Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

CO Alvarez wakes up House in the middle of the night to tell him that he has a VIP visitor from Princeton. House isn't interested until Alvarez says that it's a man. He goes and finds out that it's Foreman, who offers to get him out of prison. He has a judge's order for his immediate release because they have a crisis. House will be out on conditional parole and works for Foreman, the new Dean of Medicine, and House notes that it's not a good idea. Foreman explains that their new patient is a pair of lungs in a box: House's perfect patient.

As House checks out at 3 a.m., Foreman explains that the lung's original owner, Steve Weathers, is an 18-year-old college kid who died in a motorcycle accident. The surgeons discovers that the lungs had increased airway resistance and put them in suspended animation. House enters the lobby and complains about the décor. As they go to the ICU isolation room, he tries to put Foreman in his place. Foreman tells him that if House does anything to make the hospital or Foreman look bad, he'll be back in prison. He also confirms for House that Cuddy resigned a week after the "incident." They go by the conference room and House's old office, which is being turned over to Orthopedics. House asks where his team is and Foreman explains that they've all moved on, and then shows him his new office: a cubby hole. His new team is Dr. Chi Park, an intern from Neurology.

House doesn't want some other department's castoff, and points out that Park is at the hospital at 3 a.m. She claims that she was on call but House points out that then she'd be in Neurology. He figures out that she's hiding out and tells her to go back to Neurology, but Park explains that she punched her attending. They go to the isolation room where Wilson and Dr. Simpson are supervising the lungs. They believe that the lungs have trauma from secondary ARDS. House confirms that the lungs are dry, meaning it's not ARDS. He suggests a tick-born disease, but Wilson points out that we treated for broad spectrum biotics. House then suggest that Steve was using cocaine, causing the motorcycle crash, and it wouldn't have turned up on a tox screen of the lungs. However, he warns that they can't treat without burning the lungs and tells Park to take him to Steve's home to find his stash and confirm his diagnosis.

As Wilson leaves, House asks him why he's there and figures that Wilson got him out of prison. Wilson denies it but House figures that he wanted him back. House admits that he was wrong but Wilson says that they're not friends anymore and walks away. He goes to see his patient, Vanessa, who is dying of cancer and needs the lungs. He ups the nitro treatment while Vanessa's sister Theresa holds Vanessa's hand and talks about all the time they've spent in hospitals. Wilson tells them that Vanessa needs a double-lung and is unlike to find another donor. Vanessa jokes about her drinking and Theresa takes offense, and Wilson explains that the hospital has brought in an excellent doctor as a consultant.

As House and Park go to the Weathers home, House points out that they both beat up their bosses and asked why she did it. Park finally admits that he grabbed her behind and she is hiding at the hospital because she lives with parents and is afraid to go home and have them find out. Mr. Weathers lets them in but insists that his son didn't do cocaine. House doesn't believe it and tells Park that it doesn't matter how much they piss him off because Mr. Weathers wants his son's death to have meaning. Mr. Weathers explains that his son was coming back from an all-night poker game in his friend's basement. House notices that Steve wasn't wearing glasses until recently and Mr. Weathers says that his son had headaches. The doorbell rings and House tells him to ignore it, and then announce that Steve had a brain tumor. House then says that the doorbell is for him and shows them the monitor on his ankle. He goes to the door and the police take him back to the hospital. Foreman complains and House claims that they stopped there on his way back home. When it's clear that House won't cooperate, Foreman warns that if it looks like he can't control him, both of their futures are at sake.

As they go to the morgue to check on Steve's body, Park claims that she's not worried about the disciplinary meeting. House finds a mass in the boy's arm and cuts it out, and then asks Park where she's going for her next job. She admits that she had a video interview with Chicago and it went well. House removes the apparent tumor and speculates that it's rhabdomyosarcoma, and then tells Park that she's running to protect her parents, which insults them. She snaps back that she should drive into her parents' living room instead, getting the last word.

Wilson stops in to see Vanessa as she talks about her old boyfriend Bobby with Theresa. He admits that he doesn't like Bobby and Theresa points out that he's a colossal drunk. Wilson discovers that her kidneys have shut down and he has to take her off the nitro for her chest pains. As he goes to his office, Wilson hears music and finds House playing Celine Dion on the laptop. House assures him that Park is confirming his diagnosis and talks about their friendship, but Wilson says that the bad memories outweigh the good ones. Park comes in and tells House that the mass was coagulated plasma when the IV leaked into his arm. House figures that it was still a symptom and that something reacted with plasma. Park points out that each unit of plasma comes from up to 25 donors and House says that they're going to check them all.

House goes to Foreman for permission to leave the hospital and help conduct the donor interviews, warning that he doesn't have enough team members to do it. Foreman refuses, figuring that it's a trick, and points out that they don't have enough money to bring back House's other team. Wilson and Park do what they can, and House tries to make small talk with Wilson over the phone. Wilson refuses and hangs up. House sees an orthopedic doctor using his whiteboard. He tries to take it away but the patient's mother has already been warned by Foreman and threatens to go to him. House quickly leaves and uses the interior window to start compiling the information from Park and Wilson. Park calls in from an underpass repair project and they realize that one donor was exposed to lead paint scrapings.

Vanessa gets worse and Wilson tries to reassure her. House arrives to tell Wilson that the chelation on the lungs is going as planned and offers Wilson a Reuben sandwich. When Wilson says that he hopes House's diagnosis will pay off, House says that it will even if Vanessa will die because someone will eventually get the lungs. Disgusted, Wilson says that he's given up red meat, tosses away the sandwich, and walks away.

Park administers the chelation and Foreman comes in. He claims that he's just checking on the treatment, which is working, but then asks about House. Park's father Kwansik arrives with dinner and Park is surprised to learn that he got a text message from her asking for a meal. She claims that she's consulting on the case and quickly ducks away when the lungs crash. The chelation is making the lungs worse and she suggest using a calcium channel blocker. Foreman takes her advice and the treatment helps one lung. However, the other one is badly damaged.

House has Dr. Pinto paged and sent to the catheter lab and then goes to his office to steal back the chair from his old office. He's happy that they still have the remaining lungs to successfully transplant and dead tissue to test, and tells Park that she needs to come to terms with the reason she punched someone. House suggest that she embrace her inner bitch, says hello to Pinto as he leaves his office, and then goes to get the chair. Park says that she tracked another bag of the donor plasma and confirmed that there was no sign of exposures. House suggests sarcoidosis but Park reports that the transplant team ran an ACE and it proved negative. She does suggest that the paint may have contained other heavy metals and House figures that the donor had hemosiderosis, and the high iron levels now present can't leave the lungs. He tells Park to stain the dead lung tissue for lung and then leaves Park to take the blame for stealing the chair when Pinto comes back early.

Vanessa has trouble breathing as her small airways collapse. He wants to pump an oxygen-rich slurry into her lungs, but Vanessa thinks that it's too much and says that she's done. Wilson tracks down House in the bathroom and tells him that Vanessa has signed a DNR. He blames House, who tells him to handle his patient and do whatever it takes to get her to agree to stay alive long enough for him to cure the lungs.

Foreman comes to see Park as she stains for iron. He figures that House called in her father and says that it's a compliment. When Foreman tells her that he gave her a good recommendation to the Chicago hospital, and that it's good for both of them if she transfers, Park challenges him, insisting that she's a good asset for the hospital. Foreman is puzzled given that she asked him for the recommendation, and Park says that her attending, Andrews, should be the one who has to leave. When Foreman offers to call Chicago back, she says that he doesn't have to. Park then discovers that the lungs are showing signs of massive infection that wasn't there earlier.

Park tracks down House, who is enjoying a floral fruit basket, and tells him that he was right about infection after all. He figures that the infection was lurking in the lungs and the transplant team missed it, and they need special treatments to take care of it. When House uses metaphors, Park wonders if he thinks she's stupid, and he says that his old team was also stupid.

Wilson brings Vanessa's old boyfriend Bobby to see her over Theresa's objections. He points out that Bobby got her to do a round of chemo before, but Theresa says that he also got Vanessa drunk. He starts to go but Vanessa calls him over while Theresa stalks away in disgust. A little later, Wilson goes to see House, who is relaxing in the MRI chamber. He admits that House was right about telling him to do whatever it takes, and House wonders if they're good. Wilson just says that he appreciates the good advice, and House says that he like Wilson and has fun with him. He tells Wilson to punch him in the face if it helps him get over it, but Wilson says that he doesn't like him and goes.

The lungs become discolored after Park starts the treatment. House is out of ideas and asks Simpson and Park to help. They have nothing and House goes off to think things through. He breaks into his old office but the orthopedics doctor kicks him out. As House sits in the hallway, he sees Wilson and the staff celebrating a nurse's birthday with a cake and candles. House realizes what happened and goes to Park to explain that the lungs belonged to a smoker. When she points out that Steve never smoked, House explains that the teenager was at a poker party in a basement, and the other players smoked. The secondhand smoke triggered eosiniphilic pneumonitis in Steve's lungs, and he would have died even if he hadn't been in a motorcycle accident. The only way to deal with it in time to save Vanessa is to radiate the lungs, even though it could kill the healthy lung.

As Park administers the treatment, Foreman comes to see her. She reports that the radiation treatment is working and asks if she's going to Chicago. Foreman warns her that if she stays, they'll have to have a hearing. Park knows and agrees, and then calls her father.

Once the lungs are cured, Vanessa receives the surgery. Afterward, Theresa thanks Wilson for bringing in Bobby. They watch as Bobby comforts Vanessa and Wilson assures Theresa that Vanessa can handle whatever the future holds.

As House prepares to light a celebratory cigar in the hospital lobby, Foreman tells him that he has a surprise for him: his old office and his old furniture. When he tells House that he won't get the conference room back, House asks where his team will sit and Foreman walks away. Wilson comes in, walks up to House, and punches him in the face. He then invites House to dinner and says that he wants a steak because he's sick of going without meat. House gets up and settles back into his chair and his office.