Season 8 Episode 1

Twenty Vicodin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • No doubt, House is House. And it always will be.


    When I saw the multiple promos for this episode, I had different opionions. On the one hand, it seemed to be an enjoyable episode with an interesting case. But, I also think it would be boring or a prototype of the last season.

    However, after I watch episode, the true verdict is clear. This episode was, of course, enjoyable and I dare say that it has no equal. I loved the way the writer showed us the true and hard days of House behind bars. And these days were unique. Each of the episodes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) were different and represented various concerns and achievements that House had to live. His perfomance was perfect, obviously. In Fact, It was the secret recipe that makes credible this episode.

    Its surprising how House is capable to live in a new territory. The prison is a hard place, we know, but House is House and when this is true, we can understand why he is one of the most famous doctors. Behind bars, House even participated in the diagnosis, and after he interacts with the prison doctor Jessica Adams (A good adittion, by the way) he faces the problems and the patients disease is clearly showed.

    House found out the answer he was looking for despite the pressure of the doctor. And regardless of other problems with the prison gang.

    At the end, House obtained what he wanted. And we learn again what House is capable to do. His perfomance was perfect and also the way her problems were showed. So, this episode was one of the best. It was different, but it was good. And you can enjoy.

    If the season continues as we seen in this episode, it will be one of the best (or at least better than the last one). House deserves a special place in your book of favourite series, and Twenty Vicodin is the proof that you need.

    Oh, yes. I missed to say this episode is well written. You have to see it. My puntuation 9.5/10

  • eventually, every series either ends, or jumps the shark, well "House" jumps the shark .....

    honestly, I am writing this after watching the second episode, and it's light, the dots are adding up to form an abysmal portrayal of what is coming, now, true that the series has explored all the potential of it's former status quo, but then again, rebooting it to become a late night parody of itself is not the best idea in the world, the new doctor is another cameron, and the whole one year period between the seasons was a mistake in the first place, for exemple, instead of doing the whole "running into living room" ending, they could have killed off thirteen, now thirteen is gonna leave mid season, and a great potential finale was wasted, again, this whole thing is not convincing, and if you check the numbers, no wonder the show is losing viewership, since part of it is based on good word of mouth for TiVo users, duh.... I'm really disappointed (by contrast for exemple, curb your enthusiasm is in its eighth season, and it is getting better)
  • Jailhouse House


    I miss seeing the old cast. Everything's new in House, at least in this episode, he is the only familiar face. He seems to be more irritable than ever, but I guess it is acceptable since he is in a jailhouse. It's sad to see him get beat up but I guess that the reality of a prison. But as usual he is back with his old antics. It's like an old story line but in a new setting.. Instead of a hospital, it is in a prison. Maybe I am hoping to see a new House but I guess you can't teach old dogs new tricks.

  • Enjoyed it thoroughly - it was something different, and something the show needed.


    I really liked this season premiere. It was good to see House in an environment where he can't control everything and have everything going his way. He's in a completely different place, and he's not at the top of the ladder, where 'keeping in line' is wise. I enjoyed the six-day account before he goes out on parole, it was clever writing and very well-executed.

    Of course, House being House, this is not exactly possible and it was great seeing him try to avoid getting killed, while doing what he thinks is right. That's something we've loved about him from the get go - doing whatever he wants to obtain whatever he thinks is right, no matter what consequences he may face. This episode captured that perfectly; he knew perfectly well what he was up against, and while he tried to 'keep in line', he doesn't sway from his own values and rules. That's the House we love.

    I like the new character Dr. Adams, she's a great regular addition to the show and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her and House.

  • Exit Strategy


    Season 8 kicks off with House in prison following his running Wilson's car into Cuddy's house. In the the beginning it is revealed that he will receive parole on Friday so the episode follows the week that he will be released if he can stay out of trouble that is. He helps an attractive and intelligent clinic doctor on the prison staff with diagnosing a newly sick inmate who may have skin cancer. The timeline is a year after last season's finale and he fled the country for three months. He is indebted for "protection" in giving his daily Vicodin to the white supremacist gang leader and he has to give him 20 by weeks end otherwise he says that people on the outside will get to him. House is defiant by nature so even when he gets all of the Vicodin he needs he starts a riot by throwing the medicine onto the ground rather than be subservient to gang leader man. Luckily his psychotic cellmate saves him from a shanking and in order to save the prison patient's life he needs to prove his diagnosis with an attack caused by aspirin. His exploits prove that he is right but he is confined to solitary and the prison doctor gets fired. It was a decent episode but too reminiscent to Season 6's opening in the mental facility to be a truly unique episode. It was good to see House punishing himself like he always does but it was a rough "been there done that" thing but points for the new environment change to the writers. Hopefully this season can stay on track and he can get his friends back, most importantly Wilson. And that the writers get gang leader man's outside influences to go at House at some point since he wronged him. This is really the end of House, and it seems to show that it is certainly on its last leg, literally.

  • 801


    House is certainly not dead. It looked like the show was on a downward spiral based on last season, but this was a really good episode. I absolutely loved the vast majority of it. From the corny enemy turned savior cellmate saving House at the end, to him being right against all odds with his diagnosis, it was just a well-done hour of television.

    Odette Yustman is perfect for this role and although she has not had a lot of success on TV I think she'll be great on this program. And props to the show for coming up with yet another unique female to challenge House in the medical department.

    Probably the best episode of TV this week.

  • Good!


    Coming off of a really poor season ending, I expected this to be the begining of the end of house. But it was actually a really good episode.

    It was fairly obvious this season was going to start in prison, no where else for it to go and hope to be interesting in all honesty. No Cuddy/Wilson/or team was a bold move I thought. But one that paid off in spades. Giving House a new set of relationships/context for his actions was refereshing, even if it is destined not to last.
    I hope they do not feel the need to rush the prison storyline for the sake of getting him back in the hospital. It was getting boring and bogged down last season and a break from it was a fantastic season opener.

    Well done, I really didnt think the quality would return to house anytime soon. More like it!

  • Not as good as when House went to thePsychiatric Ward


    TwentyVicodin was a werid episode, but in a good way.

    House has to try not to get into trouble for five days or he is stuck in prison.First things first, ididn'tknow you could have a cain in prison. what i liked about this episode was that it put House in a newenvironment to develop his character, which the writers need to keep the show running. i also liked the introduction of the new character Dr. Jessica Adams, the most obvious thing i say is that shes hot as hell and she also has the same curiosity like House (again, its what the writers need).what ididn'tlike about the episode was the lack of feeling that i was hopping for. When House went to the loony bin back in season 6,( i think im right) there was comedy, passion, and drama; there was none of that in this episode. another thing that i didnt like was that the " House in prison theme" is over with just one episode, i think that they could of expanded the story line at least another episode or two. to conclude, this episodewasn'tbad, and itwasn'tgreat, i think we are seeing the end to House, unfortunately.