Season 7 Episode 5

Unplanned Parenthood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • Turning out to be a much stronger season than 6..

    I was a little harsh on House and the ratings I gave it last season.. I will admit that I even gave the season 7 opener a mere decent rating (8.5). However, for the fact that they've changed some of the exact things I mentioned it would appear as if they read all of my reviews haha. Jk. No, but seriously this episode is a perfect example of what season 6 was in dire need. Humor, cleverness, and a solid case.. That's the unbeatable HOUSE formula! Some classic Wilson/House moments in this one! Loved the asian doctor and her comments at the end! Hats off to House.
  • All episode titles of this season got to do with House and Cuddy being together.

    I really, really, LOOOVE this new season. I wasn't a real House follower, but with House and Cuddy together, I try to watch every time :). It is so dynamic, I love this new side of house, and most of all the way he stays a jerk on the job, while Taub doubts Houses ability to ignore Cuddy's orders... I may be reviewing a few episodes at once, but I really think this story line is fantastic for the show. House is finally sort of happy, stays off of the drugs, and ometimes, he even cares! It's so winderful, you'd almost forget that there's also a sick person that needs to be cured. Almost.
  • "You're telling me to do the right thing, while CLIMBING OUT A WINDOW!"

    It was a fun episode; I can't remember laughing this much watching any other House episode! I absolutely loved it! Granted the "case" itself wasn't too complex or the focus, as is the case in most House episodes, but the House-Cuddy storyline is developing much better than I had expected! And it was so great so see more of Wilson, overall one of my favorite episodes. I thought if Cuddy and House got together, the show would lose it's spark, or that it would go terribly wrong, but this episode showed a new side of House and I have to say the writers have it under control!
  • A welcome return to form.

    This was a really good episode from what has been a comparatively dull season start. I questioned the first episode planting the seeds of doubt into the Cuddy/house reltationship form the off, but it seems that they will at least be given the chance to be happy for at least some of this years run. This episode is everything I love about House. It was witty, it was charming. It had a medical mystery (something I thought the show had forgotten about) and it had some genuine warmth. The whole 2 men and a baby scenario was really great to watch. Although you do have to wonder just when Wilson is going to grow a pair and stand up for himself. I have seen some perfect 10s thrown around for this one, which is a little too much if you ask me. It has plenty of room to improve, but it was a welcome return to form. Long may it continue.
  • 705

    A great episode of House tonight, I must say, Gabrielle Christian did a great job in this episode, and I was more impressed with her than the new girl on the team, Dr. Cheng. The case was pretty great, and the ending was quite surprising with the mother dying, it was a nice tie in, with Gabrielle Christian's character having to end up take care of her dead mother's newborn at the very end.

    Wilson & House running around seeing if Cuddy's baby ate a dime was quite entertaining and the ending was absolutely hilarious. She actually did end up eating the dime even though Wilson & House were led to believe that she didn't.

    Just like Dr. Kelly, I was having trouble warming up to Dr. Cheng. Just bring Thirteen back already, she's not my favorite character but it's better than these random doctors walking in to the diagnostic room. Either stick with a new doctor, or just bring Thirteen back, because this waiting game is really starting to bug me.

    Overall, good case, great subplot, an enjoyable episode when it came down to it.
  • Adorable and Funny: A House Double Threat

    This is by far the funniest episode of House in quite some time. As he takes on the case of an ailing infant only 8 hours old Cuddy asks him to babysit her daughter so she can go to a board meeting and Wilson brings over Chinese food and she maybe swallowed some change so hilarity ensues as the odd couple try to find a solution and not to tell Cuddy under any circumstance. The little girl is absolutely adorable and every scene with House/Wilson interacting with her is priceless by far a winner for Season 7. I haven't seen an episode this funny since the one last season where they both pretended to be gay to get closer to a girl.
  • A very well-rounded episode.

    I liked that the focus of this episode was not necessarily the case at hand. Though I initially felt the writers would struggle with House and Cuddy's relationship if it ever progressed, they've done a damn good job of proving me wrong.

    We're seeing a different, but completely plausible side of House, some of his glory moments in this episode were the juice scene with Rachel, and when he was attempting to get her to spit out the coin. I really liked the awkwardness of his mannorisms, you could tell he was uncomfortable, but didn't want to come off that way. He and Wilson's banter was appealing as always ("you're telling me to do the right thing as you climb out a window?" xD) The one thing that was a bit lackluster was the resolution of the case. It was very sad and touching that the mother passed away, to, in essence, save her child, but its been done several times before and was predictable. (Think Naomi in Babies and Bathwater)
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