice in the world makes quite an impact this episode, I have to say. A moral battle seems to take place within most of our cast members, who aren't so sure about saving the life of a man guilty of genocide.

    I was pleased to se Taub off the show. I never liked his character, and when he is replaced by the reunion of the old team under House - who'd miss a wooden character like that, anyway? The old team - Cameron, Chase, Foreman and House (though, this time under Foreman pending the return of House's license) - is as awesome as ever. Knowing the show, however, and having heard the whispers of Cameron's departure from the show, I have a feeling it won't last very long. But I'll enjoy it nevertheless.

    So Chase has a moment of moral clarity (?), and is directly responsbile for the fib which causes the death of the dictator. We see the continuation of his internal moral battle, and I can't help but wonder if - despite Foreman apparently deciding not to blow the whistle - these events will eventually cause a Chase/Cameron split. That, clearly, could be used as an excuse for Cameron to leave the show. She'll be missed if she does.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I may have to watch it again, because I didn't really listen too carefully to what James Earl Jones said - just to HOW he said it... Ahem.
  • A dramatic, intense episode with some unexpected behavior from the main characters, and the old team finally back.

    An extremely interesting and dramatic episode after the previous one, which was more of an intermission and storyline filler.

    James Earl Jones was great as the dictator, especially in the two very intense conversations he had with Cameron and Chase. The ethical dilemma posed in this episode is an unsolvable one. Is murder justified if it is to save the lives of thousands? Soldiers have to deal with this dilemma when at war, but everyday people rarely get the chance to ponder on it unless something draws their attention to the issue. So in this episode it happens, we are asked to make a moral decision while watching the episode. Do we support Chase's action or are we more on Cameron's side? I think I'm inclined towards Cameron a little more, I would want to kill the dictator but once the opportunity arrived I wouldn't have been able to remove a human life. But I can't condemn Chase's action either, I feel for him and understand his reasoning. On a more critical note, the character turn in Chase is amazing! Who would've thought that he would make such a decision? I wonder why the writers didn't bring that forward when the old team was at hand. With the rumors of Morrisson leaving the cast I think Chase is probably going to tell Cameron about what happened, she will get angry at him, divorce him and take a new job somewhere else. I wish Jennifer will reconsider her decision however, seeing the old team work together was great, they have such chemistry and enthusiasm! They click very well together, and with House back in command they would be great! It's a huge shame Cameron will be leaving. Foreman surprised me by burning the document, I didn't expect he would risk his career to protect Chase. Thumbs up for that. And the sideplot with Wilson's neighbor was fun too, especially the end where House actually gagged him and tied him to a chair! House is a real sociopath, you just have to love him! 13 is doubtful to return to the team I think, her relationship with Foreman is going duds (can't blame her for dumping the guy really), and she seems to be on the lookout for a new job. I wonder who will take her or Cameron's place.

    Also, the patient dies in this episode, which is something we rarely see in House. We tend to believe Foreman rushed into a diagnosis until the real cause of death is revealed. Many breakthroughs in one episode, which is good in my opinion. Can't wait for the next episode, and for House to finally get his license back.
  • I was about to give up on 'House' till I saw this episode.

    I won't deny the show needed a shake-up after 3 seasons of a formula that had gotten tired. But the new team, while adequate, never quite gelled for me - maybe because the old characters were still around, but underused. So now the old team is back, it seems the writers are able to give us an old-school brilliant episode with a compelling guest star & case, House up to his old hijinks, and some genuinely thought-provoking drama.

    James Earl Jones sold the episode to me, else I wouldn't have watched it. That deep voice of his lent his dramatic pronouncements the grandiosity needed to convince us he was on Mugabe and Idi Amin's level. It was because of him that Chase and Cameron's moral dilemmas became so real and affecting. How Chase's incredible decision will play out is something I'm keen to find out.

    For once, House's out-of-hospital trickery was almost a distraction - until he was proven wrong about the war veteran. Then that magical scene where he uses a cardboard box and a mirror (seriously, has he been watching MacGyver as well as Sherlock Holmes?) to heal the veteran's hand was reminiscent of the season 3 premiere where he made a wheelchair-bound man walk.

    I suppose it's only a matter of time before the team's restored to Foreman, Taub and 13, but until then I'll hope the writers continue to produce stories on par with the first 3 seasons.
  • Powerful episode.

    This was a very special episode of House. They had a dramatic, ripped from the headlines, believable and emotional storyline, and yet they were still able to have House be House, goofy and hilarious and all, without disrupting the flow of things.

    James Earl Jones, gave a powerhouse performance. Not Emmy-worthy, it was a bit wooden and generic, but still strong enough to really separate himself from the other guest stars House usually brings in (like Meat Loaf last season, for example).

    And Chase and Cameron got some screen time tonight, with Jennifer Morrison continuing to be one of the best, and most underappreciated supporting females on television. If this really is the beginning of the end for the couple on the FOX drama it will be a real shame.
  • Intense, juicy story-line arc causes the old team to come together again, but for how long? (Note: Major Spoilers)

    Season 6 has really shaken things up. This episode presents an interesting storyline arc that could see the potential return and demise of the original 3 employees (Foreman, Cameron, Chase). Only a handful of patients have actually come in to Princeton P and died - this was the first one that was not a medical mistake. At least novelty is presented. While watching, I wondered why they never ran this kind of story earlier. House is apparently losing his carefully selected employees but he doesn't seem to care - Taub is certainly gone by this point. I didn't like Taub's quit exit on the show, since House was back at work the next week. But, thankfully, a begging Taub wasn't here this week - that would have been outrageous (he's already quit like 3 times now). However, Taub's leaving could have been done more carefully. Also it seems 13 may be gone for good, but read on to see why I don't think so.

    Anyways, the medical case isn't all that interesting, but the character and the people who surround him are. Although, several doctors contemplate about letting him die or letting him live. It was surprising to find out at the end that Chase had actually let him die. We know Chase can get pissed, but pissed enough to actually mess with someone's life? Apparently so, marriage apparently added extra stress to push him over the edge. But, I like it. It fits with Chase. It doesn't fit with Cameron - I almost fainted in the intense scene between the dictator and Cameron - wow I thought she was going to inject a bubble right there and then, ending his life. But, that's not Cameron, so it didn't work. If she killed someone, man we would have had some boring episodes ahead - she'd be a complete mess (and no I'm not picking on her because she's a girl - it's Cameron, the character).

    [ Just as an aside: is sarcoidosis the new lupus? Geez! They suggest it in like every episode now. ]

    Foreman makes another mistake (though not really as he finds out). House nails it at the end by saying either he is too emotionally attached or too emotionally distant to get the answers to medical mysteries. I am really getting frustrated with the character of Foreman - almost no background on his life (okay, okay, we know some things, like that he was a hoodlum), no long-term storylines (except for his relationship with 13), emotionally frustrated, asocial (re: firing 13), just so ambivalent, switching sides of every allegorical line every couple of hours. I mean I don't get him. He's more indecisive than anyone I know. If anyone was to leave the show it'd be him (for me anyways). Interestingly, he saves Chase though, and now the original 3 (since Chase has told Cameron in the next episode) have to really make sure they have covered their bases. But, and here's where the major spoilers come in, I think Cameron won't be able to take how far Chase and Foreman are prepared to go. If you're good with spoilers you've read that J. Morrison is leaving the show... I can't really know where the story is going, but I think I know where the story's going. So now we're stuck with Foreman, Chase, and 13 - quite an awkward team if House doesn't employ new faces. I mean 13 and Foreman might still have their relationship, but Chase is left as the odd one out. Chase and Cameron just click and it would be unfortunate to lose just one of them.

    The episode was great all around on the whole. It made me want to watch the next couple of episodes which is what any show should make you want to do. But it also made me dread what might be coming. This episode was certainly intense in some parts but also comedic (House and "phantom limb pain" guy). It was quite a nice balance and deserves at least some credit for the effort. You have to say that they are really shaking things up this season, but it's still seems disjointed or mish-mashed. They aren't pulling out all the strings, but they are tugging on a few.
  • An African tyrant is struck down by a mystery illness as House re-joins the team along with Chase and Cameron.

    This week was the fully fledged return of House's tried and true formula. We all knew that it would happen sooner rather than later but there are enough changes and twists to keep the viewers feeling that there is still plenty of life in this show.

    This week Cameron and Chase are asked to re-join the team just for a while so that replacements for Taub and 13 are found. They both agree without any ral fight, it's still Forman in charge but they all get a shock when House makes a return to the team. His medical license isn't cleared for a while so he can only be there for the differentials and not the acual treatment of the patients.

    This week the patient is a man who is a guest of the US government who is about to speak at the UN. It is revealed that this is a man that has put plans in place to kill hundreds of thousands of people because he sees them as enemies. Cameron is opposed to treating him because she thinks that by curing him they will aid in the genocide of a people. Chase on the other hand doesn't choose to look at it that way, he continues to talk to the man and gains an understaning of him. This ultimately leads to Chase coming to his own conclusions about the man and takes action towards his treatment accordingly.

    Meanwhile, things are not all well in Wilson's apartment as his neighbour below has a problem with House and his cane making too much noise. No one bothers him because he is war veteran but upon some investigation House deems him to be a fraud. When this proves untrue, Wilson sees no other option than to kick House out for the sake of this man not pressing charges against House due to the fact that House broke into the man's apartment.

    I must say that I am hugely over-joyed that the old team is back as I always thought they made the show more interesting anyway. I get the impression that Taub is gone for good but 13 may yet have a part to play in all this. The ending of the ep shows you the evolution of the character most specififcally Forman and Chase which adds more to the show. Can't wait for next week to see what this show offers up to us, never before have I seen such a seasoned and formulaic show seem so refreshing!
  • Old team kicking it old school!

    I can understand the writers wanting to get Chase and Cameron involved and I was happy to see them involved in the case but I don't understand why Cuddy would think Chase and Cameron would want to work under Foreman. Foreman was the last person to join the team and learned the least from House. He had problems with 13 because one week he was her co-worker and the next he was her boss. Why wouldn't he have problems with Chase and Cameron for the same reason? Especially since Cameron actually had more authority than Foreman since she ran the ER. Cuddy could have phrased it so that they co-ran the department while Foreman looked for new applicants. The only reason it wasn't a problem was because the writers didn't want to make it a problem.

    So 13 is fired and she still appears more than Chase and Cameron do in most episodes?

    So Cuddy still hasn't increased security in the hospital yet? House got shot at the end of season 2 and a patient brings a gun into the clinic and holds people hostage like 2 years later. What is that saying? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. What happens after three times. She must spend all of her time chasing after House.

    The House/Wilson/neighbor side story was interesting. House was trying to turn over a new leaf and actually wasn't to blame for the neighbor being a jerk. And then he almost was going to leave a note for the guy apologizing until he saw the Canadian flag. And then it looked like he changed and was going to do something to manipulate the guy into letting him stay and he makes the pain go away.

    Oh, ethical dilemma, better bring Cameron in because no one else cares about what the guy has done. I don't understand how Chase expects her to turn off her feelings about how the patient has acted in the past. Who wouldn't wish that maybe the guy had succeeded in killing him?

    I'm not even sure why it was even needed to have this ethical dilemma over the patient. If there is evidence for a civil lawsuit then they has to be evidence that can be used for a criminal lawsuit as well. If the US can put Saddam on trial, they could easily put this guy on trial as well.

    All that being said, I have to admit it was interesting. Cameron wishing the guy had succeeded killing him, not caring enough to make sure which diagnosis is correct, thinking about injecting an air bubble (which seems out of character for her but I guess his actions really riled her up), and then deciding she wanted to save him. Chase seemed ok with him until he started learning about what the patient was going to do. I was spoiled about Chase killing him but how it was done was interesting. And Foreman figuring it out is also interesting. What will be even more interesting is if this brings consequences. It is one thing to kill a patient when he has no family and was going to die anyway (Cameron in Informed Consent). It is another to kill a patient who wasn't diagnosed yet and is powerful enough for people to look into his death. Foreman did cover up the morgue log but it is one thing to do that and quite another to go and lie to people about it.

    And all that being said, the patient is again on the back-burner. We have more 14 drama, the ethical dilemma, and the House/Wilson/neighbor drama. Why do the writers feel the need to put as many sub-stories into an episode? It is ok to have the patient and maybe one other sub-story and that is it. We won't get bored with the medicine because that is what made the show popular the first 2.5 seasons.
  • I kind of have mixed feelings about this. I was enjoying the conflict of healing a tyrant vs. "do no harm". Also, House's resolution of the neighbor was novel. Foreman, tell her you made a mistake already! And Chase just...damn!

    House is back but no license so he sits in on the differentials. For the most part, we have a standard House episode: try this, fail; try that, fail; patient goes into emergency situation; try this, fail. The only difference is we don't get the last second revelation that leads to the cure. Instead we get Chase forsaking his oath to kill the dictator under the auspects of "the end justifies the means" or "the needs of the many..." And while he was swayed, possibly, by a rebel and the treatment of Cameron, Chase violates his Hippocratic Oath and if it ever gets out an International Incident could occur, not to mention kind of instability it could cause in the country. I find it a bit disturbing because it was Chase who did it. Just not the one I would have suspected. It's going to make for more interesting episodes to see if they're able to cover it up or if it all unravels. On the other note, I did like how House handled the neighbor. I guess resolution of each crisis in a House vs. Chase makes an interesting juxtaposition of "Doing the 'right' thing for the wrong reason."
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