Season 8 Episode 17

We Need the Eggs

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on FOX

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  • House....I mean Holmes

    With the focus on Dr Chase in this episode, the storyline gave us a closer look into Chase's life with great results.

    Also, I never realized House was a 'roomy' with Sherlock Holmes. Great sight gag. Cudos for the writers.
  • We Need the

    I did not have as much to complain about as some people did with this episode, but a lot of it was just really odd. They should not be building up whether or not House's marriage is valid, that is not the thing this show should be remembered for, or at least I hope it is not. Okay episode, but nothing too memorable.
  • We Need The Eggs - Classic!

    Last reviewer needs to lessen the outside influence of tweets and reviews and push examples of how a series that we all loved for 8 years can still be interesting to watch, and still give it an abysmal score, if this is the worst House episode, than obviously a person has to choose arbitrary episodes to watch instead of being a constant objective viewer. Also, this is the SECOND TIME that Sara Hess has created a slightly misandrist episode (Man of the House) - also giving House some emotion to placate his logical mind, is called giving a character depth and multiple dimensions to open up opportunities for the future final episodes. All in all, it is extremely insulting for a real fan like me to listen to hateful drivel without any proof. Give objective examples of how this episode is a "dog script", (objective means not dogmatic opinions, but a fair and impartial view), and maybe then you will have a leg to stand on,

    sincerely, real House fan

    ------My Review of a great intelligent episode------

    AMAZING EPISODE! This episode had the hallmarks of the best qualities of every House episode - it was hilarious to say the least, it was touching and very intriguing (also great graphics for the hallucination). Peter Blake and Sara Hess have written countless episodes on House, and since their first season they have not failed. The medicine was current - Primary Amoebic Meningioencephalitis - although a variant of this infection was already used in season 2, it was still simple and creative and AN AWESOME DIAGNOSIS! The delivery of the diagnosis itself was genuine and easily understood and the idea of a sex doll was new and original. Also, by bringing up each character's self esteem and love life and seeing them all crash and burn (except Park), the writers were able to give each character a lot more depth than we have seen from them in a long time. It was one of those episodes where you can be watching it on your own, and still laugh out loud at the classic House antics, while still being given a chance to look into his softer side. Great episode and if I could give it an 11 I would in a second.
  • Script Writing is Hard Work!

    Completely painful to watch from a reality perspective. There's no way that someone becomes a citizen through marriage without having a green card first. It's pretty obvious that the script writer doesn't have the slightest clue about how immigration law actually works and is too lazy to look into it. What is a "permanent citizen"? Are there temporary citizens, then?
  • Worst House I ever saw


    Other reviwers wanted me to give examples of WHY this was a dog of a script and why I thought it was the worst House I ever saw. Ok...what was it lacking---emotional interplay, highs and lows, deep revelations, spiritual or character growth, realistic scenes, staged euphoria, illogical and inaccurate discussion of citizenship. I also have seen EVERY episode of House--from the pilot to this one and --YES--this stands as the WORST House i ever saw for lack of realism, and emotional growth, coupled with a weak diagnostic and unrelaistic case... and BOREDOM. I was BORED--it was unintersting and such illogic and non reality in a TV series that prided itself on one word--TRUTH. This was pseudo-truth, non House in every way. You want changes in tone, scope, and methods--do not do it a few episodes away fro mthe last episode of a series. Poor Choices.

    For Examples proving this is a ":Dog" of a script--refer to these episodes--contrast and compare the brilliance of these listed below to --this 43 minutes of drivel:

    1)Three Stories

    2)One day One Room

    3)Informed COnsent

    4)Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    5)20 Vicodin

    6)House's head


    is there really a point---only 9 to 5 comes as close to being "BAD" as this one.

    Last regviwer is watching a different TV show than I have been watching for 8 years. Sara Hess is responsible for dumbing down House as well as doing many recent episodes 'pandering" to the women demographic emphasizing emotion over Logic. I do not think they have an idea left in their pardon. House's Head. They wasted 43 minutes on tihs dog of a script. It had all the hallmarks of the WORST episodes of House. Sorry a Big failure.