Season 5 Episode 23

Under My Skin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 2009 on FOX

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  • The Goddess and the Temptress battle for the Hero's soul!

    How many new House episodes this season have made me say at the end "Best episode ever"... until the next week? I've lost track. Well, it happened again tonight. Even though I know there are flaws with the writing of this episode, Hugh Laurie's acting is just so powerful and the pain and agony happening before me is so real and House's inner turmoil shown us via Amber is so chilling I don't care about the rest. The end left me with the same elated, cathartic feeling as the Avatar The Last Airbender second season finale. I just had to leave my dorm room and run off the energy; it was that powerful.

    I am glad Chase dumped Cameron. I'm convinced he was only attracted to her anyway because she was attracted to his father-figure House. Winning his father-figure's love interest would be a psychological victory (Freud and Campbell make all media so much more interesting). She did nothing to endear herself to me with her pointless refusal to communicate plainly with him two episodes ago or to make me think she would be good for Chase. She is not worth the stress. But even without all the unnecessary drama she's put him through, not just in this season either, demanding your husband allow you to keep another man's sperm handy is just not reasonable. I wouldn't dream of asking that of a partner. Way to finally come to your senses, Chase! A guy with your looks and accent can do better.

    I have no idea what was going on with the medical case this episode. I wouldn't have cared if the girl died so the action could have just stayed with House and Cuddy. By the way, I know why Cuddy had to help House detox instead of Wilson. In Joseph Campbell's blueprint of the Hero's Journey, there's a strong positive influential female force for the Hero known as the Goddess, and a strong negative influential female force in the Temptress. In House's battle with his addiction, Amber and Cuddy represent the two sides fighting for his will and his soul. The part of his subconscious encouraging him to give up and cheat the detox manifested as the Temptress (Amber), and it takes a Goddess to defeat a Temptress. Cuddy, the woman he loves, is the only one who could save him from "Amber."

    I love being a nerd.

    Final things I loved about this episode: Hugh Laurie's stellar acting (deserves to be mentioned twice), the way it starts out relatively slow and normal but the pace gets faster and crazier to mirror the escalating drama, House's lines to Cuddy ("I need you," "I always want to kiss you") even though it shatters my cynical previous conclusion that nobody can write good romance anymore (now I have to expect that in other media, and I'm never going to get it!), and of course the ending, despite the weird looks my entranced repetition of "Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!" and my subsequent excited reactions got me from my roommate.