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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on FOX

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  • Michael Michele IS that hot.

    When confronted with the case of a teenage boy that becomes ill on the eve of craniofacial surgery, the team must also adjust to the sudden introduction of a new fellowship candidate. Dr. Samira Terzi, formerly of the CIA. After working with her House believed her to be a superior diognostician. On the other hand, all she really did was agree with him every step of the way. Meanwhile Taub, who used to be a plastic surgeon, is insisting at every turn that the patient is fine and fit for surgery. Even going so far as to subvert House's authority and complain to Cuddy. We also discover that Dr. Terzi has turned House into an idiot who cannot offer constructive criticism of her contributions. In the end the boy is treated,receives the surgery and recovers. Dr. Taub is spared and Dr. Terzi is fired. While I liked Taub at the time and continue to do so, He should've been let go along with Terzi. The Same way Chase should've been the minute Vogler left. But that's my opinion.
  • So far in this show, we have to realize that House is growing up as a character.

    One of the most hilarious episode ever!
    So far in this show, we have to realize that House is growing up as a character and we probably will start to see many "human being moments". Now he can have a normal conversation with Wilson and talk about familiar things among men, like women and feelings. It's a thing that a long time ago I've been wishing to see in the show.
    And the way that he seem idiot was fantastic, a truly demonstration of intelligence and coherency from the writers staff. The falling performance of 13 until now has an interesting culmination with House idiocy and hers brilliant diagnosis. A real good connection of facts and situations.
  • Back to form

    I thought this was a brilliant episode- I loved the story surrounding the deformed patient needing plastic surgery, and it was certainly amusing to watch. The episode focussed more around Taub than any of the others, as we learn about his personal issues, and why he left a job as a respectful plastic surgeon- it was interesting seeing him risk his job with nothing to fall back on- it was probably the first episode I actually liked Taub in. At this stage, I think 13, her and Cole seem to be favourite to win the jobs, simply because House seems to quite dig Thirteen, and Cole comes up with many good ideas. Cutthroat **** seems to have faded recently, and I'm not complaining!

    I thought the humour was back to a classic House episode- it was amusing banter between House and Wilson as they talk about beautiful women having an effect on House, and it was classic House to see him interfering with Taub's personal life. I loved at the end of the episode when the TV crew made House seem nice, and I loved how they broke the wall when House says to the cameras "walking is good TV- it gives the impression the story is moving forward!".

    Meanwhile, Cameron says she loves House to the camera- something to build on? I thought it was clever to make her and Chase part of the episode- I miss them!

    Overall, a brilliantly written episode, and back to the form from the dissapointing previous one- a quite hit and miss Season so far.

    This was the funniest episode in the whole series if you ask me. THey jokes kept coming and Cameron and all of the whole team was hilarious especailly Wilson. I want more comedic episodes like this. la lalllla l l l l l l l l l ll ll ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l ll l l l l l l ll lll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l ll.
  • Terzi.

    This episode was a continuation to the last episode, as the government lady, Terzi enters the team and clarifies she isn't going to be a part of some game everyone else is playing. The sad pat was she ends up getting fired which totally sucks. Anyways I love how this format of the episode is, with everyone getting followed around with cameras. This show always has great things to spice up the episode, and this is one of them. I knew Terzi was going to get fired, but really she did nothing wrong which is the bad part. Cameron looks like she still "loves" House which is always nice to hear. Amazing!
  • House gets as good as he gives

    The patient brings alot of empathy with him for this episode. Its hard not to feel for someone with their condition. The first act is therefore one that sets up episode very well - hooking us enough to care what happens to them, esp. since they have a good chance of relieving their plight with an operation.

    The usual medical scenes keep the story moving along at fine pace and the usual setbacks keep us guessing at to what the ending maybe - as for once, its not a clear cut buildup.

    House gets as good as he gives with this patient. Scenes with both of them do a first rate job of setting up the heartwarming goodfeel ending with the moral overtones that we are what we feel and true beauty is within us and the way we act, not in fleeting physicality.

    A superb source of endless conflict is the camera crew following the patient around which provides House with the oppotunity for more mayhem and mischief. All in all, its one of the better episodes with lots of good comedy in moments of direness as the patient lurches from relapse to relapse in the style we have come to expect.
  • House is so focused on diagnostics to figure out he is just like any normal guy around a beautiful girl, and a witty producer makes Dr.House into a lovable guy… obviously he hates it.

    These episode has three angles: 1) House may have a crush which impaired him to get some quick diagnostics 2) Taub pretty much steals the medical drama while not giving you the real reason of quitting the very profitable Plastic Surgeon Practice he had established 3) A good TV producer can spin any story and any character as House was served at the end. The only thing missing was the real suffering of the patient, we lack the angst that comes from having such deformity and considering the seriousness of his condition the kid was exceptionally calm… We get to see enough Wilson which makes the fluent quirky comments between the two hilarious; sadly we can't say the same from Cuddy which was overplayed by House…again.

    The newcomers didn't particularly shine in this episode because the real life camera inside the hospital didn't help much and the medicine was just a little intriguing but the overall result was ok… mostly because the changes from the editing makes it a different if not memorable episode.
  • funny ep!

    this ep, was fairly light, more "fun" and relax. it was kinda weird for house to suddenly realised that he became 'stupid" in front of hot women. but this ep was funny. with great lines and scenes. the solution however, was was quite disappointing for me. house's normally quick, and has great deducing skills, but in this ep, he misses a rash under the patients hair?! this ep shows house r/s with both wilson and cuddy. towards the end of the ep wehere house was propped up in front of a screen with cuddy watching the documentary wide-eyed and horrified expression on house's face. (that itslf was reason enough to re-watch this ep) and house 's franknesss with wilson. also cameron's "love" confession for house. i think that this show was the producer's way of developing all this r/s. this ep is less csi-like and more grey's
  • Review

    Considering all of the episodes of House that I have watched, a 9.2 is actually kind of low for my rating system for this show. The documentary thing put a new twist and it spiced up the episode a bit, I guess I just wish it was a lot funnier then it came off as. House was wrong like half a dozen times, which is never fun to watch. even though he is a jerk, we all still watch the show for him and we feel for him when he is wrong. We always expect him to be right about everything and in this episode it was just him being wrong over and over again. Im still trying to keep myself from getting attached to any of the team members still left in the challenege. I dont know who is going to be here in the end and I really want to know who its going to be so I dont become so dissapointed when they end up leaving the show. I have a couple of people who I would like to stay around, but nothing more. I think firing the CIA director was an interesting mini-story arch, I thought she was going to provide Dr. House a romantic link for this season. Guess I will continue to wait for the House / Cuddy connection.
  • Well I thought that this was 'getting back on track'. 'House' has lost its way of late and this episode was a little more like the 'good old days'. A reasonable plot that was well played [though it should be as its almost the same plot most weeks].

    A film crew is shadowing a young man with a huge growth on his forehead and are given full run of the hospital by Cuddy. Obviously this irritates House who tries to shake them off at every opertunity. But lots of arguing about unpronouncable medical conditions and wrong conclusions drawn by House and the patient having to be zapped a few times [as usual] lead to the guy living happily ever after. The medical conditions are almost irrevelant to most viewers and if one of the team threw forward 'his Heisenberg compensators are fried Captain' [I mean Dr House] noboby would notice. But leave out the stars again and only show them for a few seconds and everyone is thinking that this show is going down the pan. For goodness sake pick who is staying or better still arange a minibus outing for the team along a mountain road and bring back Chase and Cameron. Foreman appears to be back in the team but the guy gets less than ten lines a show. How much are these guys being paid for each episode ? Lets have them earning their corn and back in the thick of the action.
  • A documentary film crew follows House and the candidates as they treat a teenager with a facial deformity.

    It's sad to think that a show that was once filled with excellent writing and characters has fallen to the ranks of average. While House is still a watchable show, most of the new episodes have been underwhelming. Tonight's episode ranks above average and hopefully once House chooses his final three candidates, the show will go back to its established format.

    A documentary film crew puts House's candidates, friends, and past employees under the microscope and shows off their true colors, while House does his best not to show the world his compassionate side. In addition to trying to stay away from the cameras House must face the fact that Dr. Tezra isn't as bright as he thought she was, leading him to decide the best way to deal with her growing ignorance in diagnostics.

    What the camera reveals to us is Cameron's admission that she indeed loves House and Dr. Taub's relentless nature to best House in finding out why the patient went into cardiac arrest before his surgery. The one trademark of the show is House's need to know the truth about people and this time it's Dr. Taub's secret that House is desperate to expose to everyone. One thing I loved about this episode was learning Taub's secret and House's realization that he is attracted to beautiful woman with less than stellar IQ's. My only wish is that the writer's would rewatch the first two seasons and bring back the old format that we all have grown to love. A little change is good, too much makes for a lackluster show.
  • Fun episode.

    At the beginning of the season the show seemed to be going off track but this is a return to everything I love about House. The episode had a good medical mystery with just the right amount of irreverance from the characters.

    I love the fact that underneath the genius and total uniqueness of personality House is still just like every other guy out there. Unable to think about anything when there's a pretty lady around. LOL.

    Hugh Laurie did another wonderful job this episode. The look on his face when he was watching the finished documentary was totally PRICELESS! Good ep.
  • It may seem a weird classification ,but I made a conclusion - the writers strike is ,possibly, the last chance for me to see "House" I fell in love with back, so I say it counts...

    In the last week's ep House behaved very much out of character and this week we got an explanation why. It simple as everything genius is - because he's " just a guy",which means he's unable to think strait in the presence of a beautiful woman (that's their classification - I found Dr.Samira a fish-face,but she had good legs,so beauty she was)...How he's been able to disguise (because Cam and Cuddy weren't ugly too, you know) that quality of his for the whole 3 seasons I can't even imagine,so I have to think it's something new.Which I don't want to analyze - tried already and failed.What was the purpose of bringing the character played by Michael Michele into the show after all? I guess, the writers wanted to show us that beautiful women could be either smart or dumb,"thanks for the differential". Which still wouldn't explain House's transformation into a "regular guy".We need a better explanation and soon, House just can't be "that guy"...or it's the end of House as we knew him. As for the rest of the ep...I found Cameron's speech so soapy and unnatural, it was hard to bear.Wilson's gay jokes weren't funny, IMO.Foreman became House's common sense,which is ridiculous.Taub and 13 got a big push in "character development", which means they are staying.House's ball is back ,but,apparently,it's not enough to bring the old House back.Oh, and IMO there's no way the patient's head wouldn't be shaved before that surgery ,which doesn't matter really, what is a minor stretch comparing to House being "every guy"? I re-watched the ep 5 times desperately looking for a "hidden meanings",but I didn't find any...maybe I'm getting dumber.As I said ,the writer's strike is my last hope, they could use that time to realize House must to be much more that just a regular jerk.
  • Another one of House's doctors bite the dust.

    Hmmm... let me see. House and his team deal with a boy who has a huge bulge on his head and they painstakingly try to find out what is causing it. Could it be drugs? A tumor? Who ever knows? But while House is dealing with that, he also continues to evaluate his newly hired doctor and one of the doctors go back home in this episode. The episode also focuses on one of the other old doctors and his background was really interesting, just like all the rest's were.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of House); On the other hand, cameras make people act. Sometimes like human beings, sometimes just weird. Sometimes, they wear open-tip bras.
  • hi

    House Rocking the HOUSE! lol he's the best! can;t wait til next week! la la la la la la la la la the best yet! i can't wait til the next episode! who else thinks that its stupid that the review has to one hundred freaking pages i mean words long? i think it is stupid! but the show is the best rigght up there with Bones and Veronica Mars!!!!!!!!! t h i r t y m o r e w o r d s t o g o ! ! ! ! ! ! yay one l e f t!
  • House rocks!

    I have not been a regular viewer of this series in the past but enjoyed it never the less. I wasn't a real fan of the House pain killer addiction and am glad it's not the central theme this season. THIS season has been different. I am actually setting my tv clock to sit down and watch it. I don't do that often. Nope. But...alas....I am afraid I am falling a little bit in in love with Hugh Laurie. What an uncouth, cruel and sniveling bit of humanity....and he tickles me to death. Watching his total confusion with his fascination for Micheal Michele's character this week...hee. ('It's the story of life: Boy meets girl. Boy gets stupid. Boy and girl live stupidly ever after.') I love his verbal shakedowns with Cuddy....and his comradrie with Wilson. While I didn't enjoy his cutting remarks to the elephant boy patient, watching his discomforture with the video team's sucess in turning his own words into a lovable doc who heals humanity with the same affection as his 'hero' - Patch Adams - had me literally....rolling on the floor laughing my @$$ off. Hee. Did I mention that I am little in love with Hugh Laurie?????
  • Some funny moments and the CSI girl was already fired and 13. saved the day - but.. where is the magic?

    From week to week I end up feeling the same thing. Ok, it was good, it has super characters, it HAD striking cases but what now? The last episode cases - nothing.. they are quite flat. This episode had some little pearls like Cameron in front of the camera and then trying to fix it.. or at least practice that, in front of Chase. And it feels that every tv show has to have episode with some camera... in every show they have to make a reality or documentary in that show. Ok, in first time I saw it - I thought - wow.. good idea. Second time, it was almost fine but after many and many shows - they still do it and with nothing new or special. I am not impressed.

    I still hope they will make it better, go back with the old way.. write something good again.. I am not yet giving up but I am far long not having the emotions I did.
  • Will the originality and reality ever stop? Seems like the show is losing its' magic.

    So here we go again with the theme "lets break the formula once more, we'rs so good at that!". Problem is, it's been broken so often now no one even knows what the formula is.

    This time around we have a film crew running around PPH. Yes, like we don't already have hundreds of character running around, all desperately trying to get their 15 seconds (minutes is so 80's...) of fame, that we need more people to keep us busy. It's not even original and it really isn't making the story any more interesting. Quite the contrary.

    The POTW, once again, is all about the gimmick - this season we've had an astronaut who saw colors, a man mirroring others and now it's the freak show. Niiiice.

    And then there's the biggest problem of all: House started up with a unique character, very different then others on all levels - a genius doctor, a loner, a smart a$$ and what not. You could like him or hate him but you couldn't be indifferent to him. The last 2 seasons it seems that all the writers want to do is to show us that actually, "House is just like all of us" and this ep imo is the worst in this sense.
    To make what happened last ep even worse, this time around House is, to Wilson's utter joy, just an ordinary guy. One that, at the site of a woman's boobs, gets totally dumb. Then he misses the diagnosis altogether while one of his new ducklings is the only one who insists there's more then meets the eye. Not only that, he is more interested in understanding in the real reason for Taub to be there then he is in the puzzle and the diagnosis - he (House, who hardly bothers to go anywhere) goes out of his way to check it out.
    So now what? If he's just an ordinary guy, with no special diagnostic abilities, with just a nosey obnoxious curiosity, who seem to enjoy humiliating people just for the sake of humiliating them, then what about him is so interesting? If he's really not that special after all, then none of his actions can be justified. There's no magic here, no fun, no puzzle.

    And all the rest is even more pathetic: Cameron's lame speech, Foreman's standing at the background (doing what really?), Chase is now a plastic surgeon or whatever, Wilson is once again an idiot (yes, we get the gay jokes but guess what, he's really just not a funny guy - why insist on making him tell them in the first place?) and Cuddy is oh so teary when someone thanks House (for what? didn't get that either.)

    So, in conclusion, there's really nothing here. If I was to start watching House from fresh and this was the first ep I'd watch, I wouldn't even bother. I still do but only because some stupid part of me still hopes to see the good writing that used to make this show so unique. Right now it's still good, professional, well done, but it's just a shell. The inside is empty. Will it ever fill again? I'm beginning to have some serious doubts. Maybe it's a good thing the writers are on strike.
  • it's taub's time to shine in this episode, CIA gal fired after 1 case....and 13 saved the day!!!

    physical beauty was the main theme in this episode!

    it was taub's time to shine by being "in-your-face" with House. he contradicted him all the way, until the end when he told him that House didn't want anybody to be normal coz he was not normal! talk about telling it to your face...and yet in the end he was not fired, i guess fighting for what u believe in really pays off. good for him! he applied for the fellowship without any plan b...i don't like taub's character exactly but he was great in this episode.

    the character that i really do like and am rooting for is 13...she saved the day!!! well that's beauty and brains. i like it that she is mysterious and enigmatic yet still has something to offer or contribute, she is not a dud like the CIA girl! and as usual i like the House-Wilson, House-Cuddy interactions! i just hope there are more Chase and Cameron story line...enough with the Cameron loving House plot!
  • Man, wrap up a "great" premise with some really shabby medical bull, insert some jokes, presto.

    Summary about says it all. I mean, I loved the episode, just like I love all of it. But some of it just seemed so uncharacteristic of Hugh Laurie as an actor, the dialogue he had been written just seemed so riduclous, even for him at moments . . . and not in that well worded crafty wonderful house way, in a clumbsy crappy attempt to make the HORRIBLE writing for this episode live up to the gimmick. Hugh Laurie deserves a medal for enduring this script.

    And since it takes 100 words apparently, let me spare a few more, The entire blurry opening sequence, though already a parody of the documentary style la-te-dah something gervais blah ... the point is, it was unnecessary, terribly. It looked RIDICULOUS. All these blurry images, it was like MASK, the old movie with CHER, except without the good acting, and even the "good" acting may just be my childhood memories playing tricks on me... In fact, in retrospect, Cher probably wasn't a great actress, but I don't really know, I mean, wasn't she one of the three witches? And there was that cannon thing... I dunno.

    I love what House is doing this season, i just wish the writers could be a little more believable with HIS character instead of focusing so much of their energy on the drama that surrounds him. I mean, the funnest episodes we had were really exploring his character, like with the 2nd season deal with his x wife. Now, it's all just reactionary to who he is and I don't want his character to become a parody of itself anymore than it already has. Seriously.

    [edit: upon rewatching this, again... I keep wanting to come back and NOT give the writers THAT hard of a time because of some truly clever dialogue among the supporting cast, but then, upon third examination of the thought, it remains unchanged. The writing for HOUSE's character specifically SUCKED. The rest was fine.]

    I guess to be positive, it did get a 6.5 because with the exception of the writers, the entire production staff delivered as they always do, underappreciated, unnoticed, and behind the scenes always, but as usual delivered a truly quality product.
  • A funny and cringe inducing episode very well done imo. This episode had jokes galore with House falling apart around beautiful women. Then we had Micheal Michelle's character

    A funny and cringe inducing episode very well done imo. This episode had jokes galore with House falling apart around beautiful women. Then we had Micheal Michelle's character being a total incompetent and then getting fired by House who had the nerve to ask her on a date. Wilson who is fond of insulting women apparently which I didn't like but to hear him use the "B" word so freely was funny. House of course couldn't let a guy go with such a horrible facial disfigurement. The first chance he got he called the kid ugly. Cameron can't barely finish a sentence about House without saying she still loves him which was funny but is tiring for me now. Good episode had all around character and conflict.
  • Great, but i was expecting a little more.

    Very good episode, a "ugly" boy wants plastic surgery but House doesnt think that's the most important thing.

    In this episode i think there was no much action, since i dont like that plastic surgeon guy, i think the episode was too focused on him, and his character is kinda.... very annoing. So that didnt made me happy.

    Was great to see 13 bouncing back after killing the weel chair guy and his dog, she did a very good job in this episode.

    Loved the end when house fired the new girl, coz, obviously she was not cut out for that job.

    And loved even more the documentary that showed a loving, sweet and carring Dr. Gregory House.

    But, i was expecting more of this episode, there were some way better ones in this season.
  • Another good episode.

    House was also really good, I am glad that CIA doctor is gone. She was amusing but House's realization that she was actually dumb was hilarious! When 13 came in and said that it was Lyme Disease and he was like is she really that beautiful that I never realized she was dumb, and then she proved that she wasn't stupid and House said something along the lines ofthat she was getting uglier by the second As amusing as the woman was, she was just a tactic to slowdown the choosing of the new team members. The documentary part was hilarious! I loved at the end when House was with Cuddy and they were watching the video that the reporter had made and he walked out saying he must stop that montrosity from reaching the public and Cuddy continued watching it and laughing. All together a good episode, I can't wait for next week's episode.
  • I've only given a 10 once before (for Three Stories) but this episode deserves another.

    brilliant. I've said it for Three Stories but i have to say it again: another 42 brilliant minutes of television. loved the beginning - excellent storyline, with the TV-idea. great lead in to the case at hospital. love the beginning: the consult with Cuddy, Chase, and House "that's yourself", "i will see you again after i've saved his life"... "see i became a doctor b/c of Patch Adams... do you think you could get a shot of me from the front..." - slams door
    "would it be better if i checked out your woredrobe and questioned your @$$" hiliarious, all within 2-3 minutes. great storyline with the ex-CIA personel. "walks look good on camera, they give the illusion of a story moving forward" - great!! lol... "i'm making a music video, come on, faster, a little more energy.." - "oh..." [sign that says no metal allowed] - excellent and we're only less than 10 minutes in!

    house-wilson conversation was excellent! great character development. gotta love the conscious-filled Wilson. "WOW! that's actual guilt" - Wilson. the intern-doctors really perform as well, with a lot less of Cut-Throat (much appreciated); however 13 is irregularly quiet (later though she saves herself); thank goodness the 3rd-world guy is gone and the plastic surgeon is really an excellent character (brought up later).
    cuddy: "the OR... yes, dr. house frequently conducts differential diangoses in different venues..... i have to go take care of something else" [storms out]; love it!
    later: "why are you wearing a tie?" "i always wear ties... i'm a doctor". "nice lipstick", "thankyou". "yeah, other than that [long list of bad problems], good"
    ran out of space but great episode over-all - everything was good in this one
  • Cool concept... but otherwise no effort and just a bland and dull episode overall.

    The House writing room a few weeks ago:

    Writer A: Hey guys, I got this cool idea. Let's make an Office-style-documentary episode.
    Writer B: Yeah, cool idea! That can be alot of fun.
    Writer A: Yes. Just imagine the cool jokes.
    Writer C: So, what medical case should we throw in?
    Writer A: Doesn't matter... it's all about the documetary and the jokes!

    Well, I know that was a weak attempt from me, but the truth isn't any different. The problem with this episode is that there's this cool concept but that's it. The writers just dropped the ball after introducing that. The case was interesting at first, but then, it was just... dull. After the 10th minute it became really predictable.

    This is the 2nd episode in a row completetly lacking drama, which isn't good. There's some character development here and there, but that's pretty much it. There are jokes, yes. They're funny, yes. But this is still mainly a drama, stick to it writers...
  • House diagnoses a patient who had a heart attack and who also has a film crew following him around.

    This is was a good one. House took a vicodin. I was paying attention this time. He fired the CIA lady, which I'm also glad about. He didn't worry himself with pretending to be nice in front of the camera. He didn't fire Taub for sticking up for what he thought was right even though he had nothing to fall back on. All that was so House. It was funny at the end when they watched the edited video and they had edited it to make House look really caring. And the best part - the medical mystery. It was mysterious. It was the most important part of the story line. It kept me guessing.
  • House and crew treat a person with a facial deformity-the contest continues for the spot on House's team-the catch? There is a reality show filming the case.

    Decent episode, not the best ever, but another great episode. This show is very consistent and very rarely is there a boring or bad episode.

    House and the candidates try to treat the mystery illness of the POTW, though this patient is a big change of pace in that he has a severe facial deformity. That in and of itself is not the problem, his heart stopped on the operating table, he was vomiting blood, and presented a host of other problems. It was revealed later it was Lyme Disease.

    This case created quite a conflict between Dr. Taub and House. This conflict was heightened by the presence of the TV show which made all of the candidates act differently. House lambasted them for this and made note of who was acting differently. Ultimately it was "Number 13" who came up with the correct diagnosis. This was an interesting plot device this week, it showed new sides of some of the candidates, most notably Amber and Dr. Taub. The show brought out more competition in them and helped to illustrate that it is more of a competition for a job than it is the opportunity to help others. It was also revealed that Dr. Taub cheated on his wife and gave up his job as a plastic surgeon to keep that fact under wraps. Despite Taub's efforts to undercut House, he kept his job due to the fact that House respected his efforts. This really shows Dr. House as a deep and complex character who makes this show a classic.

    House did the right thing and fired the doctor that he met last week. She just wasn't doing that great of a job and House had to put his libido aside for the greater good.

    Overall this was a great episode. It was shot well and the parts of the show filmed through the reality show's lens was also a nice touch and carried out well. This season is really illustrating group dynamics and some rather negative aspects of humanity. When does prestige count more than human life? Ask some of the candidates.
  • A well written episode, lots of character development and happy ending for all (except for House ;)

    This was a fantastic episode. It traced the story of a boy, Kenny, (a.k.a Big Head or Elephant Man to house) with a significant growth on his forehead as he went to undergo surgery being paid for by a film crew, who are recording the whole process. Just as he is supposed to go under the surgery he suffers a heart attack and the case is tossed to house to diagnose him. This episode is told through a lot of dialogue between characters and the film crew in black and white shots and provides insights into their characters. The audience see Houses newest candidate, Terzie's, first and last day as a member of the group competing for a place in Houses team. House fires her after he realises he is "that guy" who turns stupid around her. We also find out about Taub's history as a Plastic Surgeon. We also see a lot more of Chase and Cameron in this episode. My favourite part however was the last scene where House and Cuddy are watching the finished documentary. A series of comments House has made throughout the episode have been edited and cut to make House out as a kind, caring and compassionate doctor. My particular favourite, "I became a doctor because of the film Patch Adams." Overall a fantastic episode with a nice warm fuzzy ending!
  • The best so far!

    Finally we got an episode about which I could honestly say that it was really, really, really good. I was starting to worry about where Fox and its producers and writers were going with the show. The case itself wasn't the one that intrigued me as I've seen similar diseases on other shows. But what WAS fun to watch was the new ducklings squirming under the camera.
    House was acting kinda weird too. What is with him and thinking and acting with his other brain?! That's not the meanie House I love so much. Chase with his mumbling was uber-cute, he reminded me of Half Wit when House asked Wilson if he had told the ducklings about the brain tumor.

    And of course, I love House!!!! My House/Cam heart skipped several beats!
  • A sixteen year old boy with facial deformations gets sick just before he is about to have reconstructive surgery. The boy is having a documentary made about him.

    Pretty good episode. I'll admit that I missed last weeks episode, so I was kind of at a lose where this new doctor played by Michael Michele came from. I loved the fact that House was so smitten with her that he couldn't tell whether she had good ideas or bad. At least not while he was looking directly at her. She was quite smug, defintely not the type for House. At the end, she was the one who was kicked off the island, then House asked her out. Seriously. It was wicked funny! But I still don't understand why bring her in for 2 episodes. I was glad to see Taub stand up to House. Because he really believed he knew what was right for the patient. Because before he did, he was coming off really weak - just so he wouldn't appear bad on the documentary. I still enjoy seeing Chase on occasion. But the whole Cameron thing is so old. "I love Dr. House...Uh, I mean I love being around him.... um, I mean professionally. He is very stimulationg...uh, not in an erotic way....uh" She is gonna make me vomit!

    House showed some definte vulnerablity in this episode. We like to see that sometimes. Keep giving us some glimpses of his humanity. Keeps us coming back for more. The interaction of House / Wilson was very interesting. They weren't fighting, as usual. In fact, House was looking to Wilson for some type of explaination for his own behavior in hiring Terzi. I love Kutner's character. Please, please, please keep him. He cracks me up, and he seems to mesh with House well. At least he's willing to do anything House wants him to do as long as it's exciting.

    Nicknames for the fellows this episode include B&*^ - Thriteen and Little Stud - Taub.
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