Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on FOX

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  • Back to form

    I thought this was a brilliant episode- I loved the story surrounding the deformed patient needing plastic surgery, and it was certainly amusing to watch. The episode focussed more around Taub than any of the others, as we learn about his personal issues, and why he left a job as a respectful plastic surgeon- it was interesting seeing him risk his job with nothing to fall back on- it was probably the first episode I actually liked Taub in. At this stage, I think 13, her and Cole seem to be favourite to win the jobs, simply because House seems to quite dig Thirteen, and Cole comes up with many good ideas. Cutthroat **** seems to have faded recently, and I'm not complaining!

    I thought the humour was back to a classic House episode- it was amusing banter between House and Wilson as they talk about beautiful women having an effect on House, and it was classic House to see him interfering with Taub's personal life. I loved at the end of the episode when the TV crew made House seem nice, and I loved how they broke the wall when House says to the cameras "walking is good TV- it gives the impression the story is moving forward!".

    Meanwhile, Cameron says she loves House to the camera- something to build on? I thought it was clever to make her and Chase part of the episode- I miss them!

    Overall, a brilliantly written episode, and back to the form from the dissapointing previous one- a quite hit and miss Season so far.