Season 4 Episode 6

Whatever It Takes

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • It's almost felt like a little bit of a filler.

    This episode was actually a bity of a disappointment for me. I was actually quite bored throughout. I had thought the CIA story line would have been much more interesting then it was but it fell very short. House had minimal interaction with any of the other regular characters (new or old) which I was not pleased with at all, especially seeing as the CIA lady followed him back to Princeton. I did not like her and no it's not a Hameron thing, though I'm sure that's part of it. I just didn't like her especially considering the character was signed on for two episodes and then she's done, what the heck if the point of bringing her in as one of House's fellows if it's only for two episodes? They had enough trouble getting in House's fellows, his former fellows, and Wilson and Cuddy. The last thing they needed was another drive by cast member.
  • House goes to the CIA

    I thought this was an interesting concept of an episode, but I don't think it quite fell together- neither case really held my attention, and there wasn't enough patient development for my liking.

    Nevertheless, the humour was high as House goes to the CIA to help with a patient- his one liners with the attractive CIA doctor was interesting and entertaining, as well as his scene with Wilson on the phone- I miss seeing more of Wilson. Hiring the attractive doctor I think is a mistake though- the whole "reality tv" aspect is getting a little old now.

    Meanwhile, Foreman is struggling being in charge of the candidates who seem determined to rebel against him, especially Brendan. However, once he is prove right, it turns out that a simple "heat stroke" was responsible for the illness. House saying that the candidates should listen to Foreman in the future was a nice touch, and shows his respect for Foreman.

    The episode fell a little flat, but there were some nice touches, especially seen from Cameron and Chase- the old team probably saved this episode, and this time, with little development from the rest of the new guys (except the fired Brendan, who turned out to be nuts), their continued presence was sorely missed- it seemed to be a poorer "Airborne" episode.

    Overall, good, but not the high standards one usually expects from House- my lowest scoring so far for a hit and miss Season that started so promisingly.
  • One of my favorites.

    This episode pieced together perfectly. A girl with "polio" Wow, I really didn't want Grumpy to get eliminated. He was so awesome, but it was true, he was a nutjob. The 3 plots were perfec, more airtime for Cameron & Chase, I like how they had that flashback when Foreman stabbed Cameron in "Euphoria" I liked that plot the best. The CIA invites House to treat a patient, and he gets it all togetehr by location. Even though he was wrong 20 times. The surprise ending was the girl from the CIA wants to work with House. That was unexpected. And what was also unexpected is Grumpy poisoned the patient. A perfect episode!
  • And I thought I was done being surprised at the endings.

    I have to say I missed most of this season. At last, for just about the first time since the repeats started, I got to sit down in front of the TV to see an episode. And it . . . was one I had already seen. Oh well.

    House is basically kidnapped by the CIA to treat a patient, whose prior whereabouts are confidential. Bumbling around with little information, with another doctor in consult, House does manage to solve to puzzle and save the day. Ta da!

    Meanwhile, at the hospital, a patient is being treated for a mysterious illness. Only at the end of the episode, does the bombshell drop and someone is fired (and hopefully arrested).

    Dr. Samira Terzi comes to Princeton Plainsboro, supposedly for a job. She can match wits with House. She will be "trouble". Be careful what you wish for!
  • Doesnt really come together

    I dont think this episode works well at all. Interesting concept just bad execution. Split the locations was interesting, esp. given the CIA angle. However, one episode of 45mins isnt enough to develop either story line. In the end, youll probably end up like me - sticking with House, because he is the more interesting character and much of the fun happens around him. However, neither story goes anywhere and is a condensed version of a normal one story episode. This just doesnt allow for the build up of tension or worry to happen. Frankly the polio storyline ended up seeming out of place. With so many characters introduced at the start of the series I hadnt made any connection w/ Andy Comeau which doesnt provide the chance for his character (Brennan) to build up over the episodes enough to appreciate why he does what he does. Sure the stakes are high and he is emotionally pent up about the lack of money spent on treatments for "poor" diseases but would he really manufacture an illness out of nothing?!

    It didnt ring true to me. Yet if you can see past that, then perhaps you will enjoy this episode. As it is, a good episode, but not as good an execution.
  • This episode is really bad.

    Hey writers, there´s no 40 days of Carnival at Brazil, only 5!!! And there´s no such thing about a 'Devil´s Dance' at Belem do Pará!!! Come on! I think that before writing, the writers must do some type of inquiry. Know better about the countries you write. Otherwise it produces prejudice and ignorance. And House don´t deserves this. Brazil is a country of such diversity of races and customs, any region of our contry is full of awesome places and people. Carnival is one of our most popular party, but is not the lonely. The way that you told this episode is so far from reality.
  • Review

    Back to back amazing episode to remind me why I watch House. This episode was boarderline "pee your pants when you watch it" with House going to the CIA to work on a very secret patient. Those scenes were the best I thought and the woman coming to him at the end for a job was something that I never would have seen coming. I think it should make for an interesting effect now that House is down to five in the competition, but can only let in two and not three people like we thought. Foremans half of the episode was solid, but watching the episode Hugh Laurie just stole the show away. I think Omar Epps would be a better fit on a show like Grey's Anatomy for his acting because here he is simply overshadowed and outmatched when the scenes are switching between House and Foreman. Overall, the episode had me laughing more then any episode this season which gives it two thumbs up in my book.
  • I liked the CIA twist on things. Very clever. And of course, noone believes House could be helping the CIA. House seems to have a little more respect for Foreman now. That will be intersting if it continues to develop.

    Nice episode. I like the CIA angle and the fact that the CIA doc was impressed with House's medical expertise and not distracted by his (lack of) personality. I do think the whittling down of the "new" team members should speed up a tad. Get rid of the ones who really don't seem to play a major role. Good episode on the whole though. I wonder if Cameron and Chase will return to the fold? Will Foreman's return encourage them? It will be interesting to find out. And how long will Wilson allow House to abuse their friendship? Will he ever just say enough is enough?
  • Only good because of the House/CIA storyline. House, Foreman and new hot cia woman, no need for the others

    Ive only given this score for the episode of house because of house's separate CIA storyline. Apart from that the episode was the same, a paitent comes in, the candidates argue and get alot of things wrong (in this case everything)
    It was an interesting idea at the start to have new people applying for the job, but when they started to develop personalities it became annoying and boring. I feel its starting to bring house down (the show not the character).
    Also there is no need what so ever to even have cameron and chase in season 4, they offer nothing anymore and should of stayed gone after season 3 i just feel they add nothing anymore. As a viewer i would be happy just have foreman, house and the new former CIA doctor as the new team, but something needs to change quite soon with the candidates.
  • Good episode!

    I've only one small comment to make about this episode, by the way, the only point I agree with Olgkap's review previously sent and so, since her/his words were clearly and well exposed, I simply will copy some of them below:

    ".....I can "forgive" a lot these days,but not transforming my favorite character "brilliant, funny, surprising, sexy" House into deeply sexually unsatisfied midle aged man with the humor of a horny teen........,but "I have a position on my penis exceed the tolerable level....."

    I agree and I think this is not House's character we are used to see. A big mistake the writers made.
  • The ending was so good.

    Well we have two cases this week, and House leaves Foreman in charge. As expected, the team goes on a little rebellion against Foreman, who they don't even think is good enough to be their superior. Meanwhile, House goes to the CIA for a special case, and surprise, surprise, no one believes him.

    The team back at the hospital deal with a female racer who seems to have a multitude of symptoms, and they can't seem to figure out what the sickness is. Though at the end, Foreman makes a comeback and shows why he deserves to be the team's superior. If it wasn't for what Foreman did, this episode would have been a 7.

    At the CIA, House has to deal with a man who looks like he suffered from a massive amount of radiation, but after finding out somebody's mistakes, the case seems quite simple actually. A pretty good case, but other than the girl, I didn't like any of the characters at the CIA.

    Episode Quote (House): This looked better on 24. (After seeing a hot girl). I take that back.
  • House found a new girl !!!

    House is called by the CIA to help find out if a guy was poisoned.

    Foreman is left in charge of the "students".

    One of the "students" fakes tests to get what he wants.

    This was a great episode, House helping the CSI, finding out that the guy was not poisoned, just eat too many brazilian nuts hehe oh and im from brazil and i never heard of "devil's dance" hehehe have no clue what he was talking about.

    Liked the new girl, hopefully she will bring new stories to the show.

    Hating more and more Cuddy each day, she is more annoing than ever !!!
  • When will it be only 3?

    Another doctor is here to take the spot of the young, enthusiastic "interns". I still don't understand if Foreman is one of the 3 persons in House's team or if he is above that. Are they working at the same level? Because if they are not that means there is only one spot left on the team. And i thought House was going to give the old "wanting to be a doctor without a diploma" a janitor/doctor job. Was he going to give him the bad payed job only if he was above the others? So as a conclusion: Are there only 3 or 1 spot left on the team? Peace and a confused out.
  • This episode has eveerything that you could ever want - CIA spooks, drag racing,consiparcies, and ... chestnuts?

    I could think of no more fitting a beginning for this episode than to start out on a drag strip. This episode is perhaps one of the most exciting in the entire series, bringing about an interesting twist with every turn.

    The entire episode features two (almost) parallel storylines, both of which are well done and yet offer something completely different to the episode. The CIA storyline offers most of the humor throughout the episode (which makes sense, given that it features House), and does so extremely well - probably because it features House outside of his normal envirnoment, interacting with other doctors who are not friends or subordinates. The jokes about the CIA were all very funny, but some of the best moments in this story line have nothing to do with the CIA (seeing "Cutthroat b*tch" and hearing "I happen to have a position available on my penis were enough to drop me to the floor with laughter).

    The drama of the episode is primarily offered by the drag racer storyline, where Foreman has to (yet again) come to terms with his own self-doubt. In the middle of this episode, I was a little worried that this was going to be a repeat of season three all over again - something that I didn't want to see. Fortunately, the writers were able to pull Foreman back (albeit with the help of Cameron) - and his newfound confidence leads to one of the best showdowns in the history of "House". The confrontation between House, Foreman, and Brennan (aka Dr. Polio) was classic - one that still sends some chills through my spine.

    My only regret about this episode came at the very end. I was very happy with the entire story (and the dialoge between Cuddy and House was a great cherry on the top of this episode), until House stepped outside of the hospital and accepted another applicant into the fellowship race. While I am enjoying the newbies, allowing a new applicant to come into the pool left me feeling that the next team is not going to come into fruition until sometime next year. And as much the series, I don't want to see things get stagnent becuase of a neverending story arc.

    That being said, this episode is easily a series classic, and one I will enjoy watching over and over again.
  • A fun departure from typical House episode this time focusing on comedy and I appreciated them for it. House had a one-liner for everything especially when at the CIA and the hot doctor. Some would say he was over the top but we love

    A fun departure from typical House episode this time focusing on comedy and I appreciated them for it. House had a one-liner for everything especially when at the CIA and the hot doctor. Some would say he was over the top but we love House for his wise cracks so I don't see the problem. The method of getting rid of one of the prospects was done well. Mr. cause's exit was totally in his character and unexpected I could see him doing something crazy to help the patient but hurting someone just to further his cause I didn't see coming. Loved Foreman's place being solidified by House and the recruits being put in their place good episode.
  • House Meets the CIA

    There is a new lady added to the group. There is a new patient somewhere far where who has survived a possible assassination attempt. The character is named John and he has come from Bolivia. There are alot of personal battles foreman has to get the case right. He somehows gets through all of them without much of a problem. A case of a high speeding car racer presents itself. The twists in this one wll as always question the ethics of House if he has any to say the least. But they still good job by answering all the basic moral questions doctors have to face on a daily basis
  • Same old get case, its lupus, no not lupus, steal or lie to gain information in place of just asking, try treatment that is not approved, save patient.

    Once again, the viewer is subjected to Houses sex obsession. One might wonder why he does not just go to a bar, pick some woman up, and let off some steam. This episode saw at the same formula as all the past episodes with at least a mildly interesting end to one of his assistant's career. When will the viewer see some break from the monotony of, get case, its lupus, no not lupus, steal or lie to gain information in place of just asking, try treatment that is not approved, save patient, House stares into space, cue closing credits.
  • A very good twist on the formula.

    Let's remember for a moment, House has a formula. Events happen at such predictable times you can set your watch to it. Still, that doesn't make the show any less great. In this one, we have 2 diagnosis going on, one with Foreman in charge and one with House at the CIA.

    House's shameless flirting with the CIA doctor had me rolling. You know your in fantasy land when not only can you get away with stuff like that but she decides to join your staff in the end. On Foreman's end, it turns out a routine case become anything but routine. Docs going behind his back giving treatments, and then there was the polio incident. Infecting one to test a cure, that was a twist I never saw coming. And then his justification, infect one to save millions, very well done. I have to admit, I like this new twist on the show. I'm sure they're going to get the team back together. Chase talking to Foreman at the end and admitting she's bored in ER is probably the beginning of her return. I wonder how she'll react to the new lady in House's life?
  • Amusing episode.

    House was great also! This episode was especially funny. The case with Foreman was also really good. I loved how that one crazy candidate fakes the tests so it seemed like they cured polio. I loved how Foreman turned out being right and was like the somewhat-hero of the situation. House's plot with the CIA was hilarious! I loved how he dealt with the other doctor, ignored and ridiculed him. The woman working for the CIA wa an interesting character and it seems like she will be in future episodes- I wonder how that'll work out. I loved the ending where House tried to convince Cuddy that he was in the Hamptoms treating some rich kid's son. Anyway, while there have been better episodes, I think this was definitley a step upwards.
  • I hope (Hope dies last,right?)it was the "bottom of the barrel" ,because it can't go worse or can it?

    I'm not an optimist in general,but I tried to stay "positive" and wait patiently until the "surviver" phase of the show ends and "House" would be able to regain it's faded by the end of the season three deep ,intelligent,sarcastic writing, but after this ep I started doubt it's possible.Ever. There was just one storyline in the ep that worked ,more or less,House/Foreman.I'm not a fan of Foreman and I really don't see how he could be placed in the PPTH without being just another annoying compromise (we can see how "well" it has been working for Chase and Cameron so far - no matter what they do,and for Chase it's mostly scrabbling,their scenes feels unnecessary and forced),but I can see Foreman's story in this ep as a writers way to let him go with some dignity - he came back ,he realized he isn't completely useless and unemployable(why was he unemployable to begin with? Oh,well...),but he ISN'T House and go somewhere to be a decent neurologist.End of story.Good bye Foreman.We will remember you fondly.I'd prefer to skip the "rehabilitation" of Foreman part and never see him again after season 3 finale ,but that can work as well. Unfortunately, it's pretty much all positive I can say about the ep.Everything else was either boring (at some point I stopped notice difference between the actual ep and the commercial breaks)or annoying or just lame and painful to watch. Both medical stories was plain and insignificant. Seriously, the race car driver having a heatstroke, which nobody could diagnost ,so the bad-bad crazy Guy from The Peace Corp seized the day and poisoned her to...make a better world? Never mind, "people do crazy things" - crazy people do even crazier things, I suppose.The spy's overeaten nuts..well, I guess that "dance" he was participating in required the massive protein intake and those poisonous Brazil Nuts were the most suitable souse of it in Brazil.But not in Bolivia.And all CIA doctors weren't capable to find what it was exactly the guy indulged himself with.Which was not surprising ,if judge by the Dr.Samira.I don't know who decided that doctor who works to CIA has to have the manners of a Bond Girl (and not the best one of them),but Michael Michele unnatural ,stiff performance was so annoying it's upsetting to think we doomed to see her in one(?) more ep. I realize it was hard to find something that could give Wilson and Cuddy justifiable reasons for short ,but memorable appearances,but the idea of the hospital administrator hasn't been informed that the helicopter landed on her "baby"s roof is a blasphemy.And ,btw, I do remember PPTH has a real landing place for helicopters (we've seen it in "Distractions") with elevator leading to it etc...but I keep forgetting it was a secret landing,so House had to climb the two flights of stairs...which he performed surprisingly easy.Is it just me or his leg is getting better and better each next ep this season? But the most painful for me part was what the writers done to House himself.I can "forgive" a lot these days,but not transforming my favorite character "brilliant, funny, surpr- sing, sexy" House into deeply sexually unsatisfied midle aged man with the humor of a horny teen.Not that it was very surprising,they 've been doing that sort of things from the middle of the last season ,but "I have a position on my penis exceed the tolerable level.Even the brilliant HL performance (on the whole and in the final scene especi- ally)couldn't save the stupid incompetence of writing. Imo it was the worst "House" episode ever...... so far.
  • House is asked by the CIA to treat one of their agents. This proves difficult since he is given very little information about the agent. Meanwhile, the students work under Foreman to try to treat a race car driver.

    I thought this episode was very entertaining and one of the funniest episodes of season four. House's scenes with Wilson and Cuddy were hilarious. The random references to The X-Files, 24, and Gilligan's Island cracked me up. The end of the episode was an interesting twist, which added to the excitement of the show. However, I do not like how the show is attempting to expand Foreman's role. His character is just "there" and is really not that interesting. They should have more scenes with Cameron and Chase. I do like how the show is developing the student's roles, especially 13. It is an interesting aspect of the show that is making it so different from the other seasons.
  • House is taken to CIA headquarters to treat one of thier agents while Foreman and the fellowhip students treat a race car driver.

    I have never been so disappointed in an episode of House. The gang is still around but the qualities that made this show a cut above the rest is slowly slipping away.

    Foreman correctly diagnosis the race car driver as having heat stroke but the candidates are too focused on scoring brownie points with House that they perform useless and unnecessary test on the patient. Meanwhile, House is too focused on scoring with Dr. Terzi that he overlooks the fact that the guy was being poisoned with Brazilan nuts.

    Foreman is still trying to get some respect from the candidates in addition to not act like House. The more he tries to act like himself, them more he ends up acting like House. Cameron is still acting like a lovelorn school girl who misses her boss and the excitement of her old job. Too bad she didn't consider that before she resigned. I just hope and pray that she doesn't beg House to put her back on the team.

    I've always liked Michael Michele, but her character was underwhelming and boring. I saw more sparks fly when House electrocuted himself than there was between Dr. Crabby and Dr. Terzi. I really thought that House was acting worse than an horney school boy in heat. I thought that he was treating the doctor more as a sex object than as an equal.

    The positive aspect of the show was the realization by House that his version of Survivor isn't turning out so good. I was upset to think that Dr. Grumpy could manage to poison a patient, pass it off as polio, and then give her vitamin C to treat it. Hopefully, House will finally act like a responsible adult play doctor rather than think about sex. House has never been shy about sexual innuendos, but they have never interfered in treating a patient.

    I still have hope that the rest of the season will improve and the magic will once again return.
  • Whatever it takes… yes, o.k., whatever…. Better then last week, still not on House level.

    A fairly o.k. ep. These days it seems like a good thing. Oh well.

    The story was so-so. Again no real medical puzzles - a guy eats nuts, a girl has a heatstroke... come on... At least these are existing illnesses, after last ep made up one... Woo, we're having a real disease! Hooray!

    The twist in the plot with Grumpy was good. At least some of Sherlock Holmes long forgotten specialty ís thrown in there for a change. Yes, it's the little things that make up happy. What was scary with that twist though, was that all the new guys took the stupid Vitamin C treatment as a real possibility. Now what does that say about their brilliant medical abilities? What's the logic behind that? Oh, logic, I forgot it's not part of the House agenda anymore. Sorry...

    I absolutely hated the horny-as-a-15-year-old House, with all the stupid adolescent jokes, but once I saw how great HL was on the last scene, it somehow made it all tolerable. We didn't see House's vulnerable side in a very long time. Great performance, which only just reminded once again how his great talent is completely wasted this season. That's the House I miss. Bring him back with the wit and sarcasm, not the juvenile one-liners.

    Unfortunately, this really great performance was totally wasted on the stiff wooden thing that's called Michael Michelle. What a lousy actress! And we need to see her AGAIN? Heaves no! Don't we have too many characters already that we need one more? Oh, that lost logic pops up once again...

    Hated Foreman! Can't stand him! What's his role anyway? He calls House "my boss" but acts like he's in charge even when House is there. He picks up on House's first idea (heat stroke) and then he's the one who was right about it all along? He shows no ability to run a team or to run a diagnosis. He's SO boring, shows no real development (hey, the guy still insists on wearing purple!) and still whines to no end. Get. Rid. Of. Him. Already.

    Oh, Cameron misses the "way we were"??... ah... how sad... Well we don't. Take Foreman and be gone... you can leave Chase behind. He's the only one who's still interesting. Maybe because he's the only one who doesn't want to mess up with House anymore.

    Wilson was funny and really good this time around, maybe because his time was so limited. Why he's so afraid of the CIA background check? Hmmm...interesting..

    Cuddy is just getting stupider and stupider. How can she not know the CIA's helicopter was on the hospital roof? What kind of a Dean of Medicine isn't consulted before one of her doctors is called to consult somewhere? Can't anyone give the poor woman a real role? And what's her thing now with using clinic hours as punishments for her senior doctors? What is she now? A nursery school teacher? What an absolute waste of a good character.

    CTB and Taub were just great together. Loved the sarcastic humor: "I'm with the little one"... "anti-nausea drugs", "shiksas are just for practice".... Niiice... they should stay, along with Kutner. Get rid of all the rest of them and start writing some decent House eps asap - we're at ep 6 this season and it's really time to get things to the real level of House. 'Cause right now we're getting the soap version and I already did my laundry, thank you very much.
  • It was different and funny but the magic was not there

    I love House.. I adore the show but.. I am not very happy what has been happening. Ok, the new theme was ok first, really great variety but now - they have been long enough and they have not proved themselves. And the old theme - they are not very good either. They just do not have almost no screen time. And this episode - it just run over Foreman and every thing he did - they tried to prove it was wrong. And the one who poisoned patient in order to prove his vision was right - it was shocking but he was right - so many illnesses that do not worry high level countries - some not so good living standards have them and helping them would not hurt anyone. Without it, it would be even worser.

    The House part of the episode.. one time he told truth and noone believed him. Cuddy at least not.

    It was good but not the old good magic.
  • House's practices are questioned, and so is Foreman's judgement.

    This is one of the few shows that I am willing to watch over Dancing with the Stars' result show. This episode proves why. In this series, there are many times where House must choose his actions carefully, but then doesn't. In the end, however, he always manages to save someone. How is that? In reality, we don't get to do that. This episode was incredibly amusing. And now, there is going to be another team member, who might outlive 13. Which makes me sad, cause I liked 13. And I'm not happy with Foreman in this episode. But, still very good, and well written. Let's hope the Writer's Strike doesn't effect House in any way.
  • House has to diagnose a CIA man and his team have to diagnose a race car driver.

    I like the ones where there House diagnoses one person and the team diagnoses another. The medical mysteries were better in this one than the last one (although still not up to par). The best part was the humour. I laughed so hard through all of House's rediculous flirting. I also liked it when he called the CIA man an idiot even though it didn't really matter. I'm glad he fired (or rather, forced to quit) one of the contestants, and I liked the way he was forced. I'm not happy, however, that they just replaced him with that CIA woman. It's worrisome.
  • Foreman leads the fellowship candidates to treat a dragster driver in House's absence. Why is House absent? He has been tapped by the CIA to diagnose an agent's mystery illness.

    This was a great episode, with two POTW which made for a very interesting and entertaining episode.

    The fellowship candidates are starting to get a little carried away. Foreman really hit the nail on the head when he talked about them being interested in the "job as opposed to the medicine." It was pretty shocking when the "Doctors Without Borders" volunteer admitted to sickening the patient even more. Where does it end? He said it was for the greater good, but was it really? I know the oath all doctors take includes the line "first do no harm." Their interactions were amusing, but this could get old quick.

    Anybody catch how Amber comes up on House's phone, as well as his ringtone?

    The dialogue between Wilson and House was priceless. Well written and well acted. It is always great to watch the two interact on screen, and last night's episode did not dissappoint.

    House at the CIA, that was a brilliant idea that was carried out just as nicely. His interaction with the male doctor was very funny and his relentless pursuit of the female CIA doctor was hysterical. It was pretty lewd at times, but confidence counts, and makes up for a heck of a lot.

    Fine example of a show. It's no wonder why it gets strong ratings and has earned Hugh Laurie some awards. It was a stellar performance. Something needs to happen with the fellowship candidates, this is on the verge of getting stale considering the CIA doctor is in the mix now.
  • House gets called in by the CIA while Foreman runs the team back at the hospital

    I liked this episode. I thought it was good that they showed how Foreman can be bad with a patient because he doesn't know how to mix who he wants to be with who he really is. House deals better with patients because he doesn't care if he offends them, Foreman does care and yet pretty much wants to treat them the same. He needs to work that out. I definitely had no idea that Michelle Michaels would be added to the cast... Is she going to be added permanently or is she going to be thrown into the mix with the survivor crew. I also have heard nothing about her being added to the show so how long is she going to be around? Interesting. I also liked the twist at the end with Dr. Grumpy faking results to get testing for Africa. Such a good twist and also a good way to show that Foreman actually is better than we think he is but just doesn't know how to assert himself yet. Next week looks really good also. On a side note, I feel like Cameron and Chase especially are getting a little bit shafted on screen time. I love them both especially Chase and I want more of him!
  • The team need House or do they.

    House has a field trip to Langley. Interesting. Believable too. What I found really interesting was the fact the Cuddy was clueless as to his whereabouts. The newbies are still learning or trying to decide whom to believe and listen to, House, Foreman or themselves. I actually really like that aspect of the new team. Still not knowing what to expect. Now for the cases at hand. I felt really bad for the patient waiting for the team to decide what was wrong with her. Then having a member of her medical team poisen her just to be right. Then we have "John" a member of the CIA not know what was wrong him and due to the confidentially of his job. Very little information could be shared with his medical team who was trying to save his life. At least House made a new friend. This development should prove interesting.
  • House does some consulting for the CIA.

    I really did not focus or care about either patient on tonight's episode.

    My favorite part of the episode was when House outed Grumpy for trying to pretend the racer had Polio when all she had was heat stroke. So House got rid of one more of his candidates, but added the CIA doctor to the roster.

    Honestly, I prefered grumpy to this new doctor. I hope she doesn't become a regular.

    I liked the scene between Chase and Cameron, but I miss seeing more of Chase.

    Cameron is still under Houses spell, and even Chase see it. She spends a lot of her time involving herself in House's cases and I'm not sure it all about the work.
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