Season 8 Episode 17

We Need the Eggs

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

At a carnival boardwalk, Molly is showing her friend Henry how to play a shooting gallery game. As he asks her to go with him to a lecture, Molly asks him to settle down for a moment and then asks why his girlfriend doesn't do anything with him. Before Henry can respond, Molly notices that he's bleeding from the eyes.

The team gathers to review Henry's case and notice that House has a woman serving him. He explains that his favorite prostitute is quitting so he's looking for replacements. The team tries to focus as the next prostitute, Fawn, comes in. He asks her about her favorite Woody Allen movie since he figures the sex is a given. Fawn doesn't have the right answer and House sends her on her way. Taub and Park suggest lymphocytosis a while Adams suggests a thrombosis, and House tells them to test for both while he interviews the next prostitute.

As the doctors test, Molly asks if either condition is dangerous and asks Henry if she wants him to call his girlfriend, Amy. Molly wonders if Amy even knows who she is, and Henry assures her that she doesn't need to contact his girlfriend.

As Taub and Park run the tests, Taub says he doesn't pay or sex because he considers it demeaning. A teenager named Micah comes in and tells Park that he already sold the Gibson guitar that she asked him about. Once Micah leaves, Taub points out that Micah likes Park and she tells him to shut up. However, Micah comes back and asks if she wants to hear his band rehearse, and she says that she'll think about it.

House is checking prostitutes for shuffling and juggling when Adams comes in to tell him all of the tests proved negative. She tells House about the mystery girlfriend that no one has seen and Adams figures that Henry is a junkie and the "girlfriend" is an excuse for him to get a fix. House tells her to search Henry's home and then goes off to make his decision.

Chase and Adams break into Henry's apartment and find it completely normal. There are flowers from Amy to Henry, but Adams still thinks that Henry is sniffing glue, accounting for his symptoms. They talk about House's current scheme and Adams says that she's too busy volunteering to date and isn't interested in any case. She looks in the bedroom and finds Amy in bed, motionless. However, when she checks the body, she tells Chase that they don't need a coroner.

House and Dominika are reviewing hooker resumes when Adams calls to tell him that their patient isn't a junkie and he does have a girlfriend: a life-doll.

Later, Chase and House bring Amy to Henry, who says that he's not a pervert. He admits that he has sex with it but insists that Amy is better than a real person and he knows she isn't real. Chase wonders if he's tried a normal relationship and Henry says that he's never met his perfect woman and doesn't think it's worth trying to find her. Chase notices that Henry's face is swelling and running a temperature.

Back in differential, Chase says that what Henry is doing isn't any different than people who talk to their cat or teddy bear. House sympathizes with Henry, saying that normal relationships are filled with trouble. He insists that the rest of the team all have their sex dolls: kids, parents, charities, whatever makes them happy so they don't have to deal with trying to find the right person. When Chase says that he dates women, House says that he dates random women to avoid commitment. Park informs him that she has a date but everyone figures that she'll bail, while Taub points out that House can't deal with losing his own "sex doll." House agrees, tells them to swab out the sex doll for viruses, and leaves.

House tracks down his retiring prostitute, Emily, and offers her more money. She says that she's getting married and that her fiancé Harris knows what she does. House doesn't believe it but Emily tells him that he needs to figure out a way to be okay with it. She gives House a kiss and leaves.

Chase and Adams do a pelvic on Amy and Adams admits that she's skeeved out. She wonders why Chase has never asked her out, and he wonders if she wants him to ask her out. As they examine Amy, they find what appears to be a tumor. They put it into the MRI and run a CT and confirm that there's an air bubble inside its abdomen. Adams dismisses it as a chemical reaction caused by a nearby heater but Chase figures that Henry would take better care of it. He suggests clostridium but Adams doesn't buy it. House finally chimes in and tells them to cut the doll open. When Chase points out that it costs $7,000, House tells them to get consent. He figures that if Henry says no then he's crazy and they need a different theory. House then tells them he needs to build a temple and walks off.

Henry gives Adams consent to cut Amy open, and she starts cutting it open right there. However, Chase points out that Henry is crying and Adams consents to take it to a procedure room.

House goes to see Wilson and explains that he needs to break up Emily's engagement and figures that Harris must be unfaithful if he's comfortable with her being a prostitute. Wilson figures that House is afraid of seeking out a real relationship, including Dominika. House considers and then leaves, saying he can just go to Dominika or help.

As Adams and Park cut open Amy, Park tells Adams that she shouldn't sleep with Chase. Adams dismisses it as more of House's head games and points out that he was doing the same thing with Park last week. Park takes offense and Adams tells her that it's her own fault if she's not dating anyone.

Taub goes shopping with one of his daughters and an attractive woman, Wendy Jacobson, comes over and compliments him on her. Taub lies and says that his wife died in childbirth.

Adams brings Amy back to Henry and tells him that so far the tests are negative. He notices that Adams stitched her up and the doctor admits that she wanted her to look her best. As they prepare to move the doll into a chair, Henry suddenly collapses, choking.

House and Dominika rent a lunch wagon and run surveillance on Harris. Adams calls to tell House that they heard crackles in Henry's lungs and he still needs oxygen. House tells them the team that he plans to have Dominika seduce Harris and prove that he's unfaithful. He then asks if Park went on her date and figures that she's lying when she says she does. Park claims that her mother needed to go to the doctor but House figures that her last relationship broke up because of her latent rage. When Taub speaks up to defend Park, House figures that he actually is dating someone and Taub admits that he likes her. Adams suggests that Henry has silicon deposition from the doll decomposing and House orders plasmapheresis. When he starts analyzing Adams, she cuts off the line.

Adams starts the plasmapheresis as Molly comes in and sees Amy. She's impressed with how realistic it is and assumes it's a CPR doll. Adams tries to get her out but Henry introduces Molly to Amy. He explains that she means a lot to her and Molly quickly leaves.

Taub tucks his other daughter in as Wendy looks on. He then admits that his wife didn't die in childbirth, and explains that he panicked and lied because she's the first woman he's approached since he separated. However, Wendy realizes that it's a different baby.

That night, Henry is alone in his room except for Amy. He wishes that she could join him in bed, and is surprised when she gets up, talks to him, and undresses. Amy then gets in the bed with him and tells Henry to talk to her, but he sees the cut in her chest start bleeding. Adams and Chase come in and realize that Henry is hallucinating, and realize that whatever he has is neurological. However, they discover that his liver is failing.

Back in differential, House is busy focusing on Chase and figures he picks perfect women to screw things up. When Adams and House discuss Amy and say that she costs $7,000, Taub notes that type of sex doll only costs $5,000 and figures that Henry had it customized. Everyone stares and Taub admits that he checked the website. Adams suggests that Henry has hepatic fibrosis and House tells them to treat for steroids and figure out what he did with the doll. As House catches the elevator, he runs into Wilson, who figures that his destroying Emily's engagement is a positive sign because it means his friend is seeking out a long-term relationship that can't hurt him. House doesn't buy it and walks away.

House and Dominika track down Harris and he puts a wire on her and tells her to ease into the seduction. Dominika doesn't see the point given how attractive she is and approaches Harris. After saying she's in a neighboring department, Dominika invites him to have sex with her and Harris immediately accepts. House walks over and accuses him of cheating on Emily. However, he has no idea what they're talking about and tells them that he's Emily's brother.

When Henry wakes up, Adams tells him that they check with the company that manufactured the sex doll and confirmed that they modeled the doll on photos that Henry sent them. He admits that he met the woman, a yoga instructor, a year ago and is totally different from him. They dated for seventeen weeks and then broke up. Adams says that her husband cheated on her with a girl they met coming back from their honeymoon and says it's not easy getting past that kind of thing. However, Henry explains that the woman just wasn't in love with him. Adams tells him that Amy may not break his heart, but she won't change his life, either. Henry complains about the bright lights and then starts vomiting. He complains that his neck is stiff and Adams realizes that he has meningitis.

House goes to see Emily, who admits that she's just leaving House, not the business. He's less than thrilled that she's dumping him, and Emily points out that House cheats in front of Dominika. House explains that she's his green-card fake wife, but Emily insists that it's still mean. She explains that Dominika likes him and knows that House likes Dominika.

Henry's fever soars and he doesn't respond to meds. The team tries to work out a differential and Chase notes that Henry was dating a yoga instructor and suggests that she was into alternative medicine. He describes a teapot that Henry had at his house and House draws the exact shape. However, he explains that it's a Neti pot and is used to pour water up the sinuses to clear allergies. Henry used tap water, which spread bacteria into the fluids around the brain. House proscribes metronidazole to cure Henry's condition.

Later, Henry's fever breaks and his liver function is back to normal. As Adams checks on him, Henry asks or her email. When she wonders why, he suggests that they might see each other again. Adams says that she can't and tells him to ask Molly out. Disappointed, Henry realizes that she's rejecting him but Adams tells him that he's a good guy and that he deserves more than a doll.

As he changes for the night, Taub admits to Park that he doesn't have a date. She tries to reassure him but Taub admits that House is right and he's better off focusing on what he does have. He tells Park to call Micah and she's worried that she's not attractive enough, but Taub points out that Adams doesn't have time to date and she'll be the jealous one if Park gets a boyfriend.

As Chase leaves for the night, he says goodbye to Adams. After a moment she asks if he wants to get a drink and he wonders if she's doing it to prove House wrong or annoy Park. Adams says that she thinks it's time for a change but Chase says that it's not a good time for him. They both admit that House has a way of getting into people's heads and Chase leaves.

Park calls her mother from Micah's apartment and tells her that she's at work and will be home in a couple of hours. Then she sits down and plays guitar with Micah.

House comes home and finds a letter to Dominika from the INS. He opens it and confirms that it says that her green card has been approved.

Henry sits at home alone with Amy and holds her hand.

House comes in and Dominika tells him that she fixed the blender. She admits that she had fun fake-seducing Harris, and House says that he has decided to take a break from hookers. Dominika offers him a spoonful of milkshake and they look at each for a moment, and then House goes to his bedroom. On the way he throws away the INS letter.