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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on FOX

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  • What was actuyally WRONG with this patient?

    While WHAC-A MOLE is an excellent episode... with a truly funny and aweso0me epilog ending proving HOSUE will always be may have the same exact medical disorder as the guy in this one.. But what exactly doews he have? a rare auto immune disease.. They dsidnt NAME the disease. I have CD4 meansd it is yo uMANAGE all the other illness it can give you.. Is this the SAME illness this man has in this episode? In any case--TRITTER finally goes away. I disagree tyhat he wouldnt have been able to get this far. he is a HOSUE didnt OPT for the hospital lawyer till far too late. CUDDY didnt do her job---she should have thrown TWIITER OUT after he had houser arrested and never let him always sides with the hopsital. the SYSTEM and the why HOUSE had to dump her fat ass eventually lol
  • House vs Tritter- Round 4

    The episode once again provided a decent medical puzzle with a dramatic, character developing storyline. Tritter, although not appearing in this episode, continues to make Wilson's life a misery, taking away his ability to practise medicine. The dynamics between House and Wilson, always one of my favourite aspects of the show, is what made this episode stand out for me. Wilson's hurt and anger at his friend was powerful, and its difficult to see how their friendship is going to survive. House's "shoulder pain" was also a good effect, showing his remorse and conscience.

    House's team standing up to him was a first, and it showed how each of them has grown up and progressed over the last 3 Seasons. The case itself was also entertaining, but I was so sad that the boy decided not to keep caring for his brother and sister- I really hoped he would! Another dark element, balanced by House's little game which provided good humour as he guessed what his team would do to test for the diagnostics.

    Overall, another great episode that keeps the story and Season running strongly.
  • House's game.

    House is very clever in this episode & you see House gives a damn, he feels guilty for what is happening to Wilson, he should, Wilson's life is being destroyed by Tritter & it is House's fault, so that is never god, my favorite card, is when the team opens the envelope & sees that House knew all along. Pretty creepy, I liked the patient in the beginning but towards the end, I absolutely hated him, he'd rather die than have the responsibility for 2 children, that is just nuts! Anyways Tritter has gotten on my last nerve, Wilson better get his life back or House needs to do something cause he is so annoying!
  • Review

    Good epsiode as the relationship between House and Wilson continues to grow worse and worse. Wilson seems to be the one suffering the most from this outbreak of the FBI investigation on Dr. House and he finnaly erupts near the end of the episode as he kicks House out of his office for not allowing him to use Cameron to give the patients their diagnosis. The case itself was once again okay. Its been a while since I've been really interested in a case. I think most of the cases are just filler for the rest of the drama in the episode. Every now and again the show will come out with an epsiode like "No Reason" or "Three Stories" that has you interested from the beginning but most normal episode just dont have it.

    Tritter wasnt in this episode but his precense was certainly felt. With the big blowup between House and Wilson in this episode Im very interested to see where the next episode goes. Im sensing the conclusion to this storyline coming very soon.
  • House plays a game with his underlings...or does he?

    I loved this episode with the game that wasn't really a game, but just went to show how well House knows his team :D! Really felt for the poor kid, 18 and having to look after younger siblings, no wonder he fell ill. Not too much of the cop story in this one, also a relief 'cause it's getting a bit silly now, with Wilson's car being "held hostage" and no-one wanting to write prescriptions for...well, anyone realy :w. I hope Foreman was right though, and that once the kid had a break and felt better again, he would go get his brother and sister from their foster parents...I like a happy ending ;)
  • Poor Wilson,how much more can this poor guy take?

    The saga continues between House and the Police Office,although the person who is being most affected by the ordeal is Wlison,who stood up for House by lying about the forged prescriptions.

    Ths week things just keep going from bad to worse for the poor oncologist.It all sarts with his car getting towed and then his prescriptions for his patients being stopped.He asks for help from House,saying that he needs one of his team to write the prescription and House sends him off with Cameron.Who,when later asked if she could come and write a prescription for a seriously ill patient,House says she can't go and must stay and save the patient of her own case.

    The case is of a young boy who comes into the hospital after a heart attack.The story takes a sentimental turn when t turns out that he is also guardian to his younger sister and brother after they're parents died.

    When it turn's out to be a problem with his bone marrow,he refuses to take a transplant from his brother,claiming he didn't want to put his brother through it.But with Houses lack of trust in the human race,he falsly claims that there is another donor and when the boy refuses the team realise that it is because the boy if finding the pressure of the responsability and the true reason behind his not wanting the transplant is because he enjoys the lack of responsability which he finds whilst being a patient.It ends sadly with Foreman feeling let down and the younger children boing taken into care.

    Because of Houses lack of help and remorse,Wilson decides that the best thing he can do for his patients is refer them to another doctor and close down his practice.

    This episode is keeping me full with suspense and anticipation for next weeks episode.
  • As always fun sarcasm is combined with a great medical mistery. This time are serious personal issues among the doctors.

    I have to say, i really liked the whole brother/mother plot. Cryed every time the siblins were on the screen. This time i really hoped House were wrong about the older brother trying to scape from his responsabilities without guilt. But Eric Foreman won me with that last speech. He was really caught by this family dinamic and the older brother sacrifice (me too, by the way). To tell the truth, despite the fact i would hope the older brother taking the bone marrow transplant and keeping his family together, the final desition was like more according to the real world. He was forced to grow up faster.

    The Tritter story, i have to say as almost all reviwers is taking too long to solve. And his presence in this episode were son strong even not having a single line.

    Tritter has put the squeeze on House through his friend and colleagues. Being the friend, Wilson got the worst of it. He's had his car impounded, and the DEA revoked his prescription-writing privileges — to which House responded, "Who's going to prescribe my Vicodin?" That's just the tip of House's self-absorbed iceberg. Wilson is no longer of any use as a pusher, so of course House hit up his staff for Vicodin. Quick: Who would rather lose his job than lose his license? If you guessed Chase, then you were ahead of me. Boy, did I love seeing Chase stand up to House, as well as the Midol-throwing Cameron, who also did not cave under House's pressure. There were so many great scenes that showed the effects of House's ill-advised pissing match with Tritter: Wilson not being able to treat his patients. Cameron sitting in on Wilson's appointments rather than blindly prescribing medication for his patients. House's new cane. Wilson at the bus stop — that just brought it all home. Most gripping was the showdown between the two friends. It was long past time for Wilson to confront House. And even though his screaming "Do something!" did not help, at least he voiced the sentiment. It's clear that we're seeing the real addict in House come out as Tritter pushes harder and harder. Much like this week's patient, Jack Walters (Patrick Fugit), who refuses treatment that would allow him to continue caring for his younger siblings, House is choosing to look out for himself rather than shoulder his responsibility to the other people in his life. Like Jack, House's choice leads to pain, but as Cuddy observed, the pain is actually guilt leaving us with a glimmer of hope that House is actually human.

    The season began with Wilson wanting Cuddy to lie to House in order to save the surly doctor from himself and keep House's ego from killing a patient. Back then Wilson was the bad guy. Now it seems Wilson was right. The irony is that House's ego is killing Wilson's career and anyone else's who chooses to cover for him.
  • A sad story about a kid with kids forced to grow up too fast.

    House has been a favorite of ours but the storyline with the cop is annoying and ridiculous. The writers are making House too much of a jerk and frankly the plot is unbelievable. No cop has this much power. The show is enjoyable when House is the in house genius and solves the problem. That is what we enjoy. I feel like this new story line is basically a remake of the the Vogler episodes of the first season. Vogler was also incredibly annoying and this cop is equally so. If this continues we will no longer be watching House. It is too bad as we really enjoyed the show. Bring back the quick wit and bluntness of House and drop the repetitive and annoying storyline.
  • A kid who cares for his two siblings comes in, Tritter is putting more pressure on Wilson to get to House.

    Medical shows are notorious for not addressing the state of American medicine today. Scrubs, a comedy that deals with real medicine only on the surface is unique in that it has a character whose role is solely to play the part of HMOs and modern medicine as a business: Dr. Kelso. Shows like House, however, have medicine as a central issue. House and his team have a need and a habit for running many expensive tests all the time. Usually, this is something that doesn't bother me.

    This episode really exposed that weakness in the show. Yes, the storyline with Tritter is developing nicely, yes, the medical mystery was exciting. But the patient is a teenage boy taking care of two siblings, working at a Chuck-E-Cheese like place. He doesn't have insurance, one assumes he does not have family to fall back on. Where is he going to get the money to wait until he's 18? Where is he going to get the money to even do the marrow transplant? There is a complete other side of all these medical mysteries that goes completely unaddressed, and if the subject is a kid like this, the lack of discussion about money is a major flaw.

    All of that aside, this was another solid episode. I can't decide who I'm more angry at, House or Wilson, because there has to be a limit to friendship. I'm glad that Wilson finally stood up to House, but it will be interesting to see what is going to happen later on in this story line.
  • the kid ticked me off.

    I liked this episode, except the way it ended, I mean I was thinking look at this kid, 18 years old and taking care of baby brother and sister, a role model for so many, and then he pulled all that snot, Ill do it when hes 18. yea well you know what thats wrong, they gett to go now to a foster home and maybe just maybe theyll get a sane family! I know its only TV but it happens everyday in real life. The girl she just looked so pitiful, I felt so sorry for them both!
  • Good TV, but painful to watch

    House has never been my favourite character. This entire storyline is incredibly painful and aching to watch. It's good television, but I'm getting frustrated with pretty much everyone. Not least of all Wilson. I mean, yeesh. I understand trying to protect a friend. But when you're being put through all kinds of pressure and he doesn't even react? (The shot of the bus just killed me. House just kept going. I was so mad on Wilson's behalf.) That's not a friend, and it's not a friendship. It's someone who sees you as nothing more than an enabler. About the only thing I like about all this mess with Tritter is that the ducklings are standing up for themselves. They really are learning from House, even if it's what not to do. But still. I'm not looking forward to Wilson and House's blowup, whenever it might come, but there'll be one. I'll lay odds. And it's a long time overdue.
  • Entertaining factor high, reality factor low.

    This episode was definitely one of the worst written episodes of House.
    Tritter, is like a god, at least, he has to be god to do things like that and go as far as that. It's like, the hospital and House and Wilson has no lawyers at all. It's ridicilious.

    On the other hand, the consequences of this situation are amazing.

    It's really a tearjerker. Especially at the end. Wilson is... broken. He has nothing. House is still not giving it in, though. He's still way too selfish and stubborn.

    The medical mystery of the episode was pretty ordinary, unfortunately, it was very flawed too, but still, it managed to keep the entertainment factor high, also, it ended pretty sad, just like the subplot involving Wilson and House.

    Overally, a good episode, but it was way too unrealistic.
  • I feel bad for Wilson.

    This episode of House was quite exciting as it kept you guessing about both the patient, and what is going to happen between House and Wilson, and if they'll just end up fist fighting at some point.

    While I could use a break from the whole 'Tritter' story arch, it is interesting to see how it's affecting House and Wilson's relationship as friends, and that's probably why they wrote the storyline in the first place, and I enjoy stories that involve Wilson.

    I enjoyed the patient and symptoms, but I lacked sympathy for the character and the situation he was in.

    Overall it was an interesting episode, and well worth watching.
  • A turning-point episode for House, this episode is a don\'t-miss goodie.

    This episode was, in my opinion, pivotal in that everyone is taking a stand on House\'s addiction, still plain to everyone else but House. His spiral downward is causing all the other characters to grow into their own strengths as they deal with the consequences of the fallout over House\'s desperation to get more vicodin. I expect we will see more lines drawn between House and his collegues, especially Wilson. I applaud the realism in dealing with addiction as how it affects those around the addicted person, as well. It is my feeling that this particular episode will change the direction of the show as we find out more about what motivates House, as well as finding out where his self-destruction stems from. There is more than meets the eye here than just the addiction.
  • This was one of the saddest episodes so far, on all levels.

    The medical story was very good, especially since this time around the patient ended up not in a life/death situation, but in a limbo where the decision about the medical treatment will determine the overall quality of the his life. Once again, House shows he's the only one around who is able see reality for what it is and he's the only one who understands the patients' real motivation. Unfortunately, instead of acknowledging his rare ability of reading people and their motivations, everyone around House, this time it's Forman in particular, thinks it's misanthropy.House not only understood exactly what the patient was thinking and the only one who encouraged him to have a life, while Forman, who thinks he knows so much about people, was so insensitive to him. Who is he to tell an 18 year old he should give up his life and father his siblings, when it's obvious he is too young for such a burden and his siblings need a lot more then he can give them? This coming from Forman, who probably would run for his life in a heartbeat if he had faces similar circumstances…. House also has predicted precisely what each of his team would end up doing and saying, when he sent them off to treat the patient on their own. So it makes even more sad that no one of all the people who surround him can see him for who he really is. All they see is the sarcastic remarks and roughness, but fail to see that someone with such rare ability for insight and so much sensitivity to every little detail in the life of everyone who's around him, has to somehow shelter himself from it all. It's also sad none of them believes his pain and would not give him the medication he needs. Yes, he did abuse it, a lot because he was pushed to get the medication illegally as no one would give it to him, yet he's still has a physical ongoing problem that needs to be treated. None of them seems to notice that House did not use the medication when the Ketamine treatment was working, so it pretty obvious he's not just a junky like they all claim him to be. It's true that he refuses to admit that he is in real physical pain, but as doctors, they should know better. Cameron comparison between his severe nerve damage to her pms is just pathetic. Wilson feels and act as if he's House's victim rather then Tritters'. He refuses to understand that Tritter has taken his personal vandetta against House to unheard of levels. When House suggest that Tritter is doing it "to us", Wilson pushes House away by saying House's aching shoulder is his conscious speaking… As always, he never believes House's pain. How stupid is that? Didn't he damage enough when he lied to House when he was right on his diagnosis? Or when he refused to believe him the Ketamine wasn't working? With friends like this, who needs enemies? Wilson forgets House also covered for him when he slept with his patient. He's not as perfect as he believe he is and House is not as imperfect as he believes he is. Right now, the way I see it, he gets the punishment he deserves for betraying House in the first place so I have little pity for him. The scene with Cuddy was a weird one – it was quite funny when Houses "agreed" to father her child in exchange for some pills… yet what was her mumbling about what's going on with his personal life and "fight with the wife"? quite strange. On the whole, a very good episode; full of interesting insights. Tritter's spirit was all around, but it was nice not to have to see him. Let him go already. It's been too long.
  • Remember when Vogler couldn\\\'t get House and went after Wilson?

    I love House. It\\\'s an inspiration that substance (ie knowledge) can beat out style (personality) in TV. I\\\'ve always enjoyed the mystery aspect, though the \\\"formula\\\" has gotten a little tiresome.

    This latest story arc is more than tiresome. First of all, doesn\\\'t the hospitals have any attorneys? Did they all leave with Stacy? Secondly, I find it rather cheap for the writers to fall back on the same pattern. Since we can\\\'t get House, let\\\'s go after the others? This is only going to force them to make one of two really bad decisions: a) House ends up alienating everyone and losing his ability to function as a doctor or b) they take it all back with some stupid contrivance such as a simple apology to the bully cop or being forced to treat Tritter (or someone close to him) for some near-fatal illness.

    I liked the Vogler cancer dream from season one. If it becomes a reality with this new bully, I may have my Tuesdays become available in the near future.
  • An excellent episode.

    There were so many House/Cam moments in this episode! Cameron has started to act more like House by torturing the patients in order to get results. She also helped House put his sling on, and complimented him on his cane (House: If I know what you mean):lol::lol: Hilarious. She, like the others, rejects his plea for medications, but she gives her a bottle of pills she uses for her PMS. I felt bad for the patient and his siblings. They had already been through so much, and it was hard to see them have to go away with child services.
  • It was well written, but some of the story line is getting unbelieveable.

    I liked the episode. I thought the writing was well done. I especially the allusion to Party of Five, becasue the first thing I thought of when they said that the brother was raising the two younger siblings it was the first thing that popped into my mind. I thought the dialogue that was used this episode was both comical and intruiging. I liked the whole game aspect at the begining. And then how it turned out just to be the different things that each of the others were going to do. The only thing that is starting to bother me is this whole Tritter thing. They are just taking it to far. The stuff that he would do would never happen in reality. By now he would have stopped because the hospital would have had their top lawyers take care of the case already. I think that the storyline started out ok, but now that WIlson has had to close his practice and that he is the one being affected more than House i'm starting to get really angry with House and just want him to confess to what he did. Like just end this storyline, and move on!!
  • Acting saves this otherwise not good episode!

    Again a good show despite not being the best show
    But still the acting saves this show as an 18-year old boy
    Has some kind of heart problem and that he is brought into the ER as House looks at him. Again House is best as he locks horns with everybody. The Sherlock Holmes of medicine is right again! As usual!
  • give me puke or give me death!

    I must admit, I burst out laughing when the burnt out soon-to-be-patient teenager puked all over the birthday cake & children at the Chuck E. Cheese-esque place. That place would make any healthy person vomit. We find out that this teenager is parenting his little brother and sister, since their parents are dead. And apparently, this kid is so stressed out he’s got tumors all over his brain, which of course, as usual, took forever to diagnose. Detective Tritter is not seen in this episode, but being the crooked cop he is, he’s freezing accounts left and right. This was another episode where you found yourself screaming expletives along with “Tritter”. Everyone remained true to House, tho Dr. Cameron, looking as lovely as ever, shows some backbone, refuses to prescribe House his beloved meds. Tho tensions are running high because the fuzz is on everyone’s ass. Interesting plot that the teenage patient chose death over parenthood, a sentiment echoed by many parents. This was another episode of pan of water slowly boiling more so.
    It seems that Dr. Chase is becoming a crybaby and is starting to get on House’s nerves, which the previews next week indicate House punches him right in the face. Can’t wait!
  • We're quickly approaching the Jump the Shark moment in this show.

    This one will be brief. It isn't worthy of more. This storyline with the cop running rampant over PPTH is completely ridiculous. I get it that they want to shake things up and I also get that no matter what they do to the characters on the show, no one will essentially change because they've got a hit on their hands and their not stupid enough to think that they can totally rewrite the entire structure of the show and its characters and they'll still keep their core audience intact.

    But I'm losing my ability to suspend disbelief for incredibly stupid storylines due to overuse. Enough already! Please hire a lawyer as a consultant and see if he can do his job any better than those passing as medical advisors. And please see if David Shore has slipped into a coma of his own since this show has crossed over into Fantasyland this season.

    Eight episodes! Come on already! Where the hell are the good stories, the interesting patients, the believable plot twists? Someone ought to shove a ramrod up the producers butts and leave it there for the rest of the season for this garbage.
  • I am not happy with this outrageous storyline.House has feelings,everyone has seen this over time.Tritter would never get away with this in real life. The hospital would have the best lawyer who crushed this 15 minutes after House made the call from jail.

    Every week the writers are getting a little more ridiculous. I am a huge fan of the show. I have watched every episode of season 1 and 2 about 10 times. What I've always loved about the show was House's ability to always be right, and how no matter what, he always cures his patient and goes the extra mile. He is the kind of doctor that everyone wishes would really be out there should they get sick and need a specialist. His crew is great as well, but he keeps them riveted.
    Do you notice that with this goofy storyline about Tridder, we are getting further away from the great cases. This week, we had an EXCELLENT case. They all worked really hard as usual to solve the case and the fact that Tritter wasn't even in it, made it all the better. But now, we have Wilson's DEA suspended as well as his accounts being frozen, and doctors scared to write scripts. This is BULL. It would NEVER happen in real life. One man would never be able to intimidate an entire hospital staff. Cuddy would have gotten him the BEST lawyer, maybe even called in his ex-wife as a consult and one man would NEVER get away with what Tritter is getting away with. It isn't realistic. I know that the public is expected to buy a lot of far out plots at times, but what are they thinking? This great lawyer who says "House is going to jail, you better help or you'll be with him" GIVE ME A BREAK! This is their lawyer?? And now with attractions of next week, it looks like they have him worse and going over the deep end, hitting Chase in the mouth. They are all going to turn against him. I watch the show because I like the magic that they have on solving the cases. One man (Tritter) would never be able to get away with screwing with doctors in real life, especially with a good lawyer. And one more thing. The writers have to stop House looking like a low-life druggie 24 hours a day, eating vicodan in front of everyone on purpose. They either want him to look like a brilliant doctor, or a scumbag drug addict that gets lucky. By the way, I wasn't crazy about the Vogler episodes either. It would have been better if Vogler contracted a disease that only House could cure (which I thought they were going to do when he had that dream). Now that would have been great. Again, just trying to make House look bad and then he just disappeared. The best episodes are the ones with his ex wife. That storyline is awesome. And of course all of the parts of the shows where they are brilliant in solving the puzzle. Well, that's my two cents for the day. By the way, I love this show! AJ
  • Not painful in a bad way, but in a "I can't believe this is happening" way.

    Wow, House done gone lost his mind. Last episode he was all revealing and wanting to keep his friendship with Wilson remain in tact, how is it that now he is just going to allow it to crumble? I can't believe that Wilson has to close down his practice. Here are some questions? Why is Dr. Cameron such a goody goody? She knows that Wilson is a good doc, so why does she have to give him such a hard time about the scripts? I seriously can't wait for Dr. Chase to get sucker punched next week, that will teach him to mess with a cripple.
  • Aren\'t they supposed to like .. treat the patients anymore?

    There was no closure!

    Is it just me or the last 2 episodes ended too abruptly. There was no closure. It's just not was it used to be. When at the end all the patiens are treated, they go and live happily ever after and then there's a sad moment about House featuring nostalgic music. Now, nothing! The show ended as the patient was treated, and there was no closure.

    The annoying cop guy kept blackmailing Wilson into testifying against House. Wilson ended up closing his practice. Somewhat it is actually all House's fault. And Wilson isn't playing even near the emotions he'd need to gainst House. Come on, go medieval on him!

    A great episode all in all.
  • The Tritter plotine is more interesting that the patient plotline

    This week's patient of the week is a young man who is raising his brother and sister following the death of his parents. He's admitted and for every disease knocked down, three more spring up. The medical mystery is interesting enough, though it really does take away from the big plotline of interest--the storyline with Tritter.

    Tritter's not even on screen but yet he's felt in every scene. He impounds Wilson's car and he takes away Wilson's ability to write prescriptions. It ends with Wilson having to give up his practice because House won't spare one of the kids to help him write these scripts. Last week, we heard about how House pushes people to a breaking point and then they desert him. Wilson refuses to do so, but you have to wonder just how far it will go here. House's descent continues. Recall that in the season premiere, he was living pain free, jogging to work and, in general, being a decent (for House) guy. Now he's cut off from his Vicoden, has pain occuring in his shoulder (out of guilt we're told) and he's having to steal a cane from an old guy when his old favorite is taken away. The only common ground between the two--House is distracted from the work and not focusing like he usually does. He's still tormening the kids, but did you get any sense this week that he cared about the case. He pursued it, but the same dogged House pursuit we've seen before just seemd to be missing. He's too distracted by his hunt for Vicoden and staying head of Tritter.

    Which is exactly what Tritter wants. Again, Tritter isn't on screen but we feel his shadow over all that unfolds.

    I will admit I have a fear that the Tritter plotline is going to fizzle. We saw it with Vogler where Vogler was a strong thorn in the side to House only to have House find a way to defeat him. Will it end this way with Tritter? I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  • Definately Like This Episode, House finds his team pulling away from him and the same with Wilson. His whole world is tumbling down. But whats up next? read on...

    So we see Houses Life falling apart now and you cant help but wonder, whats going to happen next? Even more so now that Wilson has pulled out because of all the issues that the a** monkey of a cop is pulling. My opinion... Because House is unstopable and it would be foolish to end the season when theyre at their peak viewer timeline is:

    House is going to go to court.
    Foreman and Chase are going to go against him, and so is Wilson. Cameron is going to be on his side. (as of recently she has really grown as a character theyre building her up, shes going to have something big happen)
    Cuddy on the other hand, is going to support him and give a long speach that if House is to lose his licence now that there are going to be so many issues, and the only reason that any of this came up is because the cop has harrassed house and other employee of the hospital. Therefore, it is the Cops issue, not Houses, House gets out of crap because Cuddy has stood up for him and cleared him, Which in turn puts House in the clinic for more hours. Or... (theres always an or)
    My Friend likes to think that if he does go to prision he will work in the jail in the infermary... and keep with his practice there, and possibly be taught a lesson or two? (I think not.. that would just be sick)
    Though Houses Future looks bleek, I still think hes going to come out on top. It would only hurt the TV networks to cut him off now.
  • Yeah, it’s got a badge and everything.)

    I liked the first 25 minutes of the episode, quite a lot of very funny bits

    * Have you ever thought of using your cane on the right side ? (I would have thought House would point out that that was his right side.. ;)) Will this be a returning character like nurse Brenda?

    *House getting so fed up with the “new equipment” when he almost stumbles over it that he trades it and tosses the sling. “Don’t use that, will make your shoulder hurt, use this!”

    But from about the time he offered to be Cuddy’s child’s father it got a bit less good. Not so funny, more serious.. a bit too dramatic/much. So I'm classifying it as average.

    Tritter: not visible in this episode, but he was very present. (Yeah, it’s got a badge and everything.)

    Whack a mole: probably the game and the “we get rid of one virus, and three more pop up, maybe this guy is a lot sicker than we thought.”

    Game : House seemed to really enjoy watching Cameron, Chase and Foreman work and give them clues while slightly annoying them.
    Great that he did not have the final diagnosis in the envelope but the exact tests Cameron, Chase and Foreman would run. ( Like said on House before – it’s the kind of doctor you are that often determines what test you will run/where you will look for the cause). Vicodin : Cuddy was very right. It was a good thing everyone stood up to them. If they hadn't Tritter could have thought House intimidated his subordinates so they would prescribe him. But she does prescribe – otherwise Tritter can say you don’t really need it. Cameron was the one that was closest to giving in, but she did not.

    Shoulder: First I thought he used it to get Vicodin ( have another reason than his leg for needing it, or try to get someone to feel sorry enough for him to prescribe it ). Then I thought the shoulder could be real ( he went to the Physical Therapist who should be able to feel there really was something wrong) because now he was on less Vicodin he would feel it more – canes do tend to put tension on the shoulder.
    And then everyone started to point out that it was the stressful changes in his life that caused the “mysterious” shoulder pain. Like when Stacey left.
    So that's probably it. And Wilson.. he got no ride from House. Looks like Tritter is pretty successful in driving that wedge in between the two of them.
  • I LOVED this episode!

    I loved all the humor, and the unexpected turns the kid's illness had, but the tragic thing was what's happening between House and Wilson. House is WAY over his head, and is dragging Wilson down too. I realy hope they stay friends, but only time will tell. I loved how they added the "shoulder pain" to show House's conscience.

    Now to the fun part: Yelling at Tritter!

    He is such a big JERK! (I'd say worse, but I'd be censored). He is taking everything away from Wilson, so he will break and tell Trittor about House. He wasn't even in this epsidoe and he stupped to an all time low. I don't even want to know what he'll take away next!

    Best lines:


    House: (to Cuddy) I knew that cleavage was a smokescreen. You’re a genius.

    Dr. Cameron: Nice cane.
    House: (winking) If I know what you mean.

    There were more, but my brain is still in shock!

    10 out of 10!
  • This was a great episode!

    I loved all the humor, and the unexpected turns the kid's illness had, but the tragic thing was what's happening between House and Wilson. House is WAY over his head, and is dragging Wilson down too. I realy hope they stay friends, but only time will tell. I loved how they added the "shoulder pain" to show House's conscience.

    Now to the fun part: Yelling at Tritter!

    He is such a big JERK! (I'd say worse, but I'd be censored). He is taking everything away from Wilson, so he will break and tell Trittor about House. He wasn't even in this epsidoe and he stupped to an all time low. I don't even want to know what he'll take away next!

    Best lines:


    House: (to Cuddy) I knew that cleavage was a smokescreen. You’re a genius.

    Dr. Cameron: Nice cane.
    House: (winking) If I know what you mean.

    There were more, but my brain is still in shock!

    10 out of 10!
  • Wow, this one! This one was truly amazing. I'm gonna save my rant for the actual review. Just click "Read more" or whatever to hear/read my full rant.

    This has got to be one of the best this season! I think it was really emotional. Wilson and House, I don't think they're gonna last much longer. If they go to court, I'm thinking Wilson is gonna testify against him. And maybe Cameron and the others too. IDK about Cuddy. I think she's on House's side. Despite his constant wise cracks that tend to get on her nerves. We didnt see Tritter in this one, but man am I starting to hate that guy! He's a jerk and a little too determined. I really do think it was the whole thermometer thing xD He's frozen WIlson's account, towed his car, and suspended his prescriptions. I could not believe it! And House's "shoulder pain" was definently guilt. Wilson's right. What House did at the very end though, that made me gawk. He saw him in the sprinkling(:lol:) rain, at the bus stop, stopped on his motorcycle and just stared, and Wilson was probably/probably not expecting a "need a ride?" That was cold. House just drove off. Geez, House is way over his head. Now the patient, that was really awesome. The sickness was suspensful, and the kids made it all the more dramatic. I can't believe he left them to social services! Why wouldn't he just get the bone maro(sp?) from his son?! One simple surgery....maybe he was just being protective. I don't know. I'm lost. I'm not good with this kind of stuff. My brain hurts. I need a coffee break. And a cookie. A really big, chocalate chip cookie....
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