Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on FOX

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    Okay, so tonight's episode of House was not a total catastrophe, and do you know why? Yep, you guessed it, because they actually had an interesting medical mystery here with the popular writer of a Twilight-esque series getting into Princeton. The actress portraying that role was poorly cast, if I do say so myself, but House's interactions with her were out of character, and definitely humorous.

    House was solid tonight, but it is still very far from great. With Olivia Wilde temporarily out and Jennifer Morrison gone, the show needs another female character to clash with Gregory. Right now the show is missing that intergender drama.
  • House and his fave writer

    Well, so far I loved all the episodes.. but this one has something more than the first 2, you know, I really cannot quite picture what it is.. but there is!
    Loved House trying to find out the last book! I also enjoyed Cuddy/House's moments and the writers must be very satified because they hadn't an easy job handling the whole situation but they are actually doing great.. they still give us the old Cuddy and House tension!
    And the funniest part: GO KART!!!! Come on.. how funny was that part?
    I also liked the glimpse of kindness that House showed at the end, that glimpse of kindness that somethimes find its way out.. great episode 10/10.
  • When I thought House series is about to die they do something to put doubts on that

    I haven't really enjoyed the show since after Season 4 , don't get me wrong from time to time S5 and 6 put a decent episode but as a constant no and I was sure this show was on its way to dying especially with the opening season premiere episode which was pretty bad... but afterward last week and this week's episode cast my doubts... I had my concerns about the Huddy concept but after watching this episode this actually make an interesting subplot..
    I also am enjoying the struggle House is having with trying to be a decent person.
    Anyway the series is still holding my interest and hope it continues to do so
  • 703

    A really great episode of House this week, finally this show is getting back to greatness. I was really intrigued by the patient and her story and the diagnosis kept me on the edge of my seat. I was genuinely interested and there was not a dull moment.

    Sure the go carts scene was absolutely ridiculous but it was entertaining, and it really made this episode stand out from the first three episodes. The absence of Thirteen isn't helping or worsening this show, it's neutral and I think the guys are pretty good at supporting this show by themselves and this episode proved that.

    A great episode with an intriguing plot line and an interesting "Huddy" plot. Great episode.
  • I've actually been pleasantly surprised at how the writers have handled the House/Cuddy relationship since the horrible season premiere.

    They've really been able to write realistic storylines for the two characters without hamming it up that fit in with their normal tendencies. House over-analyzing everything, Wilson trying to help but is ultimately helpless, and Cuddy trying to make things work. The Go-Cart scene was funny and not out of line for any of the 4 characters involved. I was afraid this season would be about 'House learning to change a diaper' or 'House babysitting' but it's been anything but that so far.

    Also, it seems like the writers have gotten back to a stronger focus on the case. This is the second week in a row that we've had a very intriguing case that worked well with the backstory. There were hilarious moments, as always, but it was about character development for House. I'm glad this is a show where we've seen his character change (especially the last 2 seasons) as opposed to other shows that stay in a rut with nothing ever happening. Maybe it's not always in the way 'fans' want it to, but at least SOMETHING is happening and there IS growth. Things look to get interesting next week with 13's replacement on the way. Can't wait!
  • Jack Cannon getting what he deserves.

    House is happy and that worries him, his relationship with Cutty is working. It's supposed to be separate between work and personal but there is some overlap. Like when House took her for a break in of the writers house and when they went double dating with Wilson and his girl. After all they work at the same place and she is his boss. As a girlfriend she is impressed with House and sincerely likes him, as a Boss she feels the way she has always felt. House has similar feelings for her being a girlfriend and boss. After working together soo long they seem to know each other well and have strong mental picture of how they can work. I'm happy to see it work, and find it kind of inspiring, not only in a romantic relationship way but in relationships in general. Is that the match and compatibility between the two of them or that combined with other factors. Wilson sees what is going on told house that what the two of them have in common is that they're looking for how they can connect with each other. This season they brought Cutty and House together, Thanks. 10.
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