Season 8 Episode 1

Twenty Vicodin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • Not as good as when House went to thePsychiatric Ward


    TwentyVicodin was a werid episode, but in a good way.

    House has to try not to get into trouble for five days or he is stuck in prison.First things first, ididn'tknow you could have a cain in prison. what i liked about this episode was that it put House in a newenvironment to develop his character, which the writers need to keep the show running. i also liked the introduction of the new character Dr. Jessica Adams, the most obvious thing i say is that shes hot as hell and she also has the same curiosity like House (again, its what the writers need).what ididn'tlike about the episode was the lack of feeling that i was hopping for. When House went to the loony bin back in season 6,( i think im right) there was comedy, passion, and drama; there was none of that in this episode. another thing that i didnt like was that the " House in prison theme" is over with just one episode, i think that they could of expanded the story line at least another episode or two. to conclude, this episodewasn'tbad, and itwasn'tgreat, i think we are seeing the end to House, unfortunately.

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