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  • Season 4 Episode 9: Games

  • The explosion caused by the patient smoking while using an oxygen tank would not have actually happened. Oxygen is not flammable, and thus cannot combust--it would only intensify a fire or explosion already present. The patient's cigarette may have burned more furiously, as well as anything ignited by a stray cigarette spark, but there definitely would not have been such a spontaneous explosion as portrayed.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: You Don't Want to Know

  • At the end of the episode, where House and Thirteen have the discussion about the Huntington test, Thirteen is wearing a chain with a pendant. In the close up you will see that the pendant is partly underneath her shirt. However, in the other shots it is completely on top of her shirt.

  • When the magician begins his MRI, the key he swallowed is ripped out instantly, before he even gets inside the machine. However in Season 1 episode "Histories," a woman with a metal pin in her wrist makes it all the way inside the MRI and is not injured.

  • When Wilson and House are playing foosball in the doctor's lounge, there is a computer behind them. The screen lights up and shuts down between shots.

  • While House is running a fever we can see him drink a cup of tea, yet in season 3 episode "Resignation" House tells Honey he hates tea.

  • A factual mistake in the episode is the belief that you develop antibodies to your own blood type. However it's the opposite in healthy individuals. You develop antibodies to the blood type you don't have. For example, a person with type AB blood will not have anti-A nor anti-B antibodies; a person with type B blood will have anti-A antibodies but not anti-B antibodies; etc. In the patients' case: he has type A blood, so he has anti-B antibodies. The lupus is causing him to make additional antibodies: anti-A. As a result he's got both anti-A and anti-B, which would make his blood type being tested as O.

  • Blood-typing is routinely performed using rapid kits which actually determine the "type" of the blood. These cards have four spots which are usually labeled "anti-A," "anti-B," "anti-RhD," and "control."

    The labels are actually labels for the reagents which are added to spots, and does not detect the presence of anti-A or anti-B antibodies. This misconception led to the wrong idea that blood-typing is achieved by measuring antibodies to the blood type.

  • The director cheats a bit with Flynn's "through the glass" trick. There's no card on the outside of the glass when he throws the cards, which there has to be for the trick to work.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Whatever It Takes

  • When the CIA agent is talking with House outside the lecture hall, House tells him to close the door but he never does. However, it is closed when House reopens the room.

  • Even though House concluded that John had been in Brazil, the "devil dance" that John mentions is not seen there, but actually does take place in Bolivia.

  • When John mentions spending 40 days with a woman, House says Carnaval in Bolivia only lasts 8 days, and concludes that John was in Brazil. Carnaval in Brazil does not last 40 days, it takes place 40 days before Easter.

  • Trivia: When Amber calls, House's cell shows "cutthroat bitch."

  • Trivia: Dr. House's ringtone is Whatta Man by Salt-n-Pepa featuring En Vogue.

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Mirror, Mirror

  • When House and Foreman are checking the patient board with the symptoms on it, nausea has been incorrectly spelled with an extra "u."

  • Trivia: When a ballot paper is handed out with the names of all the fellowship candidates, it reveals Thirteen's name to be Remy Hadley. The first onscreen reference to the character's full name.

  • The crew deal with the security dogs by feeding them drugged hamburger. Security dogs are generally trained to not eat strange food for exactly this reason.

  • Mr. X collapses and someone pages House and the fellowship applicants to deal with him. Not only do they take their time getting there, but when they do arrive nobody else on the staff is helping Mr. X... including, presumably, the person who called the alert in the first place.

  • Cuddy is seen here taking birth control pills. However, last time her pregnancy issues were mentioned she was trying to get pregnant.

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Guardian Angels

  • When House goes into Wilson's office, he lies down on the couch with his legs crossed and suspended on the arm of the couch. He crosses his good leg (left) over his bad leg (right). Given that he is in constant pain and has significant muscular weakness, it is unlikely that his right leg could take the full weight of his left.

  • House is talking via the phone to his group when Cole says that he has to be home by 6. Just as he leaves the clock on the wall shows the time of 5.45. The next shot shows House in his office as he hangs up the phone. His watch shows the time as 5.30.

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