Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • House returns to Princeton and Foreman welcomes him?


    House is out of Prison. I felt the set-up in prison and the characters that they created were very interesting. I was looking forward to more episodes in prison. I don;t know how (?) HOUSE got out so soon.

    For some reason not made clear, House is able to return to Princeton-Plainsboro. Yes, Cuddy quit. The explanation given, which seems hard to believe, is Foreman is responsible for House and is paying him minimum wage. It seems His whole team has once again left him..Chase, taub and 13 have departed. Wilson has stayed. Why Foreman stayed and the other left was not made clear. I thought it was rather WEAK not to have any discussion between House and Foreman as to WHY Foreman decided to stay.

    Into the mix, a newcomer. She is Dr park. A very Asian (well the haircut is awful, as House remarks) and very bookish and apparantely the victim of office sexual abuse. She joins the team without too much of the usual House 'initiation" that he put Masters through.

    The medical case was incredibly boring. The guest star was hardly used. She hardly spoke. She weas just 'there". I found this episode lacking in the hard emotional depths that previous episodes have gone and the medical mystery was not very compelling. the lack of House's team left for very little in the way of great dialogue or conflict. Wilson claims he is no longer House's friend..but we knew that would change. It always does.

    13 returns next week but not to rejoin the team. She is only there for a guest shot. I guess Taub and chase will not return as well. SO House's Team consists of Dr park and ?? so far no one else. 20 Vicodin was a very strong entry but tonight's episode was pretty boring.