Season 8 Episode 1

Twenty Vicodin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • eventually, every series either ends, or jumps the shark, well "House" jumps the shark .....

    honestly, I am writing this after watching the second episode, and it's light, the dots are adding up to form an abysmal portrayal of what is coming, now, true that the series has explored all the potential of it's former status quo, but then again, rebooting it to become a late night parody of itself is not the best idea in the world, the new doctor is another cameron, and the whole one year period between the seasons was a mistake in the first place, for exemple, instead of doing the whole "running into living room" ending, they could have killed off thirteen, now thirteen is gonna leave mid season, and a great potential finale was wasted, again, this whole thing is not convincing, and if you check the numbers, no wonder the show is losing viewership, since part of it is based on good word of mouth for TiVo users, duh.... I'm really disappointed (by contrast for exemple, curb your enthusiasm is in its eighth season, and it is getting better)