Season 3 Episode 16

Top Secret

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2007 on FOX

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  • It was very 'ship-ish', had good music, had too many bathroom scences, and the medical mystery wasn't all that interesting, but it was still House, so it is not that bad.

    Well let's start out positive: the music was cool, I mean with K.C. & The Sunshine Band, and Wolfmother, you can't go wrong. And it is House, so no matter what it can't be that bad. It was pretty cool that House solved the mystery in his sleep though, which reminds me of a Diagnosis Murder book that I was reading.
    Well this episode for me was a bit too 'ship-ish'. It totally mentioned, like, every ship. Cuddy even told House that "that ship sailed", which was meant to have double meaning obviously. And Foreman talking about House would sleep with Wilson before Cameron would sleep with Chase and all that conversation, that was just unnecessary. And all the Cameron and Chase making out and stuff, House doesn't need to resort to all that. House is better than that (well at least I thought so). House can't become another Grey's Anatomy!
    And the medical mystery, well, that was kind of boring. It wasn't as good as most of the other House episodes. I mean It was still interesting but there wasn't all that much time focused on it. It was kind of cool that it had to do with something that was forgotten to be said in the medical history; even though, they took an intensive medical history.
    The whole episode being about pee, that was just... I don't even know what to say about that. That was completely very um... original. And all those bathroom scenes, come on that's not needed, one OK, but not four.
    Throughout the whole episode I was wondering, why did House have the dream with John Kelley, the very same day he decides to come to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Is House physic now? Or what? I just really didn’t get that. House is giving the fans what they want: all the ships. And if you give the fans everything they want, I mean yeah they will be happy but it will lose it's originality and it's suspense. Overall I really hope next week's episode is better.
  • Very interesting.

    I thought the weird hallucinations were a bonus in this episode. House dreaming about the patient made for a different and unique storyline.

    However, whilst the potential was good, the patient himself seemed a little boring really. The medical procedures weren't quite as interesting this episode, although it was cool that House found the answer in his sleep.

    In fact, what saved the episode was the whole background stories. House not being able to pee (a possible side effect of Vicodin) and his determination to place a name to the patients face was intriguing, whilst his scenes with Wilson were brilliant as always. Meanwhile, Chase and Cameron play dangerously with fire. It was enjoyable at the end when House caught them at it- the evil smirk at the end was brilliant!

    As well as this, House seems to have developed his feelings for Cuddy a little more- there scenes together were fanatastic as always, especially when Cuddy more or less gets one up on him at the end!

    Overall, a great episode with lots of character development and witty scenes- shame the patient was quite boring this time around.
  • House can't pee.

    This episode was really good, just when you think House might of run out of ideas, but no, it still going, an no House can't pee which hurts like hell and he has a dream about a man he has never met before or so he thinks, that was a big twist in the end when it turns out Cuddy & the patient used to date & that's how House knew him, Also what was revealing is that House & Cuddy used to date. "Get over me House" I love that ;line, and Chase & Cameron are caught red handed doing it, great ending sort of a cliffhanger. And House puts a catheter in himself so he could pee, love that dream in the end, great episode.
  • Where do they come up with these story lines?

    The show was well done as usual. The patient may not have been dying, but did end up with a disorder that House neatly diagnoses by the end of the show.

    SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched this episode and want to be surprised, do not read beyond this point.

    Chase and Cameron get down and dirty. In real life, they were engaged at the time.

    The side story: House can't pee! What a hoot that was!

    House remembered a guy who made out with Cuddy? I have to rethink the idea that he has a thing for her. Also, she does know that he checks out her ass. Hmmm.
  • House has problems with side-effects of his Vicodine use.

    An ex-Navy is experiencing several symptoms and is suddenly paralysed. But while House's team try to safe his life, House also tries to find out why he dreamt about him shortly before he was admitted and he's got a whole load of other problems: Side-effects of his Vicodine-use come up and he is neither able to sleep nor to pee resulting in pain and a very cranky House. When the soldiers loses his ability to hear, things get even more complicated and House is getting worse and worse.

    This is a good episode of House, although the case of the ex-Navy wasn't that interesting. I liked this episode because of Hugh Laurie's excellent performance and of course the House's dealing with side-effects. It was painful to see House suffering but of course he's ready to do anything if he still can have his Vicodine. Another interesting sub-plot was the Cuddy-House one, where e got to know that they have slept together long ago. It's another step in their "relationship" and I enjoyed the chemistry between them.

    This episode is a good episode dealing with House's issues but the medical case wasn't that strong and interesting.
  • It was a different episode. "Medium" comes to mind.

    This was a Doctor Gregory House DuBois episode. It was an episode a la "Medium". I'm referring to the parts where House has some dreams about a soldier. The next day, the soldier that he dreamed about shows up at the hospital. Then, he dreams again, but about the cure. It intrigues House, but he doesn't believe this can happen. He knows he knows this man from somewhere. Marc Blucas (Ryan Finn from Buffy) plays the soldier. Cameron and Chase go wild, as never seen before in the show. It was fun to look at Foreman asking them where they were. It was a different episode, after all.
  • house has a dream where a man saves him then wakes up and finds out that the man he dremt about has come to the clinc

    i lovvvvee house he is sooo funny and a perfect episode to show everything that is loved about house!!!! because of his pain pills he cannot pee which he is trying to cope with without everyone knowing and it ruining what he needs to do and i loooove his face once he pees ledgend lol and it is another weird case which he is determined to solve no matter what no change there but he decided to go home and sleep when he cant he comes back to work and the everything starts to go weird chase slips in his urine another classic facial expression then he ask cuddy is always there we then find out that that was his dream and wakes up and realises that he has wet the bedd!!! lol he then goes to see the patient diganoses him and finds out that he knows him because cuddy onced kissed him!!!! yyyy does he remember that i wonder lol! house also catchs chase and cameron in the act!!!! ledge episode!
  • Season 3 Episode 16

    Well, after an outstanding previous episode like "Half wit", I guess it's kind of normal the next one just can't live up to the expectations. The medical case wasn't particularly interesting. Besides, House's dream was unrealistic. Okay, the whole pee issue was funny at first, but then I think it was kind of exaggerated.

    House and his way of acting saved the episode, though. His interaction with Cuddy is always great. Anyway, the best part was when House showed up while Cameron and Chase were making out, claiming he was just looking for an extra large trash can. His mocking smile was just priceless. (LOL)
  • Nothing really speacial

    I really feel that this episode may have been the biggest dissapointment for me in season 3 so far. The excitment with House dream and on the same day, same guy is becoming his case - it really is more than just coinsident. It was the only thing that made me wonder while I was watching.

    But this episode defenetly had some great humor and House acting like he always does - making his team to do things they do not understand - added something to this episode.

    Pateince story - not so striking nor exiting. Almost every patience they have is dying in some point. Ok, I will rephrase my sentence - not every patience they have will have cancer in one moment and it will be gone.

    To conclusion: avarage House episode
  • What's with that dreaming?

    It looks like House's addiction is affecting his body. Finally. But I doubt it will make him realize his wrongs. It was kinda gross that he couldn't pee, but well...
    The episode wasn't that good, merely average. And I can't stop wondering why Cameron is doing this casual thing with Chase, it's not like her. Plus, it's getting in the way of their work and that's absolutely not like her!
    However, it was nice to see Marc Blucas again! Haven't seen him since his character left Buffy. I didn't like Riley and this soldier guy unfortunately was a little like him :D
  • Well, could be better... or different.

    This episode was a little bit off. I mean, the episode starts with a dream, that causes House not to pee!? Who thought of that. Wilson suggests that's because vicodyne, but I believe the cause (as the writers suggest) is the dream. House's condition is the cause of many smart comments, but these aren't enough to save the episode. And then they put Cameron and Chase fooling around in the hospital (although the last scene where House busts them is kinda cool). The episode could be more interesting, although it's a tolerable one. Well, they can't always be perfect... Better luck next time.
  • This episode was quite average compared to others.

    Top Secret, don't get me wrong, was an amazing episode of House. It was really alternative to all the other episodes, but interesting at that.

    I didnt really like the whole cathider thing. It was kind of gross. Plus, I don't believe seeing someone in a dream would make you spontaneously stop urinating.

    Overall though, the episode was very well written. It featured some tension with house and cuddy at the end, which everyone learns to love in the show, and makes the relationship more interesting as the series goes along.

    Top Secret wasent the best, but who can complain about it.
  • Not my favorite episode, but it caught my attention for having some of the symptoms myself.

    This episode caught my interest because I have some similar symptoms. I don't recall precisely what the diagnosis was, however I caught it would take a couple of surgeries to correct. Since, I can't post yet, this being my first review, I was wondering if anyone knew the medical name for this condition. Then I could look it up and see if I could get a test done for it. The show itself seemed to end quickly, similar to bad sex. Filling in the time slot and once the time was up, BAM. Your cured. Roll credits. Moving on. House rules!
  • Hm. Who cares?


    I'm not really sure what to say about this episode, really.

    Honestly, it was enjoyable to watch it as most episodes of House are, but there was nothing truly remarkable about it. House's obsessive-compulsiveness (this time about the identity of his Marine patient - psst, he was on Buffy, that's where you saw him) isn't really as interesting here as it has been in the past. I'm not sure whether that's because it's poorly written, or if it's because they do this kind of stuff so much that it's maybe getting old, or perhaps for some other reason.

    I'm also pretty much uninterested in Chase and Cameron. This episode pretty much telegraphs how this is all going to play out. "Unemotional sex" is pretty much a red flag that either Chase or Cameron or both will become emotionally invested in the relationship, things we'll end badly, we'll get an episode of awkwardness and then the dynamic will go back to normal excepting the occasional reference. I'm fairly positive that Cameron's never-ending love for House will play a part as well.

    Also? Really don't care that House can't pee. The only real interesting thing in this episode is that we were given semi-confirmation that at one point in time, House and Cuddy probably got together. Hm. A decent enough episode on the first viewing, but recollection leaves me cold.
  • Although I should have thought about this -- it never occurred to me that people who really pop alot of pills can't pee!! House - being the pain-killer popper he is carries us through the epidose feeling his "I can't pee" misery, yet still solves a case!

    This episode had a a few too many dream sequences in it for me. I've never been too fond of shows making me figure out if the storyline was real or a dream - but then, it's House - so you deal with it. The interesting part of this show was that it was thought provoking. With so many people addicted to painkillers in the United States - can you even IMAGINE how many are in the same situation and have urinary problems as House did in this episode. It makes me wonder how my stepdaughter ever peed for the 3 years she spent banging those down her throat. Wow! EGADS! This may be the explanation of all of her medical problems from which she suffers now. House, you not only solved the boy's mystery in this episode - but also ours here at home!!
  • Not your typical episode of House. House works on a patient whose diagnosis he complicates in order to research a bizzare dream he had been having.

    Another solid episode. House was good in it. It was a good medical mystery, and there is really nothing negative to say about it. It was funny, with the whole "peeing" thing, and still I enjoyed watching to see what was wrong with the ex-marine. It was typical House who was more concerned with his own interest than his dying patient, but he ended up saving him in the end. Good episode. Preview for next week didn't exactly catch my attention though, hopefully it will be a good one. I'm typing this sentence because I have nothing else to say to fill up the 100 words.
  • I'd give it a 9.0 if it wasn't for Chase and Cameron....

    The only two reasons this episode receives a 7.5 are:

    1) What a great coincidence that House dreamed about that guy right before he was admitted to the hospital!
    2) Cameron and Chase.. yuck.

    Why couldn't they just skipped the whole dream sequence and have House recognizing the guy and trying to figure out where from?

    House has taken so much vicodin that he can't pee anymore so, of course, he triples his dose like any reasonable person would... not.

    He's so focused on finding out how he knows the patient that he has his doctors look into his personal life. When Wilson finds out about this, he takes over...

    Until, of course, they have no idea what to do and they need House back because apparently he's the only real doctor. I mean, Wilson misdiagnoses cancer, again... And weren't House's lackies supposed to work for him for only two years? Maybe they're still there because they haven't learned anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they're still working for House around season ten...

    But House doesn't care about the patient, so he goes home, cateters himself (ouch!) and tries to sleep. And he has a dream (a rather creepy one) which gives him the answer about where he saw the guy before and what he has.

    So he cures the guy and confronts Cuddy. It turns out he met him two years ago when he was dancing with Cuddy. The whole point of this was for us to finally find out that indeed, House and Cuddy slept together.

    Cameron and Chase (like anyone really cares) have sex during work hours and are totally careless about the patient. The Cameron they've been developing for the last three years wouldn't let a critical patient unsupervised to have sex.

    Luckily for them Foreman arrives and when he confronts them about where they've been, Cameron says that they were having sex in the other room. Foreman founds this hillarious, so does Cameron. Chase looks shocked. Again, enough with this underdog thingy, it's beneath this show and it's painful to watch.

    A character that just takes everything is not appealing. Chase has always been mistreated the most by House, he even punched him in the face. His colleages don't respect him as a doctor or as a person and Cameron is only using him. I really hope this is the last season for him.
  • House is the best. He does many things that everyone thinks is out of the question but then he was right all along

    In this episode he first has a dream about a guy in war and then at the end of the dream the guy was talking to House all along. Then in the present, not in the dream, his new patient is the guy in the dream. So he wants to gather all this information to see if he has seen him or met him before. The patient gets very sick because he can't hear and so they have to write him everything. Then he can't feel his legs and later he can't feel his stomach. His mother had cancer and he was afraid to have cancer. Then they do an MRI and find out his has many tumors in his brain, but the next day they are all gone. While all this is happening House can not go to the restroom so he goes to sleep and has another bizarre dream and is now able to go to the bathroom. He later figures out how he knew the guy's face because he guy went on a date with Cudey. At the end, House walks in "accidently" into Chase and Cameron kissing. Although he knew that they were already together.
  • House delivers, as always!

    This episode was certainly intersting. House seems to always find a rational explanation for everything - even his dreams!!!!

    The dynamic between Cameron and Chase has certainly gone on longer than I expected... I wonder how much longer they will play this one out before one of them finds someone else. But in the environment they are in, how could they meet anyone anyway? :)

    There are a lot of things about House that bother me... He is usually right (at least by the end of the show), and I feel bad for him when no one cares about him, but when someone does truly care for him, he doesn't accept that. He always shuts people out and it's really starting to get to me. True, he can't have a change of heart or House wouldn't be House, but I don't know how much longer the show can go on without some sort of change in him and his relationships.
  • Bonafinde

    at last a genuine smile from house this episode was completely different to me it didnt feel like i was watching house even though everything is the same.. it felt better like at last eveyone is comfertable with each other no more tension and anger and that was pleasant to watch all the characters going along, now to the patients story line i found it to be very interesting and how house dreamed of the patient then he dreamed of the cure, and chase and cam lol .. now someone knows about them i bet house wil use this info every chance he gets cant wait to see what he'll do with it
  • House has to save a military man with what definitely ISN'T gulf war syndrome

    Plot wise, this was a fairly typical House episode. Humour wise, however, I think it was the funniest one I've seen in a long time. When his catheter breaks and then he gets a bloody nose, that part had me rolling on the floor in laughter. Not to mention the Chase and Cameron thing which ended with House walking in on them trying to have sex in a store room. He said he was looking for an extra large garbage can. While I wouldn't recommend this for a particularly startling or exceptional plot, I would definitely recommend it for the humour.
  • Weak, boring and predictable. Major disappointment. If you've never watched House, don't start with this episode, unless you're 15 years old - in this case, you're going to love it.

    I never thought I'd have to write that any House episode is weak, boring or predictable, but I guess never say never. I'm still pinching myself - this, from the writer of Daddy's Boy and the director Deran Sarafian? Is this a hallucination? Guess not. Reality bites. If the aim was to draw some more 15 years old viewers, then the mission was fully accomplished: lots of toilet humor, lots of gross close ups that served no real purpose but to gross out, complete lack of real medical drama, reckless sex and no moral/ethical/philosophical dilemma. Yea, the kids would love this one and rating would probably go high. If, however, this was not the case, then I really don't get it.

    All the cliched dialogues that were done to death so far were pilled up high here. Here we go again with Dr. Freud/Wilson analyzing House's dream (yes, House really wants to connect with his dad, great observation, my dear Watson), and tells him that the fact he can't pee for three days is once again all in his head. At this point I wonder: how is he such a smart doctor if he is so dense?! A mystery.>

    Same goes to Cameron - this week she's the Femme Fatal, only Chase is a pretty easy target and she's supposed to be this high achiever doctor. Oh well, too bad. So abandoning the patient she's supposed to be monitoring for a quickie on the job is fine and justified, yet she still feels she has such high morals that she can question House's motivation every second. Niiice. On the other hand, it could be a very well crafted plan, in which once the abandoned patient gets really sick, she can happily watch him die and cry. So by this I guess a Cameron "character development" means her turning into a cold hearted b-h who humiliates poor/stupid Chase in from of Foreman on top of it all. I'll make a mental note on that. Only problem with that is that JM really doesn't have what it takes to be a real convincing one. But the kids won't mind that, so not to worry.>

    As for Cuddy - well dear, didn't anybody tell you that if you don't want people staring at your a** and "funbags" you shouldn't wear what you're wearing? Do you see the contradiction here maybe, Dr. Dean of Hospital? Guess not. But the kids won't mind that either.>

    For the first time since the show started I could see that HL's heart was not in the dialogue. Yes, he delivered it just fine (the catheter scene was amazing), but the spark was missing from his eyes a lot of the time.>

    As for House - at least we got to see his FINALLY tells Cameron to shut up and do her job! That was priceless and one of the only happy moments for me in this ordeal. Same goes for him calling Wilson "self righteous" and sneaking after Chase and Cameron, showing the later that he clearly couldn't care less about her making out with poor Chase. Way to go, House. Keep it up - you give me hope things will turn out o.k. after all. "But then that’s just me – always looking on the bright side" -:)
  • Perhaps calling it a storyline at all is giving it too much credit!

    Stick to the medicine, people! The poor soldier was almost an afterthought in this episode what with all the Cameron/Chase sex, dream premonitions, and House physical problems. We get it, that much Vicodin is bad for you - we actually got that quite a few episodes ago. I did like Wilson's presence - he was very involved in this case for a change, not just somebody "normalish" to put next to House for contrast. And the Foreman/Chase/Cameron table scene about who was more likely to have sex was HI-larious. There wasn't much more to like in this episode. I enjoy seeing House and Wilson talking in the bathroom as much as anyone, but twice in an episode? Plus a lovely self-catheterization and lots of pee on the floor - can anyone say "toilet humor"? Does House really need this? What happened to the great plots we've been used to that didn't need mutiple sex scenes to keep us interested? I will admit, however that House's last evil grin after he catches C/C in the closet was a great ending.

    The dream is easy to explain: clearly, House watched Buffy and that's how he knew Marc Blucas, and knew he was in the military, and knew he must have some sort of weirdo-type disease! Next week - vampires!
  • This episode was about an ex-marine who thinks he has gulf war syndrome and house thinks he is lying.

    Although Cuddy forces him to take the case and he becomes much more interested when he recognizes the marine from a dream he had from the night before.this was one of the best episodes of house I have ever seen! I loved the plot twists and the dreams. I also loved the chemistry between House and Cuddy at the end. I thought the Chase & Cameron shipper was pretty awesome. I think all around this episode was a 10!
  • "House" comes back from hiatus with a terrific episode

    Any "House" would be good "House" after a several-weeks break, but the show outdid itself with "Top Secret."

    The opening Gulf War scene was filmed brilliantly, and it foreshadowed that this was an episode where things would be off-kilter. I loved the transition from House as a marine in fatigues clutching his rifle to House napping in his office holding his cane in a similar fashion.

    Patient-of-the-week and his ailment were well-done, even if we didn't get to know him as well as some of the more recent guests (i.e. Dave Matthews). I liked how the team was initially doubtful of his story, but his bizzaro symptoms brought them around.

    Not sure how much I like the Chase/Cameron jumping each other every chance they get, but it did set up a GREAT ending, married beautifully with Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly."

    "Top Secret" was a blast, and it has me anxiously awaiting the final seven episodes to round out the season.
  • House meets "Medium" ( and maybe a little of The OC)? Strange, but it had it's moments.

    Good episode, not one of the best ever, but it sure had it's moments.

    I'm not really sure I liked the whole "Medium" twist. Things in dreams coming true. Twice.
    (There's a reason I don't watch that show ;)).
    But it's not the first time House dreamt/hallucinated about something before it happened so it's not *that* far fetched. And when you are really really tired you do get strange dreams more often than not (at least I do). And the whole " the brain figures things out while you are asleep" is very true as well. So. I won't complain too loudly about that.

    Interesting medical case too (although I thought they found proof for GWS a while back?). Turned out to be something I had never heard of. A genetic disease that destroys capillaries and makes veins and arteries merge?
    Again, a somewhat standard House thing where the case and House himself had similar things going on (fatigue pain, inability to move/pee…).
    And of course House seemed more interested in figuring out where he knew John from (BUFFY!!) than in curing him...

    The whole not peeing thing was a little awkward, but then again things like that always are and I'm glad they are addressing some of the Vicodin side effects. I'm still surprised that he didn't use a catheter much sooner though, and I'm not sure either that I needed to see the bag leak all over House with Chase kinda swimming in the pool of 3 day old urine (are you sure it's still sterile then ??).

    And we found out that Wilson is the one prescribing House's Vicodin. Again. The idiot. As well as something to help him pee that didn't work, so he basically gives House whatever he wants if he thinks House has a somewhat valid reason to ask for it.But it was good to see he took House's patient and told House to go home and get some sleep. So, in the end, he's not a complete pushover?

    And than the biggest WHAT moment. House and Cuddy!!
    I didn't see that one coming! (Although they hinted at it for ages.)
    As always Cuddy was great, I really like her, and I loved how she put House in his place. He has been drooling over her a bit too long for her not to notice, and now he knows to give up. ( Probably doesn't mean he will?)

    And then House walking in on Chase and Cameron! Had to happen and I'm glad it happened soon. (aka: in this episode and not 4 weeks from now with them sneaking around all the time. For God's sake, it's not The OC!).
    I guess he owns Chase now (I doubt Cameron will let it bother her. Go Cameron!)

    So, in conclusion, not the best episode ever, but good enough. I think it did slightly lack the red-line of the story that we saw in S1 and S2 (but then again most of S3 has kinda lacked that..)I think they stopped explaining things too much, I do love to try and figure things out on my own, but in the end I'd like to have it confirmed that I was right(or wrong).
  • Great job! I loved it!

    This was a truly great episode! It's probably going to be one of my favorite for season three! Here's why:

    1) I love how they opened it, with the exploding van, and an officer pulling a soldier away from the van, and when it's closer to that soldiers face, it turns out to be House! But he was really dreaming. That really captures the audience in my opinion "Why is he there? How did that happen?" I also liked how he ended up treating the guy who was in his dream.
    2) The thing with House taking so much Vicaddon that he couldn't urinate was really funny! I loved the parts where he and Wilson would be talking and Wilson didn't believe in House, and House wouldn't believe in that Vicadon was doing this.
    3) It was very funny!
    4) It was an interesting case as well, at first i thought "Meh, he's tired, no big deal," but the thing with the tongue, i was like "Woah! What happened there!?"

    1) Sure, Cameron and Chase look cute together, but come on! Sex at work? I'm pretty sure you could probably get fired for that if you were supposed to look after a patient instead.
  • Yay the banter between House and Wilson is back!!! Just what we want!!! Love their scenes in the bathroom!!!

    This was a great episode. Not so much the POTW but House's little problem. Getting to see him WET in a tub!! I LOVED when the cell phone rang how he got ahold of the chair with his cane and drug the chair over to the tub. Cool!!

    I didn't know if he'd be brave enough to cath himself or not but it turns out he was. OUCH!! That HAD to hurt!! No wonder he took so much Vicidon. Then the second dream he had. Poor Chase, slipping in House's urine and falling on the floor. That poor guy always gets the worst of things I swear.

    Just a great episode. So glad we have 7 more weeks of our main man. It's gonna be great!!
  • all the medical mysteries and more

    first of all, the medical part of top secret was great. the disappering "tumors" and and resolution in the end. plus we got house's great personality and problems (which are always funny) unlike some episodes where its all medical and no personal stuff or visa versa this was a very well rounded episode.
  • Awesome!

    This episode even had my husband wanting more. Characters are showing more human feelings then normal and they are funny at the same time. Hope this show is around for a long time! House actually has problems beyond his leg, which I really never understood that their is not anything that can not be done about it. Anyway, Cameron and Spencer have a sexual appitite, and Cameron is pushing full steam ahead. Never saw that one coming, her being the aggreser. House and Cuddy need to do a one nighter to put a little more conflict between the two of them and then House's ex can come back into the picture. As for Foreman, the guy needs some kind of life, hey, hook him and Wilson up on a guy's night out signing karoke, lol.
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