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  • Season 4 Episode 16: Wilson's Heart (2)

  • Trivia: This marks the first appearance of Taub's wife, though she has no name or lines.

  • Trivia: Amber's medical wristband at Princeton-Plainsboro indicates that her admitting physician is Dr. Foreman.

  • Season 4 Episode 15: House's Head (1)

  • Trivia: Thirteen's last name of Hadley is given for the first time.

  • When House leaves the crash in his memory, his hands are covered in blood, however at the beginning of the episode in the strip club which happens directly after the the bus crash, his hands are clean until he touches his own blood.

  • Trivia: When resuscitating House in the bus, Wilson is seen doing a series of precordial thumps (blows to the chest with the fist). Though not generally accepted as effective in the field to convert the heart as a defibrillator, it has been used in witnessed cardiac arrests when one was not immediately available. The American Heart Association recommends compressions to breaths at a ratio of 30:2 at 100 compressions a minute.

  • When Cuddy and Wilson perform CPR on House in the bus, like with most television shows it is portrayed inaccurately. Proper rescue breathing (which Cuddy was administering) requires one to get behind the patient's head and tilt it back in order to open the airway. Cuddy also forgot to pinch House's nose.

  • After revealing that he has a cracked skull, Cuddy tells House to go home and go to sleep. With a concussion and cracked skull, sleeping is the last thing House should be doing.

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Living the Dream

  • The patient of the week is given a nerve function test by Kutner and Taub. They perform the test by puncturing the patient's legs with needles. This system of testing is archaic. Modern nerve function tests in a hospital today rely on electrical impulses from a small computerized device; no needles or skin puncturing is necessary.

  • Season 4 Episode 13: No More Mr. Nice Guy

  • When House and Wilson are at the bar, after House hangs up the phone call with his team, there is a pen placed on top of a napkin next to Wilson's drink. By the time that Wilson takes out his wallet to pay and leave, the pen makes its way away from the napkin and next to the empty peanut bowl.

  • When the team (plus Cameron and Chase) are talking after diagnosing House with syphilis (from the fake blood sample), Chase asks Cameron if she slept with House and then becomes upset when she doesn't answer. He should have known the answer to that question. At the end of "Half-Wit," Cameron, Chase and Foreman come to House's apartment to tell him that he doesn't have brain cancer, he has syphilis (again from a fake blood sample). Cameron states that she is glad they never slept together.

  • House's team claims that House turned into a jerk because of his leg, Foreman then states it was just a coincidence. However, in the season 1 episode "Honeymoon," Stacy Warner (House's ex-girlfriend) reveals that he was pretty much the same way before his leg affected his life.

  • After bowling his second strike, Chase turns around to notice House has disappeared. The machine can be seen resetting three pins, yet as Chase had just bowled a strike, it should have set down a full rack of pins.

  • Kutner and the others suspect that Deb gave Jeff syphilis, but they don't take the simple step of testing her to see if she has it. Also, if they believe that Jeff has syphilis and treat him for it, then the next logical step would have been to prescribe treatment for her as well, since she was his wife of ten years.

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Don't Ever Change

  • The song that Yonasan sings to his wife, "Eyshes Chayil," is the last 22 verses of the Book of Proverbs, which praise the "Woman of Valor." It is traditionally sung on Friday night before the Sabbath evening meal.

  • Roz refers to her husband as "Yonatan," which is the modern Israeli pronunciation of the name ("Jonathan" is the English equivalent). In the chassidic community of which she was a member, the name would have been pronounced according to the traditional Ashkenazic pronunciation, "Yonasan" ("s" instead of "t").

  • Trivia: Kutner describes Amber as having "legs that go all the way up to Canada." When House surprises Amber at her apartment, she is wearing a sweatshirt that is emblazoned with "McGill". The Faculty of Medicine at Montreal's McGill University is one of Canada's oldest and most renowned medical schools. The sweatshirt, however, belongs to Wilson. We see him wearing it in Season 2's episode 19: "House Vs. God" at House's poker game.

  • Roz describes herself as Baal tshuva, which means (someone male) who has returned (to religion). Since she's a female she should have said Baalat tshuva.

  • Trivia: The bourdeaux embroidered cover for the challa bread says: For Shabbat and holiday[s]. (Hebrew: Le shabat ve'yom tov)

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Frozen

  • The propellers on the wind turbines are all rotating clockwise. The one that falls off and strikes the ground is rotating counter-clockwise just before it hits the ground. The initial shot follows the blades as they fall far enough to show that they did not flip over. The clockwise rotation would most likely have thrown debris away from Sean.

  • Cate and Sean are supposedly at the South Pole, and yet when they are outside where the temperature is low enough to freeze Sean's blood, you can't see their breath.

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