Season 8 Episode 17

We Need the Eggs

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on FOX

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  • Worst House I ever saw


    Other reviwers wanted me to give examples of WHY this was a dog of a script and why I thought it was the worst House I ever saw. Ok...what was it lacking---emotional interplay, highs and lows, deep revelations, spiritual or character growth, realistic scenes, staged euphoria, illogical and inaccurate discussion of citizenship. I also have seen EVERY episode of House--from the pilot to this one and --YES--this stands as the WORST House i ever saw for lack of realism, and emotional growth, coupled with a weak diagnostic and unrelaistic case... and BOREDOM. I was BORED--it was unintersting and such illogic and non reality in a TV series that prided itself on one word--TRUTH. This was pseudo-truth, non House in every way. You want changes in tone, scope, and methods--do not do it a few episodes away fro mthe last episode of a series. Poor Choices.

    For Examples proving this is a ":Dog" of a script--refer to these episodes--contrast and compare the brilliance of these listed below to --this 43 minutes of drivel:

    1)Three Stories

    2)One day One Room

    3)Informed COnsent

    4)Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    5)20 Vicodin

    6)House's head


    is there really a point---only 9 to 5 comes as close to being "BAD" as this one.

    Last regviwer is watching a different TV show than I have been watching for 8 years. Sara Hess is responsible for dumbing down House as well as doing many recent episodes 'pandering" to the women demographic emphasizing emotion over Logic. I do not think they have an idea left in their pardon. House's Head. They wasted 43 minutes on tihs dog of a script. It had all the hallmarks of the WORST episodes of House. Sorry a Big failure.