Season 8 Episode 1

Twenty Vicodin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • Exit Strategy


    Season 8 kicks off with House in prison following his running Wilson's car into Cuddy's house. In the the beginning it is revealed that he will receive parole on Friday so the episode follows the week that he will be released if he can stay out of trouble that is. He helps an attractive and intelligent clinic doctor on the prison staff with diagnosing a newly sick inmate who may have skin cancer. The timeline is a year after last season's finale and he fled the country for three months. He is indebted for "protection" in giving his daily Vicodin to the white supremacist gang leader and he has to give him 20 by weeks end otherwise he says that people on the outside will get to him. House is defiant by nature so even when he gets all of the Vicodin he needs he starts a riot by throwing the medicine onto the ground rather than be subservient to gang leader man. Luckily his psychotic cellmate saves him from a shanking and in order to save the prison patient's life he needs to prove his diagnosis with an attack caused by aspirin. His exploits prove that he is right but he is confined to solitary and the prison doctor gets fired. It was a decent episode but too reminiscent to Season 6's opening in the mental facility to be a truly unique episode. It was good to see House punishing himself like he always does but it was a rough "been there done that" thing but points for the new environment change to the writers. Hopefully this season can stay on track and he can get his friends back, most importantly Wilson. And that the writers get gang leader man's outside influences to go at House at some point since he wronged him. This is really the end of House, and it seems to show that it is certainly on its last leg, literally.

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