Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • WIlson forgives

    The best part of this episode was Wilson finding a way to forgive House, I loved it along with the lines that followed, "screw that I want steak!"
  • Right back where we started. .


    So, after an entertaining episode set outside of the hospital and without houses usual partners in crime. . we are right back where we started.

    House is released from prison (because medical Deans have that sort of power you know. . Do Not Question It!) and finds himself working under the strict supervision of Foreman and with a new geeky assistant who seems timid- but probably isnt.

    So all we have done is replaced Cuddy with Foreman and Masters with new girl. (And new girl deserves special credit, for managing to find a job on prime time tv with NO acting skill or ability at all. Bravo.)

    Wilson is also back, filling his usual job of having boring and pointless conversations with House.

    Wilson: observation
    House: counter observation
    Wilson: denial of counter
    etc etc.

    Boring and predictable, much like this show has become.
    My high hopes of last weeks break from benality were quickly dashed, with House slipping right back into his anti social comfy slippers. Something has to change here, the show is stuck in a time warp. House as a character has literally progressed nowhere since season 1. All that has happened is the people around him are switched every other season.

    he is stubborn, we get it. He is also becoming very dull.

  • Reboot Or Shark Jump ? either way "House" is on thin ice

    after a decent first episode in the prison environment, I had high expectations for this ep, but honestly during all the episode, I thought this was some kind of a dream or a hallucination, like the finale of the second season, It does not make sense at all, how come foreman is the new dean of medicine, and how come everybody left, and who is this new house team member, honestly, if that's the best they can do, they should've ended the show by house going to an island, because I don't know where this is going and it is surely not a good direction, either way, after larry david left seinfeld it started it's descent into the abyss, and indeed without cuddy the series can't survive, and without thirteen who will also go in future episodes, it can't hold it's glamour side, well it was great following the series, but now i'll watch it just by loyalty.
  • Dull to the point of boring.


    Really disappointed in this episode and where this series is headed. New doctor totally uninteresting. The series has lost its two best actresses/characters "Cuddy" and "Thirteen". The two new doctors are just plain boring. Please get this series back on track. One more episode like this and I'm out. This is no reflection on Hugh Laurie. He's one of the very best. I just wish he had better material.

  • i hope this goes somewhere interesting


    house used to be such a great show, maybe it still is, it just needs something and i don't know what it is.

    now, i really liked the season premiere unlike a lot of other people but this episode is just setting a new low for the show. i mean the filipina character is really annoying, haven't they done that kind of character last season with MASTERS? i know they're a bit different but essentially the same. and where is everybody? if this goes on as a 3 man show then i'm out.

  • Back in the right house...New character...The return of the Bromance


    A lot of ground to cover in this one..

    I wondered (during the premiere episode) why Wilson didnt visit house.Yes he was mad on the finale but Wilson among other things , is a guy full of ridiculous amount of empathy. well, he was mad all the time House was in the Other house but now they are back together (yay!!).

    The case was interesting but meh!, lungs only, no body. Kid had fatal accident, donated both lungs only the lungs were "faulty".Enter New dean of medicine, one Dr. Foreman. He get House released (back by unpopular demand-the board) under his supervision.

    With Chase, Taub and 13 gone House has to work with a Dr. Park.

    Personally i loved park, i wouldnt say she is bipolar but she has these outburst that are very "interesting" considering she is short and "proper". I am very interested to see more of how she interacts with House. Clearly House likes her, especially after she "went off" on why she should be the one to leave neurology while she was the one who had her ass grabbed by the supervisor". Oh yeah, Park was doin her interning in neurology but had to leave because she punched her supervisor bcoz he grabbed her ass. At the end of the episode Park decides she is going to stay on and so, there will be a trial.

    On House and Wilson, it was nice to see House admit that he made a mistake and he was punished, but he really hasnt changed. He is sorry and he likes Wilson, so they should patch things up.Wilson is one person who genuine cares for House.Its their friendship that help us forgive House for all other insensitive things he does. House cares for Wilson too, so he asked Wilson to do anything (an either or choices but not both scenario) so they can get over it.

    At the end you get a feeling House was saving the lungs not because it was an interesting case, but because they were to be transplanted into Wilson´s cancer patient, thus Wilson "really" needed them.At the end Wilson punched house on the face (sweet) and said he will drop by House´s place later so they can go for Steak.

    Bye bye 13! we will probably see you next week, but we will still be saying goodbye

  • 802


    House's eighth season has been good for the most part, but this was really the only lone clunker, and while it is not as bad as some of the other scores for it will reveal, it was not up to standard. The whole story this week was a little boring, and simply revisiting the House working under Foreman idea that they just did a few years ago is not going to give the program the fresh start it needs. It wasn't bad, but tonight was surely a step in the wrong direction.

  • Great episode overall.


    This was an interesting episode, with the case of live lungs. It was different, but surprisingly, I found myself more invested in the interactions between House, Wilson, Foreman and Park, rather than the case itself. Perhaps that's the direction the writers were aiming for in this episode, which worked out well.

    My favourite moments were little moments like House's 'Yassa, massa' to Foreman, and the end, the moment House and Wilson shared right after Wilson punches him. Wilson's expression, something bordering between I-can't-believe-I-just-did-that and wow-that-hurt, was just priceless to me. I'm not too sure about how I feel about the new character Dr. Park, but I'm not completely ruling her out as it is only her first appearance.

  • House returns to Princeton and Foreman welcomes him?


    House is out of Prison. I felt the set-up in prison and the characters that they created were very interesting. I was looking forward to more episodes in prison. I don;t know how (?) HOUSE got out so soon.

    For some reason not made clear, House is able to return to Princeton-Plainsboro. Yes, Cuddy quit. The explanation given, which seems hard to believe, is Foreman is responsible for House and is paying him minimum wage. It seems His whole team has once again left him..Chase, taub and 13 have departed. Wilson has stayed. Why Foreman stayed and the other left was not made clear. I thought it was rather WEAK not to have any discussion between House and Foreman as to WHY Foreman decided to stay.

    Into the mix, a newcomer. She is Dr park. A very Asian (well the haircut is awful, as House remarks) and very bookish and apparantely the victim of office sexual abuse. She joins the team without too much of the usual House 'initiation" that he put Masters through.

    The medical case was incredibly boring. The guest star was hardly used. She hardly spoke. She weas just 'there". I found this episode lacking in the hard emotional depths that previous episodes have gone and the medical mystery was not very compelling. the lack of House's team left for very little in the way of great dialogue or conflict. Wilson claims he is no longer House's friend..but we knew that would change. It always does.

    13 returns next week but not to rejoin the team. She is only there for a guest shot. I guess Taub and chase will not return as well. SO House's Team consists of Dr park and ?? so far no one else. 20 Vicodin was a very strong entry but tonight's episode was pretty boring.

  • House goes back to work...strapped to a tight leash.


    This was an interesting episode. Yeah, House is back at work, but this time he's been stripped. There is no 13, Chase, or Taub. Foreman is calling the shots. And House is stuck with a bright, timid girl who has anger problems.

    I have to admit, Park did catch my eye in this episode. I like how she does what most of what House tells her to do, but she still know when it is time to say 'no' to him. I love when she refuses to help him steal back his chair. Though it was unfair of him to accuse her of stealing it.I'm also curious to see how her relationship with her parents are going to change. I defiantly can't wait to see her in the next episode.

    I also loved the whole live lungs in a box thing. That was really cool seeing breathing lungs in a clear box.

    I say that House M.D. is still alive and kicking!!! Yay for House!!!

  • House is back at the hospital.


    House is back, Foreman now is House's boss and the old team has moved on :-( Wilson is still mad at House.. But they need his brains to solve another mystery.. now, he has a new assistant, a Korean-Filipino neuro... hm... will this be an interesting season? I am hoping it will be.

    I've always liked House. I like the medical mystery and how he comes up with the answers. But I guess after 7 years (now going 8th), the story line gets a bit redundant and flat. I hope the writers get to think of new ways to spice things up. There were few parts in the episode that were funny though. I like best Wilson's release of anger towards House, when he punched him and invited him for dinner. That was funny!

  • I'm afraid House has jumped the shark. And the shark bit him


    This episode was just horrible. How on earth did Foreman get to be dean? I thought the story was that he was unable to be hired anywhere else because of his falsifying data on a clinical trial. What, because this gigantic ethical breach which should have cost him his license keeps him from working anywhere else, PPTH REWARDS him by making him the boss???? And Foreman, who's spent his entire career trying to get out of House's shadow just hires him back?? There is no way any of that makes sense.

    Add to the mix the new doctor. Is she even a real actress? Cause if she is, she's not a good one. I couldn't understand anything she said. She spoke so softly in such a high, thin voice. For about half the episode I cursed at my Fox station which doesn't have closed captioning. The final half hour, I just decided I didn't care what she said. She is horrible, terrible, and a certain sign that the show just doesn't care an more.

    Also, House comes back to the hospital where he is universally hated. My, what a great setup that could have been. But it wasn't. By the end of the episode he's gotten most of his office back and the blessings of the new hospital administrator, God Help us, Foreman.

    Wilson is angry with him because he's discovered for the 12000 time that House isn't a very nice person. But at the end he forgives him. Why? Who knows? At this point, who even cares?

    The best line in the whole show was about the necklace Wilson dropped over the ship. It was kind of an isolated scene that showed what a wonderfully, complex, and funny show House used to be. Unfortunately, the scene was stuck in the midst of an episode that made no sense from beginning to end.

  • House is now a stale, repetitive, dull shadow of its former self...


    Okay, let's see if I've got this straight... Last season, the writers literally spent the bulk of it creating all this buildup to House basically going crazy and recklessly crashing his car into someone's dining room without a thought. With a finale like that, there was no walking away from the fact that House's character and life had finally veered offtrack.

    So what happens? Do we get any real follow through after that shocking cliffhanger? Nope-- in literally two episodes, the show is exactly back where it was before all the "drama" with Kutner, Amber,and Cuddy, with House back in his office working as if nothing had ever happened and he and Wilson are back to being buddies. Sure, there are a few mild changes (no more 13, Taub, Chase; Foreman is Dean of Medicine, and a new nerdy Filipino-Korean doctor is now House's partner), but all these "radical changes" are pretty much cosmetic.

    Basically, the writers have decided that House didn't *really* go off the deep end and basically shatter his career and reputation in the process-- that whole crashing his car thing was just a tiny blip, so don't worry, folks-- the slate's been wiped clean. Enjoy seeing House up to his old tricks, Foreman being the PITA as usual, and a flustered Wilson lecturing him on his antics. Pretend the past couple of seasons never really happened. Oh, look-- it's House being snarky! Oh, look, Wilson's steaming mad again! Oh, har har har.. look at the look of indignation from colleagues when House says something naughty. And Hey, House Is Having an Epiphany Again about the latest boring POTW with the soppy sad sack routine!

    Some people think I'm crazy for being this disgruntled-- they're hailing this season as a return to the show's roots after complaining about all that awful, horrible, terrible thing we call "character development". I call it increasing proof of the writers' lack of courage to stray outsideformula. Tonight's episode was the first time I finally stopped caring about Housethe character and House the TV show. Why should I? The relationship with the new characters will run the same course as with all the other ones from the past, so it's not like there's any point in seeing how he's going to handle working with Park or the rest of his new team. He's going to keep being a snarky addict saying all kinds of annoying things so there's no point in watching him anymore in that regard, either.

    In short, House has become a stale, repetitive, dull shadow of its former self. It might be time to move on. I know I will.

  • Back to Business


    House is granted conditional parole to help on a case of infected transplanted lungs before they can be given to a patient of Wilson's awaiting them. A couple of changes though: Wilson hates him, Foreman is Dean now that Cuddy's gone, and his office doesn't exist anymore, and there's some new girl. Speaking of the fresh blood doctor it was nice to see a fresh face on this show after so long with the others and Park was a refreshing, hotheaded girl who may look twelve but is still kinda cute. While House tries to sort out his life and solve the case, hitting roadblocks at every turn, and trying to repair his relationship with Wilson things have indeed changed. But the people themselves have only rearranged not truly changed. While they tried to flesh out the patient who would indeed receive the lungs in the end (obviously) it was an utter failure although House pushing Wilson to push the patient into not giving up was a nice touch. House also admitting and saying his like for Wilson out loud is clearly no easy task for him. I know the old team will show up eventually and things will become as they were sans Cuddy but seeing House isolated and alone inside a box like those lungs helped make him much more out of his element than ever before in the hospital that he's always been so comfortable in before. I also enjoy Foreman as Dean of Medicine, since Foreman is much more like House than Cuddy ever was there is a no nonsense policy that allows for him to talk to him with respect and honesty. Also the semantics of what constitutes a repartee was entertaining. The ending was totally expected but it's really what we all wanted deep down is for at least Wilson to give him a big fat hug, or a punch as long as he's expressing how he feels towards House outwardly. A lot of ground to cover and certainly not House's strongest case but the lungs themselves were interesting and let's not kid ourselves that this is a procedural plain and simple so expecting there not to be a POTW every episode from here on out would be unreasonable as Season 8 may have a lot of old hat, but may have some last angles to shine a light on before House goes away forever.

  • By far the worst episode ever.


    House had to carry the entire episode. The new Asian girl annoyed the hell out of me because she never spoke clearly. She is the worst actor. The director.. what were they doing? The camera pans and skipping from character to character was ... just choppy and weird. Aaaah the new girl's voice just pisses me off. Such an annoying voice.

    Patients were boring too. No interesting back story. No character development.

    I seriously love House. My favorite show... but now I am considering dropping it just because the dialogues suck now.