Season 3 Episode 11

Words and Deeds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

At a fire, two firefighters come out and the head of the squad chews them out for taking risks. One of them, his brother Derrick, starts to get dizzy and tries to go back in. His co-worker Amy stops him and he collapses to the ground, shivering.

Derrick is brought to the clinic where Cameron checks him out where he is covered with skin grafts from previous burns. Cameron suggests that House see the patient but notes that House is busy… without mentioning he's at the preliminary hearing for his drug case. House pleads not guilty although his lawyer notes that Tritter has an airtight case, and advises House not to confront Tritter.

At the hospital Foreman and Chase are more concerned about House's legal problems then the case and House himself is distracted. Only Cameron is focusing on the case. Afterward Cuddy confronts House and points out that he's at fault for his current situation and he'd better talk nicely to Tritter, then gives him some Vicodin.

After hearing that Derrick is seeing blue, House suspects male menopause and proscribes hormones. As they administer treatment, Derrick has an apparent allergic reaction and demands they remove the needles. He starts to choke Cameron until they give him a sedative.

House goes to meet with Tritter and… apologizes. Tritter thanks him… but doesn't believe what he's saying. He notes he only believes what House does, and says he'll se him at the trial.

Back at the office, House hears the new case information but doesn't offer any new theory. After they're done, he leaves and says he'll be checking himself in rehab. Wilson and Cuddy confront him later at the rehab center and House notes he's doing it for Tritter and the judge… and for real. House's staff goes over Derrick's case without him but Cameron insists they talk to House.

House is in a group session and somewhat hostile, but concedes he can't do it on his own. The staff Derrick isn't telling them the pain he's feeling but then he has a heart attack and they take steps to revive him. It turns out Derrick has had two previous heart attacks and didn't tell anyone. There's no indication why he should have a heart attack, so Cameron goes to see House… who is vomiting. They try to figure out a common cause between the attacks, but Amy is the only one. They bring Amy in to see him and he has another heart attack.

Cameron starts to run tests to determine what Amy has that might trigger Derrick's attacks, and she talks about how Derrick saved her and got burned, getting the skin grafts. Wilson goes to see House at the rehab clinic and isn't sympathetic to House's complaints. Cameron confronts Derrick about the fact he loves Amy and he admits it, but notes she's engaged to his brother. The staff go back to tell House and suggest the stress of the thwarted relationship, along with the menopause, is causing the heart attacks. House determines they need Cuddy to get her approval to fry Derrick's brain, erasing his memories of Amy. Cuddy approves the treatment but after the others leave, House questions if Cuddy feels sorry for him and approved the treatment as a result. She notes that the rehab is working.

Cameron explains the situation to Derrick, noting it will wipe out his memories of much of his life. He still refuses to tell Amy.

Tritter goes to see House at Cuddy's insistence but doesn't' plan on dropping the case. House calls him on it, noting Tritter is just as stubborn but Tritter figures with House, even his actions lie.

The staff administers the electroshock therapy and then test him afterward. Derrick has no memory of his life and doesn't recognize Brock or Amy. They update House and then leave as Wilson arrives with a gift: a tie for his court hearing. House apologizes to Wilson as part of the program, shocking him.

Amy keeps an eye on Derrick but when Cameron mentions her engagement, she says she's not involved with him.

House is at his trail when he gets a call from Cameron to tell him the heart attacks have nothing to do with his memories. He refuses to hang up on the judge's orders but tells them to set up a test while he goes back to the clinic. He realizes that Derrick's high-pitched voice is another symptom and has them check his arteries. They find that the spine is pressing on an artery, obstructing blood flow to the brain and causing fake memories.

House returns to the trial where Cuddy is testifying to House stealing the painkillers from the dead patient. She then testifies that House didn't get the right pills. Wilson had told her House tried to steal the pills earlier and she swapped the pills for a placebo, and has the evidence to support it. She admits she didn't expect it to go this far. The judge has no choice but to dismiss the case and berates both House and Tritter. She still holds him for a night in jail for contempt. As House leaves, Tritter confronts him and… wishes him luck.

Cameron tries to reassure Derrick, saying he'll have to start over. Wilson and Cuddy visit House in jail and Cuddy admits she perjured herself. She notes that when he is out of rehab, she'll own his ass and doing everything she wants him to. After she leaves, Wilson gives him his prescription from the rehab center… and House reveals that he's bribed his keeper to get him Vicodin. Wilson wonders why House apologized then… and House tells him to believe what he wants.
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