Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • I'm afraid House has jumped the shark. And the shark bit him


    This episode was just horrible. How on earth did Foreman get to be dean? I thought the story was that he was unable to be hired anywhere else because of his falsifying data on a clinical trial. What, because this gigantic ethical breach which should have cost him his license keeps him from working anywhere else, PPTH REWARDS him by making him the boss???? And Foreman, who's spent his entire career trying to get out of House's shadow just hires him back?? There is no way any of that makes sense.

    Add to the mix the new doctor. Is she even a real actress? Cause if she is, she's not a good one. I couldn't understand anything she said. She spoke so softly in such a high, thin voice. For about half the episode I cursed at my Fox station which doesn't have closed captioning. The final half hour, I just decided I didn't care what she said. She is horrible, terrible, and a certain sign that the show just doesn't care an more.

    Also, House comes back to the hospital where he is universally hated. My, what a great setup that could have been. But it wasn't. By the end of the episode he's gotten most of his office back and the blessings of the new hospital administrator, God Help us, Foreman.

    Wilson is angry with him because he's discovered for the 12000 time that House isn't a very nice person. But at the end he forgives him. Why? Who knows? At this point, who even cares?

    The best line in the whole show was about the necklace Wilson dropped over the ship. It was kind of an isolated scene that showed what a wonderfully, complex, and funny show House used to be. Unfortunately, the scene was stuck in the midst of an episode that made no sense from beginning to end.

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