Season 6 Episode 4

The Tyrant

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • An old school episode that makes a point.

    Wait did they just use the right formula?? Well yes and it delivered. For me this episode makes a strong point: here old school really is cool. For the first time since season 3, the original cast re-unite as a team, leaving behind the newbies (yes 2 seasons in, I still consider them newbies..says a lot) and it worked like a charm.
    The dynamic in the team is intact, unlike the other team, when the camera is off Dr.House/Cudy/Wilson, the show does not become a snore feast cause Foreman, Chase and Cameron remain pretty interesting characters.In the past 2 seasons, if the medical case was not good enough, very often the episode came out as very dull unlike the first 3 seasons were the supporting cast was solid enough to make it worthwhile. If the medical case was not good enough here, this would have still been enjoyable but to makes things better, the case brought a very engaging story.
    Having a dictator as a patient represented a huge emotional turmoil, specially when you have Cameron in the team. Chase ended up killing him, this is poignant and quite a shocking turn of events that will have some serious consequences and also bring a new dimension to Chase...all good. I hope they don`t use that to write off the character. Meanwhile Dr.House was his typical self while being his new self..don`t you just love it. He remains as refreshing as ever..6 seasons in and still one of the best characters out there.
    The bad part of the episode was the ever boring Foreman-Thirteen saga....if only they would get rid of her, she`ll be forgotten within a couple of episodes(or even earlier). I mean look at Tobb, who actually cares if he is gone?? I know most fans don`t, his absence is not felt. Kutner is dead and nobody really remembers...they are just not good enough characters. While I feel they`ll have the terrible idea to bring Tobb back, just looking back at season 1, if one of the characters was absent for an episode, it just didn`t felt right. This was the right formula, I have the bad feeling the won`t keep it...please prove me wrong. Anyway, after a great premiere followed by a solid second episode and this excellent follower, this a very strong start for Season 6.
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