Season 5 Episode 23

Under My Skin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 2009 on FOX

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  • This type of episode is what the category "bottom of the barrel" was made for.

    I kept postponing watching this one, after I've read some of the spoilers, but finally curiosity caved in. Well, curiosity killed the cat... Imo this type of episode is what the category "bottom of the barrel" was made for.And what was at the bottom of the barrel? A few remains of "No Reason", some leftovers from "Autopsy", "97 Seconds", "Detox", "Wilson's Heart" and quite a lot of lines and scenes gathered from the writers' garbage bin - all mixed up with some of the most illogical medical stories - House's and the patient's alike - and all dusted off by some really really stale Huddy banter and kiss. Even the acting was not as good as it usually is - but of course the actors are not to blame. How many times can poor Hugh Laurie "detox" and "almost die" and still make it look convincing? How can LE still deliver her lines when her character is the least consistent in the show? One minute she has to tell House "this ship is over" the next it's "I've been loving you for 20 years" - seriously... Not to mention how utterly annoying was Amber as House's "subconscious" - one of the silliest ideas - in a season where there's already an abundance of silly ideas. Or how ridiculous was the whole Cameron "I kept my dead husband's sperm..." nonsense. So now she didn't know he was dying? Who cares really if it was totally established that she married the guy when he was already dying? Continuity? What's that? But of course, the writers needed some reason for the most unlikely couple to not get marry, so that the "Hameron ship" is still sailing away. It's so obvious it's just pathetic. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm really glad this season is soon to be over. My nerves are not strong enough for any more of this. :(
  • An AMAZING episode

    In this episode of House, the following happens. A dancer collapses and so House and his team investigates to find out what is wrong with her. House admits to Wilson that he is hallucinating, but tells him that he is seeing Kutner. Soon during the tests, the dancer's skins start to come off. Within only a short period of time she loses over 80% of her skin and it is falling off quicker than the team can replace it with artificial skin. But soon House admits to Wilson that he isn't seeing Kutner, but in fact it is Amber, his girlfriend who died. House soon believes that he knows what is wrong with himself and so he injects himself with insulin. Luckily he phones Wilson before he does it and when Wilson enters his office he finds House on the floor having a fit because of the insulin. House comes round and seems ok, but later that night he again starts to see Amber, and so he has Wilson to com and pick him up. They agree that house should go to rehab, but House realises that it won't work and so he goes to see Cuddy. He quits and soon confesses as to what is wrong with him. So since she secretly loves him, she agrees to help him. She goes with him back to his place and they start his detox. Mean while the dancer gets worse and she gets gangrene and so she has to have both of her hands and feet removed. But luckily the team come up with an idea, that works and so they manage to cure her and save both of her feet and hands. As Cuddy leaves the next morning, House thanks her and a flicker happens between them and they kiss. Then they kiss some more and move into the bedroom and there the episode ends.
  • The Best of House and winner of this season.

    By far the most exiting and captivating episode i've seen for quite a while. There's a variety of plots explained thoughtfully and thoroughly. First House starts to crumble, everyone knows why and it was about time the Vicodin got to him. His halucinations continue but finally decides to ask help from the person he likes the most. Secondly there's Cameron and Chase that have their own issues or should i say Cameron's issues that might lead to an interesting twist in Cameron's point of view. Thirdly the team finally solve their own case, with one of the most interesting diagnosis. (aren't they all?!). And last (the cherry on top), the most anticipated, the cleverly postponed and so long waited night of sex. Feels like a whole new story could start but with House all that can crack in a second. Great episode one of the top best that House M.D. has.
  • I dare say, the best episode the show has produced :)

    And thats no joke. TOP 3 definently! What was NOT to like about this episode? It had it all. - House hallucinating, that armour of his cracking all over
    - Amber (yes i felt sorry for her)
    - HUDDY hooking up decently ;) - An uber cool and sorta messed up medical case

    What makes this episode standout was Hugh Laurie's acting...again! And a warm kudos to Lisa Edelstein, she did good! But Lord have mercy this guy can act! Doing those withdrawal scenes was a work of art, perfect right to the end. I sat mesmerized the ENTIRE episode. Pretty sure I was whistling and pumping my fists in the air after Huddy hooking it. UNDER MY SKIN is one of the episodes I will always highly look upon. It has GREAT re-watachability and is IMO pivotal for the entire series. We've seen House come close to crumbling before, but in this episode, it happened to play it in slow-mo.

    Amazing episode, period!
  • House starts to crack

    This episode wasn't quite as perfect as last week's, but comes pretty darn close! House desperately tries to get past his hallucination, and enlists Wilson and later Cuddy to help.

    Wilson and House's dynamics were excellent, and I loved how Amber produced some great moments inside House's brain- she was actually very creepy in the episode, especially when she was singing in the restaurant. It also seems the team are cottoning on the fact something's seriously wrong.

    The patient storyline was handled fairly poorly, but it was clear it was a back burner of a storyline. Something about it uneased me, as this was the first episode that paid so little attention to it- there was simply no character development at all with the patient, and the diagnosis was quite lame.

    Nevertheless, the storyline involving House losing his mind was excellent, and the end part where House detox's and shares a kiss with Cuddy was also brilliantly written and acted.

    I would like to point out that House saying "I always want to kiss you" ISN'T unlike him. He has been known in the past to be quite cheesy- two prime examples are in the first Season with the flower he gives Cameron on their date, and also in the second Season in the note he gives Stacey "the prescription for your heart medication".

    The storyline involving Cameron and Chase about the sperm doner didn't add much to the episode, but I thought the dialogue at the end between them was excellent- Chase has really grown on me as a character.

    Overall, an excellent episode that builds perfectly into the finale.
  • Best episode of the season if not the show. Hugh Laurie is proving once again how great actor he is and Anne Dudek can actually be creepy. Great mix !

    I was slightly losing interest in the show this season, maybe because all characters seem to be going through such hard times, so it's actually nice to have an episode less depressing. All the characters seem to be reaching a good balance. House is getting over his past mistakes and facing his own issues. The team is capable of solving a case by themselves. The alchemy between House and Cuddy finally moved from destructive to reciprocity. The actual case the case is working on is treated in a subtle and sensitive way. Of course everyone has doubts but in the end, you can see how far they've come. Nice touch, great work. Can't wait til the next season !
  • great episode

    This episode is a great character episode focusing on House. It also shows a lot about Wilson's character because he is willing to help House. House finally tells Wilson that he is hallucinating and tries to figure out why. Meanwhile, a ballerina is losing her skin and House is using Wilson to make sure that he makes rational decisions. I didn't think the case was that interesting in this episode, mainly because I thought it was disgusting and the ballerina was annoying, but the entire House storyline was amazing. Cuddy helping him in the end was sweet and I really like them together so I loved the ending!
  • Typical House.

    I`m not a fan of this season of house. It is still good and one of my favorite shows but I just feel the best days are behind.
    Anyway, I really liked Under My Skin tho. Some typical house moments and story which is most welcomed.
    Nice kiss in the end. Not really a surprise but still a nice moment. Most interesting thing is that House's hallucinations tracing back to Vicodin abuse. Makes House an even more complex character. We just don`t know how he will be next week or next season for that matter. Season`s end approaches, can`t wait to see the conclusion.
  • "Do you wanna kiss me right now?" "I always want to kiss you" HUDDY! This episode was AMAZING!

    I think a plot in which House sees some repercussions from the vicodin addiction was very much needed in the series. I went crazy for the scene where he's in the bathroom debating whether to take the pill and I just loved seeing House so vulnerable with Cuddy around. The series really needed this. Every season of every show has at least one episode that's super-ship heavy and makes me go nuts and this was definitely it for season 5. Then again, who knows? Apparently they sleep together in number 24.

    Okay so was I the only one who noticed that the ballerina very much resembled Cameron, her boyfriend resembled Chase, and the directors in the opening scene were similar to Cuddy and House?
  • Wasn't quite as good as last weeks for me. Still great, the season had such an amazing run since its 100th epi. But there were a few problems...

    Okay, I saw the episode on tuesday, and its now Saturday, so if the facts are slightly wrong, sorry. But I can still remember the feelings I had at the end of the epi, which weren't the same as last weeks. The thing that still stands out for me was House being well enough for a sex 12 hours into withdrawal. Maybe it'll be explained next week, but it felt like a convenience for the Huddy plot. And I didn't quite get what exactly the problem was with Chase and Cameron. Okay, she still had a vile of her dead husbands sperm... yeah, and? 'pre-nup in liquid form' what so she wanted Chases sperm now? What?? And they split up over it? WHAT??? Someone please send me a message and explain it just went over my head this one (but I am only 16, so...)

    I liked everything else, these niggles just pulled down my enjoyment of the episode. I would write all the good things, but I hate writing long winded reviews, so, lets just say, i liked 9 out of every 10 things in this epi, hence the score. :)
  • More about House Less about the CASE! Loved It!

    This episode was amazing! Even though I always disagreed with cuddy and house relationship, somehow this episode I wanted to see them together in the end and it worked. They ended up being together, not sure how this will work out in the future but it was nice to see this.

    It was the first time I felt this episode had more to do with House and his friends + relationship than any other episode. The case wasnt important to me this time , it was only House and what's going on with him.

    Even though I wanted to see chase and cameron break up, because I dont think cameron really loves him enough, I felt sad for Chase in the end. Because he really cares, and I feel like cameron just keeps pushing him away.

    The whole wilson and house part was amazing! And Hugh Laurie acted really well.
  • The Goddess and the Temptress battle for the Hero's soul!

    How many new House episodes this season have made me say at the end "Best episode ever"... until the next week? I've lost track. Well, it happened again tonight. Even though I know there are flaws with the writing of this episode, Hugh Laurie's acting is just so powerful and the pain and agony happening before me is so real and House's inner turmoil shown us via Amber is so chilling I don't care about the rest. The end left me with the same elated, cathartic feeling as the Avatar The Last Airbender second season finale. I just had to leave my dorm room and run off the energy; it was that powerful.

    I am glad Chase dumped Cameron. I'm convinced he was only attracted to her anyway because she was attracted to his father-figure House. Winning his father-figure's love interest would be a psychological victory (Freud and Campbell make all media so much more interesting). She did nothing to endear herself to me with her pointless refusal to communicate plainly with him two episodes ago or to make me think she would be good for Chase. She is not worth the stress. But even without all the unnecessary drama she's put him through, not just in this season either, demanding your husband allow you to keep another man's sperm handy is just not reasonable. I wouldn't dream of asking that of a partner. Way to finally come to your senses, Chase! A guy with your looks and accent can do better.

    I have no idea what was going on with the medical case this episode. I wouldn't have cared if the girl died so the action could have just stayed with House and Cuddy. By the way, I know why Cuddy had to help House detox instead of Wilson. In Joseph Campbell's blueprint of the Hero's Journey, there's a strong positive influential female force for the Hero known as the Goddess, and a strong negative influential female force in the Temptress. In House's battle with his addiction, Amber and Cuddy represent the two sides fighting for his will and his soul. The part of his subconscious encouraging him to give up and cheat the detox manifested as the Temptress (Amber), and it takes a Goddess to defeat a Temptress. Cuddy, the woman he loves, is the only one who could save him from "Amber."

    I love being a nerd.

    Final things I loved about this episode: Hugh Laurie's stellar acting (deserves to be mentioned twice), the way it starts out relatively slow and normal but the pace gets faster and crazier to mirror the escalating drama, House's lines to Cuddy ("I need you," "I always want to kiss you") even though it shatters my cynical previous conclusion that nobody can write good romance anymore (now I have to expect that in other media, and I'm never going to get it!), and of course the ending, despite the weird looks my entranced repetition of "Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!" and my subsequent excited reactions got me from my roommate.
  • Why I never tire of this show.....

    (Ar! Here there be spoilers...)
    What a great episode! Brilliant character work, the team fix something without House (and no, it's not Lupus!). Anne Dudek's return finishes and , yes it was great to see CB again even if she was only Houses' subconcious, but her performance was fantastic and, quite chilling in places. It was a jigsaw with no missing pieces and, of course the kiss! How will they deal with that in future episodes, I wonder? Let's hope it's not swept under the proverbial carpet. The big deal for me was House going cold turkey from Vicodin. Strong, believable performances from HL and LE and a positive result. House has been hinting at this already this year with his temporary move onto Methadone and in the past his ketamin induced coma provided the character with a change. Let's hope the producers have the gumption to allow House to continue to develop and move on and not just slide back into vicodin powered sarcasm. I'm sure he can be just as wicked, controlling and brilliant dealing with the aftermath of an addiction as being written straight back into it....
    A friend of mine was recently trying to persuade me that Greys Anatomy was better than House because of its ensemble cast and individual plotlines. I couldn't agree or compare the two. Greys is fine but House is,well , about House and , the quality of its supporting cast notwithstanding, stands on Hugh Lauries'performance and he continues to deliver every week with excellent support. A top episode and I'm looking forward to the Season Finale.
  • absolutely amazing

    House and the team take on the case of a ballerina whose lungs collapse in the middle of a performance. When the treatment causes her skin to fall off, the dancer faces not only the prospect of never dancing again but also of dying an agonizing death. The team must use their imaginations to carefully choreograph ways to test and treat her delicate body without killing her. Meanwhile, House continues to suffer from a severe lack of sleep and is still haunted by Amber. While enlisting Wilson's help to diagnose himself, he is willing to do the unthinkable to make his visions stop finally the story between house and cady is advancing
  • House continues to see Amber; A ballerina collapses

    Is it Friday because I feel like I am watching an episode of Ghost Whisperer? This type of humor revolving around a hallucination is not what House is about and I cannot comprehend who thought this was a good idea.

    And these sappy love stories with Chase and Cameron and Cuddy and House? Sorry to draw another comparison but is it Thursday and am I watching Grey's Anatomy with all these hookups?

    We only have one episode left in this fifth season and I really hope it is a blowaway finale, because after a decent season this has dropped a bit in quality.
  • Huddy sex.

    "Your skin just fell off!" Best scene of House ever I would say is when they were stopping the girl's heart. Meanwhile House is injecting insulin in himself. That was an amazing scene. Editing was perfect. Amber still following house around in his head, whoa. Just when you think she is gone, she returns while House is celebrating!? That was a creepy scene. They make Cameron a total freak. Who freezes sperm!? And finally, the Huddy sex. They gave it away in the promo. The only flaw in this episode is House only detoxing after like a day, season one, a week. I really hope the season finale will be as good as this episode. Why do they have to deal with the morning after in the next episode. Maybe this season should have 25 episodes...
  • You wanna kiss me, don't you? ... I always wanna kiss you.

    When a ballerina gets sick on stage and House is too busy hallucinating with Amber to be focused, the team treats her with antibiotics which cause her a TEN (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis), then they stop the antibiotics and in the end it's gonorrhea as an abscess in her heart which btw requires antibiotics as a treatment... so if House would've been 100% on his game, nothing would've happened with the patient.. however.. thank God he was hallucinating, because that took him to Cuddy.. telling her "I need you" and causing her to help him detox, which finally led them to get it on! yep.. the moment we waited for 5 years finally arrived.. and it was awesome!! Let's wait for the season finale to see what happens in the aftermath.. and with House fully detoxed.. Can't wait!! =)
  • That was coming..

    Ok.. I am not sure what to think. I liked most of the episode. I really loved the ballet thing.. I just adore it and case around it - sounds great.But as much as I wish, that was not about the case. This was about House - logical. I loved the doubtful House and having Wilson to watch over him. The whole diversion of not telling who he sees and there were some really brilliant moments, so funny lines and situation. I also liked the way House had so much sense about his condition - he having that radical thinking, every ways, trying to diagnose himself. I think they really tried to investigate really fascinating storylines. And then all the turn with the case.. House disappears.. team is alone.. And then comes the controversial part - detox. I know many people were hoping that House and Cuddy finally come together and ok.. I am not much against it, I think but somehow in shows it usually never works when like major chars are trying to get together.. and when they usually do, it always somehow kills some storylines too majority. And house without his meds.. We have seen before what it does? So.. how will they solve it? What becomes of his special abilities? I know it is interesting way they chose but can the writers work it out?
  • During a case House is going to detox. He wants to get rid of the halicination (he is seeing Amber). First Wilson tries to help, but that's not really helping. Then Cuddy is staying woth House during the detox. At the end they hook up.

    In my opnion this was a great show. Finally House and Cuddy get together. We will see how long this will last. Problably not so long.
    I did not really liked that House was not really working on the case. Also I missed the snappy comments towords his team. This show really proved that the team needs House.
    In this episode Chase was really involved, which I love. It is about time that they bring back Chase and Cameron. In the last season the were not appearing enough. With this episode they are continuing to keep everyone interested in this great show!
  • Cuddy is a stalker and Cameron is a weirdo.

    Before I even get to the Huddy sex, it would take more than one night for House to detox. In Detox in season 1, it was the whole week. Same when House was detoxing in season 3 during the Tritter fiasco. And why does House even go to Cuddy instead of Wilson? He trusts Wilson with all the tests and Cuddy obviously didn't find out about House almost dying so Wilson hid that as well but House doesn't trust Wilson to help him detox? Good grief- "I always want to kiss you." That sounds exactly like House…not. Why couldn't they have sex in the beginning of the episode? Then they could deal with the aftermath this episode. Now we are going to see a flashback and they are going to keep talking about it. I think it is interesting that House has to be losing his mind and Cuddy has to change almost 180 degrees and become completely weak for this to happen. At least nothing will come of it. House just got done detoxing and who knows if his mind is better. And apparently Cuddy's babysitter has no life. Cuddy had to get home to relieve the babysitter but she can just call and tell the babysitter to take care of the baby for the whole night.

    Interesting that House was using an apology as a way to test his MS diagnosis. I don't understand why he trusts Wilson enough to tell him about the hallucination and that it was Amber but won't wait until Wilson is at least around to give him the shot that risks his life. It was also interesting that as soon as House realized he got lucky on the diagnosis, Amber came back.

    I didn't like that Cameron wasn't getting a lot of screen time but the little that she was getting; she appeared more independent and strong. Now in one episode the writers ruin this and make her look like a complete weirdo, unlike Cuddy whose character was ruined over a bunch of episodes. We all knew Cameron had problems; House picked up on it all the way back in season 1. I love Cameron and all, but what the heck? I understand being afraid of never having kids but there are other options besides getting pregnant- just look at Cuddy. And where did it come from? She didn't have to tell him, just keep it private in case the marriage doesn't work out; don't make it seem like you don't think the marriage will work out from the beginning. And did they just change Cameron's back-story? House seemed pretty sure Cameron would have known her husband was dying when she first met him and Cameron never corrected him and now she says she never expected her husband to die. And she says when they found out her husband was dying, she got the sample. If she knew he was dying when she first met him, I don't think she is in a position to ask for sperm.

    It was nice to see Chase actually involved in the case a lot. However, I don't see why he would be involved some of the parts. Especially in shocking the girl, although I guess Kutner was the expert.

    And the patient got put on the backburner again. I realize it is important to show House losing his mind and everything but this is like 3 or 4 in a row.
  • I need you… best House's line in more than a 100 episodes….

    So the girl was losing her skin…big deal, the whole medical mystery was second fiddle to the real drama going on House's mind….First, him admitting that pain scared the #$%^ out of him and that he needed and trusted his friends but admitting his hallucinations; Chase and Cameron had the typical "I have doubts" scenario and Foreman showed remarkable leadership skills…even if it was Taub who came up with the "hail mary" desperate solution of the week….the last minute with the "Huddy" was something fans of the show really looked forward and the end of the complicated and disputed 5th season is at our doors now… a roller coaster of powerful emotions….good episode.
  • Two thumbs up!

    It might not be the best episode of the show, but i think it was the best episode of the year! House admiting he hallucinates to Wilson and Cuddy and that he sees Amber! The case was preety good and it was good that they solved it without House. The Huddy moments were great and it was good that we actually saw them talking alone to each other for more than 2-3 minutes. I hate what Cameron does to Chase, it's obvious that she is not that in love with him. The fact that we saw House in that bad state is showing us that he is humman after all!
  • Great episode!

    Vicodin is finally getting to House. Wonderful development between House and Cuddy and in House's character. House makes the difficult decision of choosing Cuddy over Vicodin and makes the correct choice. It seems House can have the possibility of being happy now. The team has become a lot better, not having to depend on House for every diagnosis. I don't know why but I'm starting to care less for Cameron's situation with Chase. Her character is brilliant and I would love to see more of her, just not more of what they are doing. I can't imagine what the writers have in store for us for the season finale to follow this.
  • What an episode!

    Oh my God! This was a perfect episode! I loved all of it.. Loved House's hallucinating Amber and celebrating when he thought he got rid of her.. Loved the detoxing part.. Loved Cuddy been there for him.. Loved him opening up to Cuddy, saying he needed her,.. Loved the whole episode and how they built it up! Kudos.. really kudos! Now the big question is: "Will House really give up Vicodin?!" Yeah.. pretty sure he won't give it up, well at least not so easily. Probably the next episode will show some House's problem related to his pain or at least to his detoxing process.. I can't wait.. the S4 season finale was GREAT! But so far this episode is at least as good as the S4 ones.. if not better!
  • House is assigned the case of a ballerina while trying to deal with his Amber hallucination.

    Episode recap:
    A ballerina collapses on stage during a rehearsal and gets admitted to PPTH.
    House takes the case on because Amber talks him into it, but soon realizes that he can't concentrate when his supposedly subconscious throws in ideas for the differentials.
    House goes to see Wilson and tells him he is hallucinating, claiming at first that he sees Kutner but later in the episode admits that it is actually Amber. He puts up differentials for himself that would explain his hallucination and starts testing for the diseases with Wilson's help.
    Meanwhile Cameron tells Chase that she kept her dead husbands sperm, making him realize that she has daubts about them spending the rest of their lives together.
    The ballerina suffers from heart arrhythmia caused by gonorrhea that disseminated to her heart and built an abscess there, which is also the reason it didn't show up on blood tests.
    After eliminating all possible causes for his hallucination except his vicodin addiction House decides to detox and asks Cuddy for help. She spends the night at his place to make sure he's ok, and when she wants to leave in the morning they kiss.

    It was fun seeing how Amber started to really annoy House to the point where he tells her it's "enough!" while talking to Wilson in the hallway ("Don't give me that look. I told you that I was hallucinating."). It was good to see Foreman realizing that House did not trust himself anymore. The rest of the team has managed in the end to save the ballerina's hands and feet from amputation but the POTW was only secondary - again. I think they didn't even use the whiteboard.
    House is so convinced he is not overdosing on vicodin (beause there are no other symptoms except the hallucination) he even risks dying of an insuline overdose (used to treat psychosis). I really enjoy his crazy way of thinking.
    Cuddy x House fans will be pleased at the end of this episode with the kiss & more scene.
    The fact that the detox worked out in only one night means that either House is in a coma now and dreaming everything or that the writers took a few too many vicodin themselves and are having hallucinations of miracle-treatments. Either way it seems House is off his meds - at least until next Monday.
  • House is afraid of losing his ability to think clearly, of diminishing his intelligence and of getting it wrong in regard to his patients. His ego and his sense of superiority will get in the way of him getting back on the wagon. Let's hope it lasts!

    This was such an amazing episode! I've been extremeely worried about what might be happening to House from the previous one, in this one the probable causes of his hallucinations were made specific and during the whole episode we agonized along with him as to whether the cause is cancer, MS or simply Vicodin. I must admit I didn't think it would be Vicodin but I'm glad it was... That means it's completely curable if he seriously decides to stick to the rehad routine. It also adds a new important factor in his relationship to Cuddy, Wilson, the team and everyone around him, because now Vicodin is objectively proven to harm not only his social life and behaviour, but his work and the way his mind works. House is really afraid of losing his ability to think clearly, of diminishing his intelligence and of getting it wrong in regard to his patients. His ego and his sense of superiority will get in the way of him getting back on the wagon, because this time literally everything is at stake. So let's hope the rehab lasts, I'd hate for something to happen to him.

    Cuddy undoubtedly proved how much she genuinely cares for House in this episode, by standing by him in his darkest hour, and not being scared off or disgusted by it. Instead she was in real pain to see him suffer like that, but inspite of everything she kept her cool and was there for him all the way through the ordeal. I absolutely loved the final scene, the kiss and the two of them finally letting go and admitting their emotions to one another. I hope this is a page-turner in House's life, and that these two get to build something more solid next season. It would be a real shame to let this relationship go to waste.

    Off the main road, Cameron has more issues with committment and trust (suprise surprise), and a problem emerges in her marriage with Chase, when he learns she's been storing her dead husband's semen for artificial insemination, and hasn't gotten rid of it when she married Chase. It's hard to decide which one of them is right in this case, Cameron being the realistic, pragmatic one who claims bad things happen when someone least expects them, and Chase not seeing her point, having made up his mind to spend the rest of his life with her. Cameron has been traumatized by her first husband's death and by her infatuation with House, and now she has trust issues and a problem letting go and just living in the moment. She always expects that something bad will happen (cheating, divorce and so on), so she fails to enjoy her prospects in the present by worrying about the future. However, given the fact that she chose to marry her first husband knowing he was dying of cancer, one has to wonder if that wasn't deliberate, in order to justify her inability to commit. Time will tell about those two.

    The patient bit was about a famous ballerina who had a mysterious heart problem that caused her entire system to just collapse. The scenes with the skin coming off her body, being replaced then coming off again, were among the most shocking we've seen in House so far. The team is left alone to deal with the serious problem and they figure it out in the end. I think that's smart on the part of the writers, the team is too dependent on House and they need to go out on a limb now and then, to prove they can make good calls too.

    All in all an amazing episode, I was very moved and at the same time excited by it. A new era in House's life just began, let's hope everything turns out well for him in the finale! And let's hope for more excitements, medical mysteries and cutting-edge unconventionality in the next season!
  • One of the best epi. I've seen this season. After 'Hello Kitty', I wasn't going to watch until the finale but after Kumar left, I was pulled back in then & this episode was another example of why it's one of the top drama's on television. Very well done

    This episode's pacing started off a bit slow for the first 10 min. but the case proved interesting that "Amber" would tell House to make a decision that'd result in a one and a million shot...and him trying to kick his hallucination has gone from funny to a necessity before "she" kills him. She already tried Chase. The promo leaves me excited for next week and by then I'd been out on parole [in college-i call it prison]. His battle for whatever is ailing him is going to tie into next week and I like how they alluded to it
  • One of the best episodes this season. The House-Wilson-Cuddy interaction was great and Amber was perfect but thank goodness it's over.

    One of the best episodes this season. I am so glad Amber is gone or I hope she is anyway.
    I guess I thought it was good because it moved the House-Cuddy story along and it finally happened. The patient angle was pretty low key but she had some pretty cool symptoms/reactions. Short of dismembering a head and sewing it back on, I don't think they could do anything else to a patient that would make me raise my eyebrows. It's almost bordering on sci-fi now. Everyone made a big deal bout Kutner going away but to be honest the series hasn't been the same since Chase and Cameron stopped being on the team. I'd almost wish for another elimination round to replace 13 and Taub. I do like Taub and altho 13's hot she doesn't seem to contribute as much as she could. I think the writer's are running out of ideas here, they need to scale the cast down a bit and get back to the basics in order to keep the series interesting. Sidelining the patients only works for so long and the last few episodes I felt kinda cheated by the solutions they came up with at the last minute. They felt more like... toss in a cure to end the episode.
  • Hugh Laurie was awesome.

    There were both good and aspects of this episode. I'll start with the good. I really enjoyed the dynamics between House and those concerned about him. Although I didn't quite agree with Wilson leaving his recently diagnosed kidney-cancer patient to discuss a colleague's problems, that still accurately portrays how Wilson can be coerced to do just about anything for House. And Cuddy's determination to keep House away from his pills at all costs was really admirable; I would have been fed up with the man if I were her, at that point. The second thing I liked - Hugh Laurie's brilliant acting. He portrayed House's pain and addiction so wonderfully, and it did shake me quite a bit. I mean, almost tear-jerking status. Seeing House's addiction in a concrete, visible form was both disturbing and moving. I actually wanted to look away - but not in a bad way, it just moved me that much. Fantastic job, Hugh. Regardless of my opinions about House's hallucinations, Amber's role as House's subconscience couldn't have been a better role for her. She expertly portrays how much evil House really buries inside himself. I think that her presence makes his hallucinations easier for us to understand how much she is invading House's mind. And the bad -

    Detox can't be over for House. The worst of his withdrawals can't start and end on the first night. Something else is gonna go down, I know it. If that's it, then I will be hugely disappointed.

    I feel like the patient was put in the backseat, once again, to the doctors' personal affairs. I really hope that Season 6, after all this drama is over with, that maybe the patients will start to have more priority in the show, and then the doctors' personal lives relate to the patients. Cameron - stupid. Ok, thats over. I'm still not sure how I feel about the hallucinations. Well no, I like them, the hallucinations don't give me any problems. It's just how the show is directed more towards the doctors than the patients, I guess. I actually think they add to the show, they're an interesting insight into House's mind. I just miss the attention on the patients, that's all.
  • There was two parts to this episode...a good part and a so so part.

    Lets get one thing out of the way, the ghost/hallucination of Amber was great. She was the very echo of evil. Probably the best part of the whole episode.
    Now the not so good. The whole patient angle was dull and felt almost like a C-story. This has been an ongoing trend with House and I am starting to get used to it. Not happy with it but getting used to it.
    Heck...why was 13 even there? She barely contributed to the whole episode. Waste of space for a good actress.
    The wedding jitters was the B-story to me and it still felt like it wasn't needed in this episode. It just didn't felt needed and Chase is going to get burned at the end of this whole mess forming I think.
    House and his addiction just seems to be an easy answer...too easy. And who can get over drug addiction in less than 24 hours?
    Don't get me wrong, I still love House but this episode was below par overall.
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