Season 1 Episode 21

Three Stories

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • This episode hooked me.

    This episode hooked me. So literally this is exactly why i watch this series. Clever, original way of storytelling. We can find out, Dr. House, even though his crusty humor and ironic behaviour, could be a perfect teacher for young medicals. Wish i had this kinda teachers in my university, i would surely go to classes more gladly... This episode is about three interesting case historys. Every one of them, is special somehow, everyone is told us in funny and exciting flashbacks, and their story is formed by House and the students. And we can learn more about House, his past, why he is halting, and why he is always so moody. So in nutshell, this is a very good and interesting ep.
  • My favorite episode of the series.

    House is my favorite show on television, period. I love the contrasts and interactions between characters, I love the way the writers give the viewers just enough insight into the characters in a slow-burning way, both through overt observations by Wilson and House, and through implication in their actions. This episode was the first to really break the image that the writers had been creating for both the show and House as a character. First: it did not in the any way follow the same formula that most episodes follow. The majority of episodes follow one patient while House uses his genius and insight to try out different courses of action as more and more information is revealed until he comes to a dramatic realization (usually at the clinic) and in a dramatic, blunt flash he cures (or at least determines how to cure) the patient. In this episode we follow three patients from House's past as he teaches a slowly filling lecture hall, one of which takes irreparable damage due to the staff's inability to determine the cause of his illness. And he even cures a fourth, how's that for a hat trick?

    Second: The shows up to this point show him as absolutely cynical, purely acerbic, and almost sociopathic. Here, we see House is not made of stone, and there may actually be a reason for his intensely jaded manner. While, yes, even before his leg ailment he was a jackass and a little just too obsessed with his job, he may have been human.

    When I've tried to sell people on watching this show, especially when they've seen one or two and dismissed it as at most one and a half dimensional, force them to watch this episode and they're hooked. Perfect.
  • Best episode of the entire series. (so far... currently on S03E22)

    This has got to be the most brilliant 42 minutes of writing, directing, and acting I've seen in a long time on TV episode. The story is fantastic - how House has to lecture medical students for Cuddy as a debt. He tells the story of how he acquired his pain - something stinging in the back of viewers minds since the start. We have character development, we have great drama, we have excellent writing. Carmen Electra. Comedy. Diagnosing the problem with the lecturer! This episode has it all and was pivotal in grabbing viewers. They aired this episode at least 5 times already and each time you watch it, it's more amazing than the last.
  • House is awesome and this episode is the best of them all.

    Easily the best episode of all! I'm not surprised at all by the ratings this episode is getting, it was perfect. It wasn't too heavy on House and yet managed to reveal a lot about the series.

    Basically, this episode was a perfect balance of House, character development, plot advancement, comedy (Carmen Electra's cameos in the episode were hilarious), medical mystery, and plot twists. It was fun to see him teach new people and chew them out, as well as see them react to the realities of medicine.

    I'm not sure how I would react to House being a teacher again, but in this case, it was perfect. The students stayed late just to hear him speak and he didn't even realize how much time had passed by.

    The final scene with House wobbling off and calling Stacy was great - this was worthy of a season finale.
  • House is in the hospital for his leg...

    House tells three stories to the class about a farmer, a golfer, and a drug addict. He talks all the way through this episode but the stories he tells come to life. (Thats what makes it good and funny). Toward the end, he tells the story(along with visuals) of a man(House) going to the hospital because of an infarction in his right leg. His wife(Stacy) insists to cut it off but he says no. His wife cuts it anyway while he is in a voluntary coma(to relieve the pain). This causes him to be a cripple(that's was House calls it). I like this episode because, even though it was a memory, House is the one being the patient. I also like the episode No Reason(Season 2 finale).
  • This has to be my favorite House episode ever!

    Cuddy’s request for House to teach a class on Diagnostics leads to an unforgettable lecture as House tells his own story to the students and the audience in this masterpiece of story telling. Told in a series of flashbacks designed to make the students really think about the diagnostic process and not just take the easiest course of action, House weaves both humor and heartbreak into his lecture. Taking the seemingly dull and ordinary subject of leg pain, House tells his students three stories that prove just how interesting the subject can be. Houses give them the stories of a farmer who supposedly bit by a snake, a young lady who may have tendinitis and a supposed drug addict. As he weaves back and forth between the stories House shows the students just how complicated the diagnostic process can be, especially in the last case which turned out to be his own tragic story. I found this episode of House to be the most reviving one I have ever seen. I can watch it over and over again without ever tiring of it. I can only hope for more like it.
  • How House got a bum leg

    We are introduced to Stacy, House's former girlfriend, as well as of how House leg is the way it is today.
    By telling a group of students three stories about three patients with leg pain, and all link back to House himself

    After a season of wondering you finally get the answer you have been asking. What really happened to House's leg. This answers it. And raises the question. Will Stacy stay and what impact will that have on House.

    This is one of my favourite episodes of House, and it really deliver. House and his snarky attitude towards Cuddy and his enviorment. An excellent episode.
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