Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

A father arrives with his son Kenny, but a girl catches a glimpse of the boy and screams in terror. The boy Kenny is facially deformed and he's scheduled for a 10-hour procedure to fix his disfigurement. A documentary team is following them as Kenny goes into surgery conducted by Chase. As the surgery proceeds, Kenny has a heart attack as the documentary team looks on.

Cuddy agrees to let the documentary team film House as he checks out Kenny's case, and House reluctantly agrees. He then takes the fellows to the MRI room for a private meeting away from the documentarian, but the fellows are more interested in why Dr. Terzi is now on staff, and how that affects their own chances. They run a differential but House concludes he's huffing freon and orders a study to determine if there's scarring of the heart. Once she's alone with House, Terzi wants to know if his offer is real and he reassures her it is. He then goes to Wilson and wonders if Terzi is any good, and is reluctant to fire her. Wilson is surprised that House is displaying something resembling guilt.

Kenny's father is skeptical about the freon-huffing theory, while Kutner tries to reassure Kenny while testing. There's no signs of heart scarring but Kenny has noted he has headaches. Meanwhile, Cuddy is trying to explain to the documentary team why House is ducking them. House dismisses the fellows' theory and orders them to have Kenny's heart stopped. Taub prepares to stop Kenny's heart to confirm House's drug diagnosis while Cuddy gripes to House. Kenny hedges on whether he did drugs and finally lies, badly, that he does. Taub calls off the tests since it's clear Kenny isn't using drugs, but Kenny starts coughing up blood.

It's back to differential while the documentary team tries to get it all on film, getting in the way. Terzi tosses out a theory and House agrees, but Foreman is skeptical and House concedes her theory isn't good. Cole finally comes up with a theory relating to tumors for the intercranial pressure and Taub disagrees, but keeps quiet since he figures House would undercut him on film and ruin his chances for future employment.

The documentary team interviews Wilson, who stumbles over House's background issues until House puts them back on the case. He then wonders out loud to Wilson about how Terzi is making him stupid, but they're interrupted when Kenny starts vomiting blood again. The bleeding is worse and House concedes he was wrong. Nobody speaks up because of the camera crew until Terzi comes up with a new theory. House finally lets them go ahead and test it.

The documentary team goes after Cameron as she examines a patient, and Cameron defends House even though she left his team. She stammers through "loving" being around House. Meanwhile, Amber and Taub test Kenny and detect swelling but argue over House's suggested treatment for juvenile rheumatoid. Taub sticks by his treatment recommendation and goes to Kenny's father. He argues that House is wrong and the father should refuse House's treatment suggestion of steroids.

The father goes with Taub's recommendation and House fires Taub for going behind his back, but Cuddy tells him to stay until the case is resolved and the camera team is gone. The father now trusts Taub, who starts testing. Meanwhile, House goes to Taub's former boss who refuses to explain why Taub quit and quickly realizes what House is up to when he tries to get the information by claiming to want plastic surgery.

Taub believes his CT test proves positive but House still disagrees and reveals he spoke to Taub's wife. Taub admits he had an affair and had to resign when his partners found out. Cuddy goes with House's theory and orders his treatment. House talks to Kenny and his father, and admits he isn't concerned about making Kenny looking normal but just making sure he lives. Kenny admits that he can't have a normal relationship with anyone, including his father. House points out the surgery won't change who Kenny is.

Later, House and Wilson sneak into the room where the documentary team are set up and review the tapes of the differential. House confirms that Terzi seems to have him befuddled, much to Wilson's amusement. Meanwhile, Cameron practices trying to qualify her "love" statement about House while Chase looks on.

Taub is going over the tests again and tries to get House to confirm the lesion. House agrees but Taub backs down. They give Kenny the news but House notices Kenny's little finger is twitching and has to admit it's a new symptom and he still doesn't know what Kenny has.

It's back to differential but Taub suggests that House doesn't want Kenny cured because then the boy won't be "normal" and House doesn't want anyone to be normal. House ignores him but Taub suggests they remove the pacing wire. House agrees but has Kutner ready with the defib paddles. The father agrees and Taub removes the wire: Kenny is fine and they take him to remove the cyst.

House isn't convinced and keeps examining the facts while they begin the surgery. Thirteen also thinks something is wrong and prepares to watch the surgery. She notices a discoloration around his hairline. Wilson confronts House about how he hires attractive women and dates the ones he fires. Thirteen comes in and informs him that the discoloration indicates lyme disease hidden in his hairline, where no one ever looked closely enough because of his face. They shave Kenny's head and confirm he has the disease.

House talks to the documentary team and dodges the question of his feelings about Cuddy interfering with his team. He then goes to the fellows and confronts Taub, noting he signed a non-compete with his former partners so they wouldn't reveal his affair. House is impressed Taub stood up to him even though it would have cost him any chance of work. He then confronts Terzi and admits he's treated her unfairly and then fires her and asks her for a date. She stalks out without a word.

The documentary team ends up making House look like a warm caring being. He stalks off while Cuddy watches the tape with Kenny thanking House for helping him.
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