Season 6 Episode 4

The Tyrant

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • The Tyrant...Spoilers inside

    This episode felt less about the tyrant and more about everything else. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, but the story fell slightly in the background with everything else going on. Taub is gone, so is Thirteen...however the old ducklings are back, just to quote house Oh my God! It's three years ago. The thing that was most intriguing about this episode was House's willingness to yield before the canadian next door...Or so I thought...there he goes breaking and entering, just a few steps as he put it, tying the guy to a chair and...curing him. Well for a moment I did think he was still crazy, but luckily not. I enjoyed having the old crew back, though I must admit, hardly anything seemed changed as far as their evolution as character goes. Cameron was still idealistic, yet unwilling to do something...other than what she sees as good. Foreman was still lacking confidence in his abilities...But in comes Chase who just killed someone. I slightly went big eyed and mouth agape, I recovered fast and was further shocked, yet not so much when Foreman decided to cover up for him. This seems to be an on going theme...First Cameron does a mercy kill, now Chase goes out and whacks the tyrant (sorry for the choice of words)Well, House is known for throwing curve balls at us when moral choices come to play. He stopped a tyrant, he killed someone...All I can hope for is they don't gloss over this event like over the mercy kill.
    I have to admit I found something very odd about this episode, but it proved that deep down, on his way to healing house is still house, and that nothing ever changes.