Season 8 Episode 1

Twenty Vicodin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • No doubt, House is House. And it always will be.


    When I saw the multiple promos for this episode, I had different opionions. On the one hand, it seemed to be an enjoyable episode with an interesting case. But, I also think it would be boring or a prototype of the last season.

    However, after I watch episode, the true verdict is clear. This episode was, of course, enjoyable and I dare say that it has no equal. I loved the way the writer showed us the true and hard days of House behind bars. And these days were unique. Each of the episodes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) were different and represented various concerns and achievements that House had to live. His perfomance was perfect, obviously. In Fact, It was the secret recipe that makes credible this episode.

    Its surprising how House is capable to live in a new territory. The prison is a hard place, we know, but House is House and when this is true, we can understand why he is one of the most famous doctors. Behind bars, House even participated in the diagnosis, and after he interacts with the prison doctor Jessica Adams (A good adittion, by the way) he faces the problems and the patients disease is clearly showed.

    House found out the answer he was looking for despite the pressure of the doctor. And regardless of other problems with the prison gang.

    At the end, House obtained what he wanted. And we learn again what House is capable to do. His perfomance was perfect and also the way her problems were showed. So, this episode was one of the best. It was different, but it was good. And you can enjoy.

    If the season continues as we seen in this episode, it will be one of the best (or at least better than the last one). House deserves a special place in your book of favourite series, and Twenty Vicodin is the proof that you need.

    Oh, yes. I missed to say this episode is well written. You have to see it. My puntuation 9.5/10