Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2009 on FOX

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  • beautiful


    This episode is so beautiful and really portrays human emotion so subtly. The last 10 minutes are so special. If only television was more often like this. I commend the makers on transmitting the awkwardness of the moment between Cuddyand House at the doors, as well as House's intangible emotions at the bedside. The beauty of the final scene left me in tears. Hugh Laurie is a genius.

  • A good episode

    In this episode of House, the following happens. House tells Foreman and 13 that they either have to end their relationship or they have to quit. The team also work on a priest who says that he saw Jesus. Since Foreman and 13 can't make their minds up, House fires Foreman. So Foreman goes to see Cuddy in the hope she will give him a letter of recommendation. But she says she can't due to what happened in the clinical trials. They soon find out that the Priest has a genetic condition, which has caused him to get ill. Cuddy has naming ceremony for baby Rachel. She invites House, and she really wants him to go, but acts as though she doesn't. And alas he doesn't go. We also see that Foreman and 13 are still a couple, even though they have been acting as though they have broken up.
  • Finally back to form...

    I thought this episode was absolutely fanatastic, and certainly a Season classic. The episode focussed on the priest and his lack of faith, as well as addressing House's faith and issues.

    This was probably one of the most interesting cases so far this Season, purely as the character development was superb with the patient. The writers didn't lose interest in him, and it was one of the first patients House connected with in a while. The acting and dialogue was electric in this episode.

    House screwing Foreman and Thirteen around was classic as well, and it was an even better twist at the end when they turned out they were playing him.

    The Cuddy drama was also interesting after a slow start, although the writers are annoyingly teasing us with the Huddy relationship. They really should make up their mind, as its beginning to get too soapy in that department.

    Nevertheless, overall it was a brilliant episode, and certainly one of the stronger episodes recently.
  • Another Great Installment of House.

    A Priest sees Jesus and is admitted to the hospital. House takes on the case initially as a distraction, but when the patient starts showing more symptoms the whole team dives in to try and figure out what the problem is. The first symptom is that a toe falls off. His symptoms keep getting worse and worse. During the course of his stay the team find that the priest had moved alot because he was accused of molesting a boy, which turns out to be false. The team start treating the priest for AIDS without a blood test because the priest refuses one. During the treatment the teen he accuses of molesting comes into the priests hospital room and apologizes for everything. As it turns out the priest has a disease that shows all of the symptoms of AIDS without being AIDS. House tells the priest he is not going to die.

    House gives Forman and 13 an ultimatum. Either split up or quit. Forman gets fired. 13 looks for another job so Forman can get his job back without letting him know. The result is that Forman and 13 almost split, Forman gets his job back, 13 keeps her job and they stay together.

    Cuddy plays mind games with House to keep him from coming to a religous ceremony for her baby. She claims throughout that she wants him there, but on the flip side telling Dr. Wilson she doesn't. She finally tells House she doesn't want him there and he agrees. At the last minute she tells Wilson that she does want him there, but it is to late. In the end the party is going on and House is at home alone playing piano.
  • House is unconvincingly called to re-examine his faith by an unattractive priest. 13 & Foreman unconvincingly tussle over House's dictum that one of them must split or quit. Everyone ends up with their jobs back.

    House is not the same. By this point in the season even the most comatose viewers must have noticed. OK, we are thrown the odd bone now and again to remind us of what he once was, but suddenly he is less about the truth and all about the love: Rebuilding the family, giving relationship advice to Foreman and 13, kissing Cuddy and (horrors) empathising with the patients. Have the show's producers got themselves a bunch of "ER" writers on the cheap, or are focus groups now telling them that viewers want to see a more human side to House? If it is the latter, they are wrong. This is not character development. At worst it is wanton vandalism of a unique TV character. At worst it is simply lazy writing which, given the show's recent moments of emotional triteness, feels more likely. If I'd have wanted babies, faith and self-actualization I'd have gone to Oprah.
  • One of the better episodes I've seen. However, I'm getting tired of all the distractions; I just want to see house continue to diagnose and be a jerk--I don't like the romance stuff.

    The subject matter of the episode is revealing and insightful. Hugh Laurie's character, Dr. Gregory House, is at it again. The doubting priest is a wonderfully composed character who challenges even House's ingrained beliefs.

    House, while treating the doubting priest, must also challenge the romance of 13 and Dr. Foreman in order to restore the practice's dynamism. I didn't, and don't, really enjoy the romance aspects of this show - I just wish they would focus on the diagnosis.

    The priest doubts his beliefs with cause, but then challenges House's atheism. The episode seems to elude to House doubting his beliefs--an interesting twist to say the least.
  • A priest that thinks he had a meeting with jesus is taken into care by house on a joke.House later finds out that is more to the priest than he aspected.Cuddy is having trouble inviting House to her babyshower, and house is having trouble accepting.

    One of the best episodes in a long time.It's been a long, long time since dr gregory house did anything to reveal his softer, human side.Well, in this episode, where one of the main characters is faith, House showed us that he realy hurts, not only on the outside, but especialy on the inside.No, he does not beleave in God, but he beleaves in faith.
    Leaving this asside, the thing that realy impressed me in this episode was the ending.House refuses cuddy's invitation to her adopted daughter juwish baby shower and then suffers like a dog, alone in his home.He plays a love song on the piano that transforms wery slowly and effortously, into a juwish celebration song.Its like he was at that shower in spirit, but his pride didn't let him be there in verdict, good episode, great ending.PS:Forman and 13 think they fooled House but i'm sure that House let them get away with it.
  • This was by far the best episode of House in a long, long time.

    This episode had everthing in the perfect analogies. To start from the beginning, the patient is a young alcoholic priest who has lost his faith after a child in his parish falsely accused him of having molested him. Since then he is being transferred from parish to parish, noone believing him and his God not intervening in the process to help him. The result is that the priest is clearly a broken soul, lost in a tedious occupation, not seeing light at the end of the tunnel and resorting to alcoholism to soothe his injuries at the end of each day. Until one night he has a vision of Jesus, which he believes to be a hallucination and therefore admits himself into the hospital. This is where the real fun begins. House takes him up as a patient simply because he wants to debunk his faith and turn it into a symptom (we have seen House doing this before, interpreting his patients' feelings or behaviour that he finds uncomfortable as symptoms of a disease).

    What happens is that the priest is really ill with a rare disease syndrome, and House is implicated in intriguing, fascinating discussions with him at every turn of the episode. The priest is as cynical, relentless and insightful as House and he doesn't take the standpoint of the faithful. So it ends up with the question of whether the priest can regain his faith, and whether House is really looking to debunk that faith or on the contrary, find a real reason to believe that isn't subjectible to scientific scrutiny. He is forced to exclude the hallucination as a symptom since it isn't part of the disease. So that part at least is left open. The child that has accused the priest in the past and ruined his life visits him and asks for forgiveness, which the priest is able to provide. So through the series of events that started with him seeing Jesus, he discovers his desease, is cured from it and at the same time finds forgiveness for himself in forgiving his accuser. It's safe to say that in the end he regains his faith.

    The question of faith is emphasized by Cuddy inviting House in her baby's Jewish festivities (forgive me Jewish readers but I have no idea what they're called). House wants to be there but at the same time can't, because he is unable to subscribe to the religious atmosphere. After the usual back-and-forth games between House, Cuddy and Wilson House ends up alone playing the piano in his unlit room, while everyone else is at the festivities.

    On the side of all this there is the continuation (or ending?) of the Forman-13 plot. House asks them to break up or quit, and they choose neither, so House fires Forman, who can't get a job elsewhere because of the drug trial scandal. After working it out together, Forman and 13 decide to pretend they fought and broke up, and create false tension between them in front of the rest of the team. House buys it for now, and lets them stay on the team. His initial excuse for the blackmail was that they don't operate well as doctors in the team because of their relationship. But after their pretense we can see it isn't true. So is House's real problem their performance, or the acceptance of healthy, happy human relationships around him? And even more, the acceptance of life as a gift?

    It was fascinating to see House struggle with his issues of faith and existentialism, we all knew they were there but during the past few seasons the opportunities to see the impact they have on him were scarce. This episode makes up for that in abundance, and with its quick, witty dialogue, crucial issues and quick character response and reciprocation, makes one of the best House episodes ever.
  • Better than the big one hundred

    "I would have thought 5 years here would have bought him a mistake or two," 13 says. And how many mistakes does half a year buy you? She killed a guy and his dog because she didn't make sure he took the medicine and House just says she won't do it again. Or how about showing up to work stoned or hung over or whatever during Lucky 13? She shouldn't be complaining since she wouldn't have a job in a normal hospital.

    And they need to stop teasing us with 13 being fired or quitting or getting too sick to work. When they aren't talking about her disease, they tease with 13 leaving. If she can have a tumor that causes her to go blind and then become miraculously healed, she isn't going anywhere.

    I have seen some people complaining about House letting Cameron and Chase work together but not Foreman and 13. He only knew Cameron and Chase were together for an episode or two before they split up. Plus as House pointed out, Chase didn't do what Foreman did. Also when Cameron and Chase were fighting, he made sure to put them together to make sure they could still work together. I kind of figured 13 and Foreman were acting to try and both stay. The writers enjoy them too much to break them up.

    The games Cuddy and Wilson were playing with House was annoying for two main reasons besides the fact it lasted the whole episode and took away from the patient. First, Cuddy told Cameron in Big Baby not to play games with House because she will lose. Second, they made it seem like a big deal if House would have showed up but Chase and Cameron were there and Cuddy isn't particularly close to them. Plus, Cameron is an atheist. At least Cameron was mature about it; if you want him there, ask him. Interesting how Chase thinks you shouldn't try inter-office relationships because most of them fail. Why was he so bent on trying to get with Cameron if he thought it would fail? Especially since he was made out to be a player until then. Still not enough of them.
  • Playing..

    I did not know.. I first did not like it but realizing all the things they played in the end, made it look little better. Sorry, I am not much into the Foreman and 13 relationships but it does adds some storylines and maybe they needed it - do something with Foreman as in first he seemed to get little focus.. but now.. he seems to be the only one with 13 getting it.

    The game between House and Cuddy.. that was stupid, I think. How long this will continue?

    But as I said.. the ending made it little better.. and not too bad episode in the end.
  • House takes on the case of a priest who has lost his faith long ago, and experiences Jesus at his front door. Decent episodes, reveals a bit more about House and his beliefs.

    House decides to take the case of a priest who claims to have seen a bleeding Jesus at his front door. House gives Foreman and 13 a choice to make: Split up or quit. They eventually decide not to split up and house then fires Foreman. Taub and Kutner (sorry about spellings) find out that their patient has moved from place to place almost 5 times in the past few years. He tells them that a little boy accused him of molesting him, and it ruined his career - thus having to move to different places that didn't know about his past. Taub believes that they should release their patient until their patients toe falls off. The episode dives more into houses religious ideals/views. 13 figures that if she quits then House will give Foreman his job back, seeing as he can't get another decent job because Cuddy won't give him a recommendation due to his stunt involving 13 and her trials. 13 and Foreman put together a scam to make House believe they both have split up so they both can keep their jobs. House falls for it and they begin to fight at work just to keep up the appearance of them being split up. Decent episode - I like when the episodes dive in and reveal a bit more about house.