Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • Back in the right house...New character...The return of the Bromance


    A lot of ground to cover in this one..

    I wondered (during the premiere episode) why Wilson didnt visit house.Yes he was mad on the finale but Wilson among other things , is a guy full of ridiculous amount of empathy. well, he was mad all the time House was in the Other house but now they are back together (yay!!).

    The case was interesting but meh!, lungs only, no body. Kid had fatal accident, donated both lungs only the lungs were "faulty".Enter New dean of medicine, one Dr. Foreman. He get House released (back by unpopular demand-the board) under his supervision.

    With Chase, Taub and 13 gone House has to work with a Dr. Park.

    Personally i loved park, i wouldnt say she is bipolar but she has these outburst that are very "interesting" considering she is short and "proper". I am very interested to see more of how she interacts with House. Clearly House likes her, especially after she "went off" on why she should be the one to leave neurology while she was the one who had her ass grabbed by the supervisor". Oh yeah, Park was doin her interning in neurology but had to leave because she punched her supervisor bcoz he grabbed her ass. At the end of the episode Park decides she is going to stay on and so, there will be a trial.

    On House and Wilson, it was nice to see House admit that he made a mistake and he was punished, but he really hasnt changed. He is sorry and he likes Wilson, so they should patch things up.Wilson is one person who genuine cares for House.Its their friendship that help us forgive House for all other insensitive things he does. House cares for Wilson too, so he asked Wilson to do anything (an either or choices but not both scenario) so they can get over it.

    At the end you get a feeling House was saving the lungs not because it was an interesting case, but because they were to be transplanted into Wilson´s cancer patient, thus Wilson "really" needed them.At the end Wilson punched house on the face (sweet) and said he will drop by House´s place later so they can go for Steak.

    Bye bye 13! we will probably see you next week, but we will still be saying goodbye

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