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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2009 on FOX

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  • Great Character Development

    It was good to see the show based upon the further development of an integral pillar of House's life. Wilson's character has always revolved around his friend's life. Now we get too see why that is so. House to him, is not only the friend he wants, but the friend he needs. And we see that in the episode, which is aptly named.

    Wilson's identity is & and has undergone sever changes, since the death of his last love. And that loss has forced the him to seek his own identity, not from the views of others but by his own standards.

    Thanks to writer to building another great character.
  • Thankfully back on form.

    This was so much better. Still Huddy a little, but such a tone down it felt more like a House episode.

    Well, sort of.

    After all, this is told from Wilsons POV, and it was an interesting angle. I have been fortunate enough to see this episode and twice, and it actually improved on the first time of viewing.

    It was a great start to the episode, and it really drawed me in to the story. What I really enjoyed was how observant Wilson is, and how he spots little things by caring- the complete opposite to House! Their friendship is really explored and it was quite touching.

    Wilson's friendship with the patient is also well done, showing how involved he gets with his patients. I couldnt believe he gave a part of his liver! However, Wilson learns that the patient isn't his true friend- certainly not like House is. It gave some of the best House and Wilson moments for a long time- they have been hit and miss this Season (mainly because of the Huddy discussions). But House saying he would be alone without Wilson was so moving and honest, and then he turns up to his surgery and stays with him after was just a solid reflection of their friendship.

    Overall, a much better episode to a hit and miss Season- occasionally absolutely stunningly great, occassionally quite poor. But this one- top notch.
  • Through Wilson eyes

    I liked the format: have an episode by Wilson point of view. Got the whole House vs Cuddy, House vs Wilson by new perspective plus get much time for char development on Wilson. I mean, we knew about him before, but the depth that episode opened up. that was great.

    I most say, I was maybe not so big fan of the case as there was nothing too stunning or surprising but the char moments made it up. I mean, Wilson and his guilt what in the end left him donating part of his liver, the way he was not happy with the outcome and the way he lived out his anger. The whole way the episode was written. Well done.
  • A Nice Change

    Granted, I probably would not want to watch 6 seasons of just Wilson's life but I still say this episode is fantastic. I loved watching House's patients from the outside and I loved seeing Wilson in action. Too often in the show, we just see House's genius and the genius of his staff without recognizing that WIlson and Cuddy are at the top of their fields as well. From watching this episode, I can understand why Wilson remains best friends with House. We usually only see the moments when House is obnoxious to Wilson and hardly ever notice that House does care for Wilson. While this may not be the best House episodes in terms of movement of plot or even character development, it was still a great episode to watch and to see all of the little bits of Wilson's characteristics to come together in one great episode.
  • A day in the life of Wilson, but I'll pass at future glimpses.

    Alright, alright. Sure, it was the first time we finally get to see what the heck Wilson does all day. It only took 6 years to show his perspective. Yet, it really isn't all that interesting. He simply treats his patients, gives them chemotherapy/drugs, helps them live a better life, yada, yada, yada. No offense, but the show isn't called Wilson, M.D. I felt really left out of House's patients and Foreman, 13, Jesse were hardly in the picture. Wilson CARES, I get it. He's so nice and giving. Gives his "friend" a lobe of his liver, which I thought was wayyyy too nice to do.

    The medicine here was very unrealistic. Twice or three times they treated the patient with radical or invasive techniques, and he was fine in what seemed like hours after the procedures. Apparently a full course of chemotherapy can be applied within a day now? Wilson's fine within a couple of hours of invasive surgery and heads home? I thought that was poorly handled... especially when the science and medicine is usually top-notch. This of course could also be the mistake of the director - I assume each new day at the hospital is actually the next day because it seems to be the exact next day (based on the conversations) and that the scenes are not taking place several days apart.

    One thing I do like, is Cuddy and Lucas. I'll say it again, Lucas is one of the few that can play with House and win - and I like that. Lucas vs. House is an interesting scenario that will continue for the rest of the season (a couple of times already I thought Lucas would be gone, but he has remained, which to me is good news).

    So that's why this episode gets just a 7. It was a definitely more of a bore than usual. The medical stuff was awry. The only good here was House vs. Wilson and House vs. Lucas-Cuddy. Foreman, 13, Taub were practically absent. This episode has House treat Wilson as a "patient" but nothing's really wrong with him.
  • You know when your in school and taking a test, and you're having a really hard time because you can't remember the information and then it all suddenly comes to you and you do really well? That's what this episode was for me.

    Based on the preview, I was really excited about this episode. I was expecting a ton of House/Wilson interaction and moments and I thought that House and Wilson would be working side by side to help Wilson's friend, so I was a little disapointed (which is angry for wimps!) when I found out that this was basically a reverse episode, where we followed Wilson around and House became the sideling. I enjoied seeing House's craziness from Wilson's point of view. We always see the crazy things he does and then Wilson's reaction, but this time we got to feel the reaction along with Wilson (like when House walked into the room soaking wet or when the team ran by with the patient on the gurnie). Having said that though, through a large part of the episode, I found myself wishing we could see a little more of House's case. I saw the organ donation from the begining (i had guessed that based on the promo) but I found myself much more interested in that. I loved when House admitted "If you die, I'm alone" and I loved how he sat by his friend's bedside during recovery, and how Wilson helped House buy stealing the loft out from under Cuddy (she totally deserved that for sending House to the wrong place for thanksgiving).

    All in all, I think this was a good episode, but not one of my favorites like others raving. I feel this could have been better if they had focused more on the transplant and House's reaction to the recovery or if they had left it with a cliffhanger and focused on the recovery in the next episode (which unfortunately isn't until January 11, but that definately would have kept viewers interested)

    BTW has anyone else heard about the episode that is supposed to air Febuary 8? I won't talk about it for those who don't like spoilers, but if you want to know, google it. It makes me think about where the writers are going (and I mean that in a good way) because I feel this and the Feb. 8 episode will play a bigger role later on.
  • This episode CHANGES everything we know about Wilson. Wilson's old cancer patient has a remission & Wilson walks the edge trying to diagnose him. Wilson learns being House as a doctor requires him to be House as a person. Will he embrace the change? YES!

    Wilson had diagnosed Tucker (played by Malina) with cancer 5 years earlier & after a gruelling course of Chemotherapy which promised him 6 months - Tucker is still alive & ticking. Wilson gets invited for a hunting game in celebration of Tucker's 5th year after his Cancer. But the hunting party turns a disaster when Tucker loses control of his arm.

    Not willing to admit that Tucker as a remission of his old cancer, Wilson tries everything he can to figure out a different diagnosis. Here we realize - just like how House gets his small cues (which help him solve the cases) by being objective & not-caring about his patients, Wilson also gets his small cues, but by caring & showing concern about the smallest changes he observes in his patients. But this time, instead of responding to those cues from his human side, Wilson learns to use them as aids for diagnosing.

    When he finds out that Tucker's condition is beyond what can be cured by the confines of traditional medical practices - Wilson decides to go the House-way & risk Tucker's life in order to cure him. He ends up making a huge personal sacrifice to cure Tucker & learns in the process that he too (like House) 'has a thing' for the high he gets when he solves a case no one else could!

    Welcome new Wilson - who walks the edge, solves seemingly impossible cases & plays games with Cuddy just to make his life seem not-boring!

    Is Wilson the NEW HOUSE? (now that House is becoming all sane & mellowed down...) We have got to wait for the next few episodes to find out!
  • Very touchin episode of Wilson but in the deep it´s still about House..

    Very touching episode in which we see all the usual in house but from the perspective of his best friend Wilson. It´s nice to watch House in the background helping his friend to develope, it´s clear that Wilson has an issue with dealing with the guilt and how he treats his pattients, because he´s very caring and crosses the line betwen what a doctor should be, that´s clearly not a friend of the patient. We discover in this episode that Wilson and House are opposites in terms of character and patient treatment, but as friendishp goes by they are getting closer. I really think that the writers should do more of this kind of episodes, focusing in th other caracters of the show, it´s fun to see and it also shows how and why they respond that way to House. We see the most of House in this episode, a really commited friend, an insecure and caring person in the deep.

    Really nice episode and i hope the producers bring more of these kind.
  • Looks like this episode is going to polarize a lot of people. Here's why I loved it and consider it one of my favorites:

    Looks like this episode is going to polarize a lot of people. Here's why I loved it and consider it one of my favorites:

    1. It was DIFFERENT. This episode hasn't been done before and for all those complaining about same ol' same ol' they should be pleased.

    2. I absolutely loved every scene with House's team rushing the patient down the hall and I burst out laughing when Taub shouts 'It wasn't the tennis' as they went by. That was hysterical and it was fun to see how crazy House and his team must appear to everyone else who isn't involved. They did a great job of showing it with House stealing the OR from Wilson's patient and the scene he came in soaking wet and he was trying to explain why was hilarious too. I almost want to see what those cases that House was working on to see why he brought his whole team in the shower with the patient. Great writing. :-D

    3. Yes, House was mean in the beginning but why do people still act so shocked? He's ALWAYS mean, there are just varying degrees of it. And it's not like he didn't soften up as the episode went on. I loved the part where he said 'If you die I'll be alone', perfect timing and about the only reasonable excuse he could've given to not being with James at the surgery. Then watching him and Wilson cut up afterwards with that music was wonderfully done. Shows House's human side and how much he really needs to have Wilson as a friend. 4. The only thing that irked me was how easily Tucker went back to his girlfriend and ditched his family again. Would've made for a better ending if he stayed with his old family but then again it set up Wilson sticking up for House and screwing Cuddy over. Overall, great stuff and a welcome breath of fresh air into the season. This episode had everything I look for and even with the focus being on Wilson, House was still all over the place and in the end it was about him as much as it was Wilson.
  • Interesting change from the normal formula to follow Wilson.

    Was that Wilson's assistant that made an appearance? She had been mentioned two or three times but we had never seen her and there is no place for her near Wilson's office.

    House criticizing Wilson about being too caring? Wasn't there someone else to that he used to say that to? Gone for two weeks and Cameron is already forgotten. And this would have been an interesting patient for her to interact with- married early and then the husband had to deal with cancer.

    They continue to make Cuddy look bad- going to Wilson to make sure he would be ok with her moving in with Lucas. And doesn't she already have a big house? Why does she need to get another one? And Wilson said Bonnie was the worst realtor in New Jersey when House was bugging her and if Cuddy is friends with Bonnie she would know this, so why would Cuddy go to her?

    And I still don't understand how House is going without Vicoden. Before it was pointed out that the cooking wasn't enough of a distraction so he went back to the hospital. However, he doesn't have a patient 24/7. How does he keep his mind off the pain when he doesn't have a case?

    So Chase is back on House's team and isn't working in surgery any more but he still did the surgery on Wilson's patient? He wasn't involved in that case. A whole department of oncologists? Whenever Wilson has been forced to quit (Volger and Tritter) he has said that he is referring his patients to other hospitals. Why would he do that if there is more than one oncologist at PPTH? And during the Tritter fiasco he needed Cameron to write his scripts for him. Why not another oncologist who knows more about his cases? I realize it wouldn't make any sense for Wilson to be the only oncologist but that meeting just contradicted him when he referred patients.

    Why was Huddy brought up again? I have thought to myself two or three times 'Oh, this will finally be the end of Huddy and they will stop pushing it down our throat' and yet they continue to do it. Last episode was a great place to stop it. House realizes Cuddy and Lucas aren't going to break up so he stops trying and moves on. Hopefully now that we get House's reaction to them moving in together it will stop but I'm not holding my breath.

    I'm a little confused as to why House and Wilson would buy the loft. And why is House still living with Wilson? I can understand when he just came out of Mayfield but it has been a few months.

    It was nice to see House being so supportive of Wilson during the entire case. It seems like he doesn't take Wilson for granted anymore.
  • A friend of Wilson's is temporarily paralyzed when hunting.

    A Wilson-centric episode tonight, and a good usage of Robert Sean Leonard's talent. Finally, he actually did something at the hospital other than providing funny back and forth with Gregory House. Don't get me wrong, I love the conversations between the two, but he should be used such better than this, and tonight they finally realized that.
    I'm kind of sick of seeing Joshua Malina (Sports Night, In Plain Sight, Big Shots, The West Wing) popping up on shows, but he's a reliable actor so that's why dramas keep bringing him in for guest spots.

    What I didn't like tonight was how they brushed aside the other cases of the episode (the grandfather, and the fat "tennis player"). Why introduce those characters if we didn't even get to see the resolution?

    I also do not like this House and Cuddy thing, and feel stuff like this should be left to Grey's Anatomy where they can do it right, but the prospect of House and Wilson out of the apartment could be good.
  • A very solid return to House-esque quality...

    Recap: When one of Wilson's former patients gets paralysis in his arm, he is admitted to PPTH. Wilson refuses to believe that it is a return of cancer, House well, bets him $100 that it is cancer. Of course, House is right, and Wilson is forced to treat the chemo-resistant cancer with a double dosage of chemo. This fries his liver. Wilson ends up giving the patient his liver, and he lives. (and House and Wilson get a sweet new apartment:)

    The Case(s):
    While the case wasn't an action packed suspense ride, (not that they have been lately. Dibala was the best one recently) it did its job from a purely medical show standpoint. We only got a glimpse of House's cases this week. While I must say it was off-putting to have random snippets from those patients every once in a while, this was a very change of pace episode, so that was nice.

    Fortunately, the soap opera (at least the CHEESY soap opera, the House/Wilson is brilliant) was kept to a minimum. This was more like my favorite season, season 2, in that there was interaction BETWEEN the CHARACTERS, not this wishy washy crap. I also loved the line "Disappointment is anger for wimps". Genius.

    If the keep 'em like this, season 6 could the best. Well, except eps 7-8.
  • back on track

    wilson getting his due -- loved it. the episode explored friendship, touched on deeper chords within house (post-trauma), and let doormat wilson explore his dark side. the plot twist of him giving his organ, breathtaking i thought. wilson and house are developing into that rare species -- a portrait of true friendship, not cloying, not false. the musical numbers were spot on as well. i think stories that feature the effects of house's incredible persona are the best ones this show does. i love the change of p.o.v., i am looking forward to cuddy focused one. when this show shines, it shines like nothing else on tv.
  • "Baby steps."

    Wow, phenomenal episode. This was a nice change of pace, we got to see everything from Wilson's perspective.

    It was pretty funny and creative to see House's team from the outside this week.

    We got to see just how sweet, endearing, and kind Dr. Wilson is, by donating his own liver for a close patient.

    A very touching and heartwarming moment when House showed up for Wilson's surgery, despite what he had said. :)

    Wilson's starting to become more and more like House. Maybe, we'll get to see a even much more different side of him in the next while, and not be like a "doormat" as House said. "Baby steps."

    Remarkable episode. Great character development for Wilson.
  • I'm sorry, but this episode was just dead boring! Nothing happened and I ended up on the computer halfway through.

    This has got to be one of the worse episodes of House I've ever seen! It was like a freaking soap! Wilson's friend and patient needs a liver and he must choose whether to save his friend or act professionally. House, Cuddy, Chase, 13, Foreman, and Taub were hardly a part of this episode. It focused more on Wilson's personal dilemma than on the patient. This show has been like that for quite a while. I could care less what's going on in the characters' personal lives, let's see House diagnose the patients. The patients should be the focus of the show. Not Wilson, House and Cuddy's relationship, Forman & 13's relationship, Chase and Cameron, Cuddy and Lucas, whatever else is going on in that show. I miss the good old days of seasons 1,2,& 3! Bring that House back!
  • Other episode

    First time in House I think so we have other person in centre action. Greg was only atraction in this episode, I think . Episode talking about Wilson and his patient from past which one he was heal from leukaemia. year after year they goes on hunting but this time his friend got some attack so Wilson take him to hospital and try to heal again. After many a lot "for sure" patient disease like always and some private trouble with House episode goes to the end but not normal like always because this time doctor must choose beetwen death his "friend" patient or giving him part of his liver. Of course WIlson wasn`t be Wilson if he not say "yes" .
    Talking shortly Wilson lost slice of his liver but what was the most curious after that when his friend change behaviour to ex-wife and new girlfriend WIlson really regret what he did soooooo he buy new flat for himself and .... House :) Flat which one Cuddy want... I smell some fight in future xD

  • Ever since Dibala something is wrong with this series. I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason there is always something missing.

    The huddy part is so unnatural and forced that it makes my brain hurt (I was one of the huddy fans) and the rest of the show just lacks something. I liked the first part of the show: Wilson’s perspective of House’s department, of his department, his patients and activity. He really is a good and caring doctor. The fat “tennis player” was brilliant and the way Wilson diagnosed that older patient based on the fact that he stopped bragging about his grandkids was pure bliss. Unfortunately the main patient was a complete jerk. Wilson got emotionally blackmailed into giving up a part of his liver to a man who had the nerve to call for his former family and put them through cancer hell again only to leave them as soon as he felt better for an annoying bimbo. The whole episode left me with a bad taste in my mouth and no witty conversation between Wilson and House could wash it away.