Season 2 Episode 23

Who's Your Daddy?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 16, 2006 on FOX

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  • Great House-Cuddy interaction!

    I loved this episode!
    We see House caring about a true friend from his past, and, more importantly, we see House caring about a true friend in the present: Cuddy. I love the interaction between these two, and I hope the writers build on this.
    I was disappointed, however, with the previews for next week's season finale: looks brutal and violent, without room to build on what was planted in the last two weeks.
    But I loved this episode -- wonderful, sensitive, intelligent writing. And, as always, superb acting by the outstanding cast.
  • The G-Man.

    So House has another friend aside from Wilson...who knew!?

    I forgot how good this episode was until I re-watched it. The case itself wasn't the best by far this Season, but the drama of whether or not it was House's friends daughter was quite entertaining. House's treatment of her during the torture scene was great and funny, and this combined oxymoronically when she hallucinated him in horrific circumstances.

    What was equally enteraining was the moments between Cuddy and House as Cuddy continued her quest to find a sperm doner, and House kept quiet. I think there was a lot of unsaid chemistry there, emphasised in particular when Cuddy clearly wants to ask him to be a doner. When House "interviews" the person for a fellowship, I laugh out loud everytime. Credit to the actor who played him for setting himself up for a pure mocking role!

    It was also interesting to see House protect his old friend, by pretending the victim was his daughter.

    Overall, the episode was another solid episode. By no means was this the best episode of Season 2 (in fact, it is one of the ones I distinctly forget), but regarding its competion, its hardly surprising. A good, solid episode, but nothing extraordinary special.
  • What do you know - House has friends....

    House's old friend Dylan Crandall (D.B. Sweeney, who gives a very good performance) brings him a case. Crandall recently found out he had a daughter, Leona who is a victim of Hurricane Katrina and also happens to be the grand-daughter of a Louisiana blues legend that Crandall wrote a book about. Leona also happens to be hallucinating and dying. House suspects that Leona is playing Crandall for the fool, lying that she is Crandall's daughter, but Crandall will not let House do a paternity test as he desperately desires to be this girl's father and wants to base this new relationship with her on trust. While House tries to figure out what is wrong with Leona, he bats his morals back and forth on whether or not to do a paternity test against his friend's will.

    The case itself is not particularly interesting, but the part of the story where House and Crandall duel over whether a paternity test is beneficial or not makes "Who's Your Daddy?" one of the better episodes of season two.
  • Katrina girl.

    This episode was so predictable, of course the Katrina girl was lying. This episode was really boring for me, it was like any other plot, without the excitement, there was nothing really exciting about this episode. Except the poop coming out of the girl's mouth, that was funny, so anyways, it was a filler I would say, House gets a patient, gets sick, wrong treatment, gets sicker, epiphany, real treatment, gets better. What really sucked is at the end the tests were negative & House lied to save their father/daughter bond I guess, Cuddy's plot was pretty funny, her still trying to find a kid. Okay episode.
  • Wow House has more than one friend!

    House and Cuddy made this episode funny! I loved how House had to give Cuddy the fertility shots in her butt. It was so funny to see the two of them like that. I loved Cuddy having House look through sperm donor files too.

    The case wasn't all that great! I hated Crandall's lying "daughter". It was so annoying to just hear House telling Crandall that he should so a paternity test and that she wasn't his daughter and all. I wanted to smack House.

    Leona's heart condition was pretty cool though. I loved how House wanted to do the electricity thing to Leona's heart after she had what they believed to be a heart attack. Her hallucinations were cool too.

    House and his leg pain was kind of annoying too. You kind of felt bad that his leg hurt but you kind of just wanted him to shut up about it already!

    This was an okay episode of House but it wasn't anything special.
  • Review

    I thought this was one of the better episodes of the season. The scenes between House and Cuddy were very interesting and there may be something in the finale that shows us that there might be more then meets the eye when it comes to there relationship. The question Cuddy came up to ask house was no doubt going to be If he lked her or if she could have his sperm because she liked him...I just dont know what made her back down and run away from it. I thought the case in this episode was nothing more then average. There wasnt any unique drama other then "Is he really your daddy" The fact that House lied to cover up for his friend really showed me something about the kind of doctor / man he is. I thought it was a good episode overall.
  • An okish episode with character backgrounds revealed but nothing stunning.

    Well we meet House's old friend who has just discovered he has a daughter. It is great to learn more about House's past and to meet some of his 'friends' just to see what his friends are like. But the plot was weak and farily predictable.

    The saviour of this episode was the twist of House being uncharacteristc and lying about paternity. An interesting end that shows that House can consider people's feelings.
  • Substandard is putting it mildly. After five really good episodes in a row, comes this turkey.

    Okay, this is a rather blah episode in just about every way, from the soap opera to the medical mystery to the medical accuracy to the solution to the character development (ESPECIALLY the character development). After five really good episodes in a row, I of course had very high expectations, especially from a new writer. But, of all things, did they have to portray a black female Katrina victim as a con artist? Puhleeze, I know this is FOX and all, but even for them this is a low point. Can you say \"Looter\" anyone? The medicine seems to focus more on shock value than drama (do I have to mention what I\'m talking about? Ick), and, to top it all off, the solution to the mystery is painfully obvious from the start (gee, MOLD growing in New Orleans? Wow, that never occurred to me!). I\'m looking forward to seeing the season finale, hopefully Shore himself will be able to wash the taste of this one out of my mouth.
  • One of the best episodes of this season. Great story, acting, dialogue and character development. Very well written. We get a chance to learn a bit about the young House (the \"G man\"...) and a chance to speculate about Cuddy\'s f

    Again a great performance by Hugh Laurie - his ability to portray this character\'s complexity is amazing. He is an amazing actor who acts with his whole body - just one look at his face or his hands and you can figure it all. Sometime with him it feels there\'s no need for the dialogue.
    And back to House - no one called him the \"G man\" until now, and it\'s very refreshing to see that even the younger House was the unique and free spirit character he is today.... never wanted to be likeable and but always with a great sense of humor that again doesn\'t appeal to all. I think that\'s what I like best about him - he is his own person no matter what. He doesn\'t care about the popularity contest....
    Wilson, on the other hand, just doesn\'t get it - he\'s so judgmental of House and so self righteous sometimes I want to slap him. God knows why he thinks he\'s in a position to judge House - with 3 failed marriages, an affair with a patient and other affairs... Telling House he likes to be miserable, that his pain is only because of emotional problems is shallow and pathetic. He needs to grow up!
    As for Cuddy - I love her Ï thought I knew all your friend"... I can\'t see her as a great mother, but I guess she thinks she just needs this on her resume.... However, she is changing and trusts House more then ever. Still doesn\'t like him enough to ask him to be the donor though but we\'ll see what will come out of this.
    On the whole, one of my favorite episodes.
  • house reunite with a old friend only to find out that his friend may be the father of a 16-year-old girl who is a hurricane Katrina victim suffering from hallucinations.

    I am one of the biggest house fan but am sorry to say i was not feeling this episode.

    the only thing that saved it from being completely boring was the whole doctor Cuddy and house moments i love the way they push each others buttons in a loving caring way. and the whole Excrement coming out of the 16 year old girl mouth was soooo gross but intresting to watch.
    the whole season has been on top form each soryline getting better and better but some how this was not one of them.

    i really hope the next one is not disappointing.
  • this is why i watch this show!

    hugh laurie character dr. house is the most egotastic doctor i've ever seen, and that's why we love him and the whole cast.
    when you see dr. house about to shoot up i guess some pain killer he gets a call from libby for a new case with a girl with heart trouble but didn't have a heart attack. d.b. sweeny character as the dumb founded don't know father was okay not a emmy worthey performance. but the case was different with the girl linking out from her mouth that was suppose to come out of her but was gross. and with dr. cuddy wanting to have a sperm donor to get pregant. i would doante fro her anytime. but i like that dr. house helped her out to find the right donor for her and she is human after all.
    this is one of the best episode this season. i can't wait for the season finale.
  • Hats off to writing and acting!

    My hat is off to the writing and the acting
    As the cast really does work well around Gregory House
    He needs to take morphine for his leg but doesn't at first
    Until he is forced reluctantly too. He also trades some
    Funny lines with that Cameron as I laughed my butt off.
    Dark show but in a good kind of way with tons of lines that are funny but yet so true!
  • Great episode

    This was a great episode of House. The writers finally went back to their roots and produced another great episode with a fantastic case and good character development.

    The episode had a fantastic case, it was another battler for House and the team to work out, but in the end the managed to find the fungus that was killing the young girl.

    It was great to see that House had friends in his early adult years :) no matter how gullible they were.

    Foreman was again back to normal with no signs of memory loss or any other side effects from the brain biopsy. I loved the House / Cuddy moments where you always thought something was going to happen, but it never did.

    That last scene when Cuddy walked into House's office, i knew she was there to ask House if he wanted to be the donor but she didn't have the guts to do it.

    In the end we see that House does cherish his friendships and keeps the fact that the young girl was not his friends daughter to himself. This is quite a character development on House's part, showing that he would keep the truth from his friend just so that his friend would stay just as happy as he is.

    The next episode should be absolutely fantastic judging by the preview. I shall be waiting for that one this whole week.
  • This was wonderful!

    This episode was a nice refreshing calm before the storm. This episode was mainly based on the PoTW. Which is nice every once and awhile. I think this was good epi preceeding the season finale , which looks like it will be absolutely one of the best.

    The Cuddy " Sperm Search " was quite revealing. Especially at the end where Cuddy came to " thank" House for the injections. It probably left the House/Cuddy shippers squealing with joy.
  • Great episode, which leaves me slightly confused on Cuddy, but also content since this was a true House one.

    The one before the finale, but defenitely not a filler one !
    Very well written, good plot. I really liked this and I"m stil trying to put some pieces of the puzzle into place. I felt like the personal issues going on were almost as much the main focus as the medical mystery was, where normally the mystery takes up nearly all the space.
    Great one liners ( I thought I knew all of your friend ).
    Very funny answering message.
    Leona collapses on an airplane after hallucinating. House struggles with increased leg pain, finally giving up on trying to walk through it and reaching for the morphine when Cuddy calls ( great answering machine message !). Leona claims an old friend of House is her dad. Following Houses' rule of thumb she's lying. Which is confirmed in the end.
    House's "famous" exit line of the week is "She'll be better by breakfast/lunch/dinner. House keeps alsmot franticaly/annoyed and with a hint of desperation pacing the hallway ( and I laughed out loud at the sight of the Ducklings following him around!)
    Because House wrecked the relationship of Crandall with one of his girlfriends ( after watching 3 times I'm still confused as to if this was also Leona's mother ) he owes him and so he tells the girl he really is her dad after all, giving Crandall the family/role he wants. Now we're even.
    Meanwhile Cuddy has a big decision to make: who will be her "daddy"/ sperm donor? House reviews her top picks,and tracks down one to prove his point : Genes matter, who you are matters. Get someone you trust. Cuddy replies with : Someone like you. And Houses comeback of "Someone you like" is brilliant. By dinnertime of course Leona was cured.
    Cuddy came to Houses' office, clearly trying to decide whether or not to say something different, but in the end decided to go with just a Thank you. What did she really want to say ? Thanks for the advice and case reviews on my possible donors ? Thanks for not telling anyone? Thanks for your advice and you were right, I really need to get someone I know, not an anonymous donor? THanks, I'm already pregnant?( I doubt this last one is it, but you never know!).
    I hope the Cuddy mystery gets resolved next week. Untill then I am staying away from all spoilers/hints/clues on what the finale is about - so far so good - can't wait for it to air because I want to know what happens, can't wait for it to air because it means after that there's no House fix for months !!
  • Hat\'s off to the writers who came up with the story line for this episode.

    From the title, \"Who\'s Your Daddy?\", to the last scene where you see that word \"Negative\" on the lab report, this script allows us to go deeper into the minds and feelings of the main characters. Dr.Cuddy realizes that there\'s more to life than just her successful career in medicine. She\'s still in business-mode though about choosing a father for a future child. House shows he\'s more \"human\" by going through the time and effort to find one of the prospective fathers (sperm donors). Actions did speak louder than words in this case. House\'s advice to Cuddy was from the heart that she find a donor that she could like and trust.
    House actually appeared to listen and think about what Crandall said about why he wanted to be Leona\'s daddy. It was the right time in Crandall\'s life to take on this kind of responsibility. I think House let some of this conversation sink into his brain for future thought.
    As for the \"disease\" of the week, hemochromatosis, the writers made a perfect choice. It had the important component that Leona had inherited it from a family gene. By listening to the grandfather\'s music, House learned some family history which was used for the diagnosis. But now for a peek at the darker side of House. Why did he lie to Leona and Crandall? As a doctor, he knows how helpful family history can be when diagnosing some chronic or acute illnesses. If Leona had another medical problem later on, it could be life-saving to know your family\'s past. There is always the possibility down the line some other doctor would run a test and Crandall would find out that Leona was not his child. What would that do the House/Crandell friendship? We\'ll never know who is Leona\'s daddy. But if Cuddy gets pregnant, any bets on speculating about the baby-to- be and asking \"Who\'s Your Daddy?\".
  • Hilarious...

    After the serious two-part series, i was kind of glad to get a not-so-intense episode which included a lot of what Doctor House does best; sarcastic and witty comedy. Some of his comments and mannerisms had me laughing my butt off, like calling the girl \\\"potty mouth\\\", and his pretended concern when talking to the sperm donor. It was also a great episode showing the tension between Cuddy and House, and the kind of relationship they have. It provided a great backdrop for next week\\\'s season finale, which, from the looks of it will be pretty intense, and for a lot of season three\\\'s storylines too!!
  • Although this wasn\\\'t as exciting as I had hoped, I still felt it was a special eppy and I loved it!

    In \"Who\'s Your Daddy\", I saw some wonderful scenes that obviously are leading up to lots of fun next season. House has an old friend Dylan who shows up with a girl he has just been told is his daughter from a fling 16 years ago. Leona is a Hurricane Katrina victim. It seems her heart is bad and causing hallucinations! House is highly skeptical that Leona is telling the truth. His friend is too gullible to see that she has latched on to him. But House tries to fix her heart, but she still hallucinates. They try to see if it\'s an autoimmune disease. The grossest scene is when blood and stool ooze from her mouth! Her digestive system is going backwards. Is her liver failing? All along House tries to get Dylan to accept that Leona is playing him. But Dylan wants to be her Dad and wants the responsibility. Is House jealous? Because Cuddy meanwhile has NOT asked House to donate sperm for her. House gets her to see his point about bad donors by actually presenting one of her donors to her, a geek! She asks sarcastically if she should let House donate, and his surprised look is unguarded for a second as he says to \\\"Pick someone she likes\\\". House seems to have a lot of guilt over Dylan because House was to speak to the mother of Leona years ago and I believe had an affair with her instead! Although that was not quite clear. In any case, House lied to Dylan. House felt he was saving his friend from a lying woman. But did House keep Dylan from his daughter all these years? House is asked by Cuddy to inject her with her fertility drug. They seem to enjoy these encounters, hmmmmm. Finally House determines, by listening to Leona\\\'s Grandfather\\\'s jazz piano, that she has inherited a disease with too much iron, hemochromatosis. The disease is further exacerbated by the fact that she has contracted a fungal infection in New Orleans at the recording studio. That is where she found Dylan\\\'s book and the idea to say she\\\'s his kid. But the studio is harboring the fungus which is attracted to the Iron she has too much of. They treat her and he tells Dylan that they are even now, but without telling him why. He also says that she is Dylan\\\'s daughter. But it\\\'s another lie as seen from the negative paternity test, but House keeps this secret from them in a moment of true humanity. Meanwhile House is in more leg pain, and contemplating morphine. But the best scene is Cuddy coming to his office to thank him. Her face is radiant. Does she like House or is she taking his advice and choosing some other person she likes? I believe she will let him donate after all! All in all, a great eppy, and it\\\'s looking good for next Fall!
  • Another Triffic Episode!!

    What an great episode. House has pain in his leg once again. I wonder if his mind is doing it to him again. Cuddy is getting all soft again but I kind a like it. I don't think House would be a good sprem donor. Then, A girl who poops out of her move. WOW!!! I could never believe it. The girl had lied to House just to get the help. Then the matrianing test shows that she is the daughter of House's long-time friend. I think Wilson will be the donor of Cuddy next week or maybe in the next season. I guess we will have to find out???
  • The calm before the storm comes from the chaos after the storm.

    In terms of this season, this episode is a wisely placed. With the exception of Cuddy's whole pregnancy kick, it could have come anytime after episode thirteen (where House felt that the pain in his leg was so terrible that he needed Cuddy to inject morphine into his spine). "Forever" was a strong follow up to the two-part "Euphoria" but to go even higher on the quality scale might jeopardize the effectiveness of the finale. Granted, it certainly looks like the finale will be the best episode this season, but "Who's Your Daddy?" hedges the bet.

    This episode certainly had its high points:

    - House's drug use getting more and more hardcore. I bet at the end of last season you thought it would just be amphetamines!

    - Only House would physically and mentally torture a dying Katrina victim.

    - Like every episode, this one too is filled with brilliant "House-isms". I've given up trying to win the race on quote submissions for this show.

    - The scenes between Cuddy and House just let Laurie and Edelstein flaunt their incredible acting talent.

    But in terms of story, it wasn't too interesting. While the "potty mouth" was gross, the girls' illness wasn't that fascinating and neither was her convoluted paternity-con.

    Still, next week's season finale looks to give the season finale of other heavy-hitters Desperate Housewives and Lost, a run for their money in the quality department. Possible pregnancies and character deaths can go screw. House gets shot by a guy named Moriarty!
  • "Who's Your Daddy". Excellent episode combining all my favorite parts of the House episodes. House's ex bandmate pal Crandall appears with a girl he believes is his daughter, who is suffering from inexplicable hallucinations. House attempts, to assist Cu

    There are several parts of this episode that definately move it up on my list of House favorites. The interaction between House and Cuddy was awesome and very suggestive for more to come. House's let therapy was well presented and of course for a change they added a little more of the man who is House.

    I had gotten tired of the routine slap down House episodes, at one point I was considering not watching the series anymore, however I am rather glad now that I kept watching.

    I figure this episode will lead up to some big bits for the seaon finale. Something I do not intend to miss.