Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

Wilson is trying to sleep when House starts playing the guitar in the next room. He staggers out and suggests he's going to toss the guitar in the garbage, but House explains that he had the urge to play. When House wonders why Wilson isn't getting ready for work, Wilson explains he's going hunting, after he sleeps in. House goes in after him and warns that Wilson's friend Tucker is a self-important jerk who calls him Jim instead of James.

Later, Wilson and Tucker are hunting turkey in the woods without much success. They then pin a chemo bag to a tree in celebration of the fact that Tucker didn't die in six months from leukemia as Wilson predicted. Each year he's dedicated himself to finding a new way to celebrate. Tucker shoots the bag and thanks Wilson, but then drops his rifle because his left arm is suddenly paralyzed. He wonders if he's had a stroke.

Wilson gets Tucker to Princeton and tries to assure him that he didn't have a stroke, and the test prove negative for leukemia. Tucker's young girlfriend Ashley is also there, and Wilson notices she has a cold sore, and suspects that the virus from it has infected Tucker's spine, causing his paralysis. He orders treatment and goes to see House to inform him that he had an epiphany moment. House and his team are working on a patient who is complaining of stomach pains. As Wilson leaves, House warns that Tucker doesn't have transverse myelitis and admits he's been spying on Wilson's cases. House insists that it's cancer and warns that Wilson is biased. He wagers $100 and Wilson accepts the bet.

Wilson checks with his next patient, Del Clinton, but is called away. As he starts to go, he realizes that Del didn't brag about his grandchildren and asks if the man is depressed. Del admits he's a little more down than usual and Wilson orders a couple of extra tests to be on the safe side. He then gets a page that Tucker's foot is tingling and goes to check it out. Once Tucker gets Ashley out of the room, he wonders if he's having a relapse. Wilson assures him that he's not having a relapse of cancer. Tucker asks Wilson to call his daughter Emily to come down, and admits she hasn't been talking to him since he got tighter with the younger Ashley.

As Wilson talks to Emily, Cuddy comes in to check on him and suggests that he listen to House's suggestion. She then asks Wilson to put her in touch with Bonnie so she can buy a house: she's moving in with Lucas. Wilson suspects she wants his blessing… and House's. Cuddy insists that isn't the case.

That night, Emily and her mother, Melissa, arrive to see Tucker. Tucker is now coughing regularly and his body starts to shut down. Once they stabilize Tucker, he goes to see the team. They've dealt with their patient and warn Wilson that House is hiding so that he can't get a new case from Cuddy. Wilson asks them to review Tucker's case and they suggest fungal infection, and Wilson believe that the fungal infection could have caused the symptoms. He tells Tucker they can treat for it but warns that it is surgery and there are risks. Tucker asks Ashley, who is hesitant. Melissa asks about the risks and Wilson assures him that it's necessary. He promises Melissa that he'll be there.

As Wilson checks back on his patients, he's told that one of them, Saul, is having trouble sleeping. As Wilson visits him, he hears a toilet flush in the next room and finds House there, hiding. House wants $100 and points out that Tucker doesn't have fungal infection. Cuddy arrives and Wilson gets her outside where she talks about the house she wants to buy.

Wilson talks to Tucker before the surgery, and they discuss the fact that Ashley isn't ready to handle things at such a young age. Tucker admits he broke up with Melissa because they married young, but otherwise isn't sure. Wilson then goes to the observation gallery where House is watching, and waiting for Wilson. House wants to discuss Cuddy and Lucas, and figures Cuddy is having commitment issues. Wilson tells him that it has no deeper meaning and to let it go. Chase, performing the surgery on Tucker, reports that his immune system is failing. House insists it demonstrates that cancer is the cause of Tucker's symptoms.

Later, Wilson meets with his staff in the conference room and discusses Del's case, including the fact they found a new lesion. House comes in to tell Wilson that Tucker has cancer and shows him the test results. Wilson breaks the news to Tucker and his family and explains it's a new case of ALL leukemia and is lodged in his brain. They can go for a cure with a 90% chance of success. If it fails, Tucker will live for six months. They need to surgically place a shunt to get the chemicals into his brain. They need someone to act as medical proxy and Tucker suggests that he have Melissa do it. As they take Tucker to surgery, House brings his new patient in for immediate treatment and bumps Tucker. As they wait, Ashley accuses Tucker not loving her, but he insists that Melissa is the one that knows him best.

After the surgery, Wilson checks on Tucker, who informs him that Ashley is staying away because she's pissed off. Wilson realizes that the new chemo isn't working because the original chemo made his leukemia resistant. Wilson has an idea and goes to House, who disagrees with his idea of doubling the chemo dosage. When Wilson points out that it's something House would do, House says he can handle it when things go wrong, but Wilson can't. Wilson insists he can and brings the idea to Tucker. Melissa says he should talk to Ashley but Emily says that he should go with whatever keeps him around longer. The treatment initially works, but Wilson notices that his eyes are yellow and takes samples. House comes in to the lab and Wilson admits that that Tucker's liver is breaking down due to the chemo.

Wilson explains what happened to Tucker and his family. If they don't find him a new liver, he only has 24 hours left. Wilson has moved Tucker to the top of the transplant list but there's nothing else they can do. None of them match Tucker's blood type. House comes in, soaked from having to treat his patient in a shower, and informs them that there was an accident and a man who matches Tucker's blood type died. However, the man didn't have an organ donor card and the sister is refusing to sign off on the donation.

House and Wilson go to see the sister, Aikoa, who isn't home. As they wait, Wilson wants to know what House plans to do to break Cuddy and Lucas up, and House insists that while he isn't fine, he's accepted it. The sister arrives home and they go to talk to her. She explains that she has been separated from her brother until recently, and if they defile his body then his spirit will be harmed per her beliefs in Shinto. House suggests that they donate only one small part of his liver and Aikoa agrees, but Wilson gets the news that the liver has degraded and it's too late.

Wilson goes to see Tucker, who accuses him of taking away six months of his life on the treatment. He insists he can't lose his family, then notes that Wilson gave him a blood donation five years ago and can also donate part of his liver. When Wilson balks because he's Tucker's doctor, Tucker fires him and begs him to donate, but Wilson refuses.

Wilson goes home and House wonders why he's late. He explains that he was out drinking and House realizes that he's actually considering donating. He tries to get through to Wilson and explain that he's not responsible, and tells him not to be a doormat. Wilson snaps and tells him to get out, insisting he's wrong.

The next day, Tucker isn't getting any worse, and Wilson's nurse Sandy gives him the scans on Del. Wilson takes them to Del and shows him that he's getting better because they caught a bit of it early. Wilson goes to see Cuddy, who tells him she put a fair offer down on the house but it was turned down. He tells her that he wants to donate part of his liver to Tucker, and she points out that he's a doctor, not a donor. Wilson asks her why she made him the Head of Oncology, and she admits it's because he cares. Cuddy warns him he's doing it out of guilt but Wilson insists on doing it.

Wilson goes to see House and tell him he's doing it. House notes that all of Wilson's patients are dying and wonders why he's donating for Tucker. Wilson asks House to be there for the operation but House refuses: he doesn't want to see Wilson die and admits that if Wilson does die, he's alone.

Wilson goes into surgery to have his liver removed. Just before he passes out from the anesthetic, he sees House watching from the observation gallery. Afterward, House sits with Wilson. Once he's recovered, Wilson goes to see Tucker, who explains that he's staying with Ashley because she's who he wants when he's living. Angry, Wilson leaves.

Later, Wilson tells House about Tucker's decision and admits he's a little disappointed. House tells him that it's okay to get angry once in a while, and then leaves. Wilson makes a decision and calls Bonnie. Once he's out of the hospital, Wilson takes House to see the house and tells him what Cuddy's bid was. House realizes that Wilson got mad about Cuddy hurting House, and outbid Cuddy to get the house for himself and for House. House is proud of him but wonders what he's going to tell Cuddy. Wilson figures he can't hide it forever, but he can delay it as long as possible. House tells him to express his anger in baby steps, and Wilson just smiles as he calls Bonnie to confirm he's taking it.
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