Season 3 Episode 11

Words and Deeds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • I hated this entire storyline. If a cop had done this to me, I would have had harassment charges filed. Tritter wouldn't have been able to be even a crossing guard after I was done with him. The total abuse of power turned me off.

    I was a respiratory therapist. House is not the way a real hospital works. I can overlook the differences between drama and reality. I still find this show to be highly entertaining. It is one of my favorites.

    I am glad this storyline found its conclusion. While the medical drama was as compelling as always, I hated the battle between Tritter and House.

    My neighbor is a cop. He has no time to go after people he has personal vendettas against. There are simply too many real criminals to chase. Neither the cops nor the medical personnel I know have so much free time to waste. There is just too much work to do.
  • House vs Tritter- The Final Round

    I thought this episode was much more light than the rest of the Season so far. House tries to avoid jail after slamming everyone of Tritters "doors" closed, and checks himself into rehab. It was a move that I didn't see coming, and was one last desperate attempt to free himself. The team meanwhile tries to diagnose a firefighter who keeps having heart attacks. The diagnosis of broken heart syndrome was something I'd never heard of before- it was pretty interesting how they came up with it.

    The case was quite interesting, although I am surprised that the man was willing to fry his brain to get rid of the memory of the girl he loved- it seemed believable when he said she was engaged to his brother, but when the twist was that was a lie, it makes it quite unbelievable- the depth people go to to hide their love and secrets!

    The case took a backburner to the trial of Dr House, and how he conflicted again with Tritter, questioning his own actions and words. I didn't see the twist in the trial coming, as Cuddy protects him by commiting perjury. It seems interesting that now she has complete power over him.

    What made the episode a ten for me, however, was the realisation that nothing had changed. House was still taking vicodin in rehab, and admits it to Wilson in the end- nothing has changed in his character, which mean Tritter ultimately lost. Also, Wilson and House's friendship is back on track, after House genuinely apologises to him, and they end the episode with them exchanging a typical House/Wilson scene.

    Overall, another great episode- perhaps not the greatest of all time, but certainly a decent finish to a story arc.
  • House's Legal Problem

    I don't even know where to begin, so I'll try to keep it simple. First of all, one detective does not head up an entire investigation against a highly respected doctor. Even if he could, he couldn't harass that doctor's colleagues, such as freezing the bank accounts of his team. In addition, pretty much everything Tritter does is illegal in order to "get" House. For example, he would need a warrant to look at the pharmacy records. Speaking of warrants, this whole thing got blown out of proportion after the giant stash was discovered when they searched House's home, apparently with a warrant. I don't know about the whole United States, but there was no reason to search the home, thus no judge would grant a warrant. Something else that was ridiculous is no one would receive a 10 year prison sentence for forging prescriptions and picking up one that isn't for them. While these things are illegal, they are not huge crimes. Even more, House would get off much easier because he actually has a legitimate pain problem. This leads to me to the thing that bothers me THE MOST:

    Many people have to take pain medication their whole lives because of pain issues. When his pain was gone after the Ketamine induced coma, he didn't take the Vicodin, which clearly shows he didn't have a drug problem. House has a very serious and legitimate pain condition, so he never would have had a problem getting sufficient medication in the first place (especially being a doctor). Also, can't he just write his own prescriptions? While I have always found this show to be fantastic and have even been intrigued by House's recent legal plight, I found it ultimately very frustrating. In reality House would have no problem getting all the pain meds he needed, and the entire investigation by Tritter was not even close to being believable.
  • Finally the Tritter arc is over.

    This episode, I really liked because it was the last episode of Tritter, what was he like in 7 episodes. Seriously he was starting to bug me, House goes to court & Cuddy bails him out, House doesn't deserve those kind of friends as the judge said. House going to rehab was amazing, can't wait to see what happens in the next episode it looks like House owes Cuddy big time. And House apologized to Wilson! And nothing has changed in the end, Good old House, That bailiff looked convincing though, slipping him drugs was unexpected. About the patient, I didn't know you can have an illness like this, they seemed to have erased his memory for nothing, what a shame. An amazing episode.
  • House vs. Tritter - the finale

    It seems Tritter succeeded in bringing House not only into court but having him condemnded for drug use and theft. House realizes he has to do something or he will be going to jail, so he checks into rehab. Meanwhile a firefighter is having heart attacks so his brain needs to be "restarted" so he forgets the love of hid life who is causing the attacks. While House is detoxing and trying to find a way he doesn't have to go to jail, he is curing the patient.

    This episode is one of my favourite ones because once again the end is unpredictable and I also like the way House seems to be totally helpless and everyone (including Cuddy and Wilson) think they have to help him. In reality, he has had a plan all the time, maybe even if the judge would have condemnded him, who knows? Anyway, this episode marks the end of the Tritter arc which wasn't my favourite one, but you have to admit that there was someone who was equally smart as House (although Tritter was much more annoying), so in the end, it wasn't an all-bad arc.

    In the end, I liked this episode because of his end and an once again very clever House.
  • Mini Arch Ends

    We have the conclusions to the Tritter case and it was very unexpected. Cuddy gets up on the stand and lies for House to save his job. Very unexpected and I didnt see it coming. I never thought House would really go to jail, but to be honest the thought was beginning to creep into my mind just a little bit. Very good episode with Cuddy showing a little side of her that we have never seen before. This also sounds like House will be returning to Clinic duty, which is part of what made the first season of the show so hilarious in the first place. Very happy to see the tritter storyline end when it did, it was beginning to wear out its welcome on the team. Overall, one of the better episodes of the seaosn and I think it was the best of the season so far.
  • tritter vs house

    though i think that that the whole thing between House and Tritter ended rather aruptly, i think that the ep was still fanastic.
    i have read many negative comments about the trial. many said that they do not understand why House was let off simply because cuddy said that the pills were actually a placebo, afterall House did steal pills off a dead patient, highlighting his desperation for pain meds, which show that he's indeed an addict. my take on that is that the judge let House go, because she did suppect that Cuddy was commiting perjury, and she could see that cuddy was willing to do that for House. moreover the lack of evidence against House, like testimonies from other doctors and what not shows that House was protected by many. this proved to her that many believed in House and that though he was an addict, he could still function well.
    and the last part where Tritter talked to House, it showed the r/s between them. Tritter went go out to go after House because he did believed that House additcion is affecting his judgement as a doctor. he also thinks that House deserves to be in this state because of his mean and uncaring demeanor. but despite this, Tritter has accepted that he has "lost". and that so many people has stood up for House, probably has made Tritter changed his mind about House.
    seeing House in rehab was fun to watch too. this ep is truly an important ep in defining House. it shows that his addiction has not affected hs judgement and that he treasures wilson
  • How this will end? Between House and Tritter?

    We are finnaly seeing how ends little desturbing storyline with House and Tritter. The ending just makes me wonder how much they have to care for House that they did that? Cuddy really most care about him or he most have proven himself so irreplacable. And Cuddy has every right to say that House owns her. Saddly, House do not understand that or he is just so himself that I do not care.

    Anyway, meantime - team is trying to work. Trying is the right word - as we mostly only see Cameron who is, again, emotionally involved. And this episodes proves well that when you are planning to cure someone illness by his statment, that steatment should be checked as if they had done this, they would have saved a lot of trouble. And we found that broken heart can kill :)
  • I loved it.

    As a regular watcher I found it interesting that the line the show was taking would eventually lead House to prison - how would they avoid it? Luckily this episode rerouted the storyline, for now, with a well-timed lie from Cuddy.
    Although I realised that he wouldn't end up in prison permanently, seeing him in court was intriguing. Despite the anti-detoxing, House was very believable in rehab, proving the lengths he would go to to keep his freedom. I loved the apology to Wilson, especially when it was revealed that it wasn't as a result of the detoxing. It showed that House actually is human, and possibly does actually value Wilson's friendship.

    Cuddy was also an essential part of the plot. I liked her reluctance to lie, but eventual overwhelming loyalty to her practice, her colleague, or maybe her friend. Although I didn't see it coming, it was believable coming from the characters though I appreciate it probably isn't all that realistic.
    Cameron's show of affection was also touching, as was his reaction: not as harsh as was expected.
    Finally also loved the storyline; tragic and would you do that for the one you love?
  • House proves once again that "everybody lies", especially him!

    This is the pivotal chapter of the Tritter-House situation, Chase, Foreman and Cameron seemed to banished in a case that is not very exciting to be honest, a guy that creates fake memories and is freezing while being a couple of yards away from a building in flames (Grey's Anatomy, anyone?); but to be honest Cuddy takes the prize, she goes from being skeptical at House rehabilitation to totally backing him up (committing perjury) while making him serve her own agenda... truly early roman politic; it seems House's persona has been permeating into the other's characters this season, we’ve seen Cameron advocating for her patients. Being honest I was pretty puzzled at House humbleness throughout the episode but the last two minutes were pure gold...the Voldermont-Vicodin angle...and the "believe what you want" last line to his best and only friend are good examples of House “Socratic Method” That at the end “not only the means justify the results”, but more important “everybody lies” especially our beloved character.
  • Can your love really break your heart?

    The finality of the case in which Officer Tritter said that doctor house was an addict and that he was distributing and also about the forgery charge agianst him. And Doctor and Dean of the hospital Cuddy must lie to the judge to get the judge to dismiss the case. And since doctor house had already addmitted himself into the hospital rehab, doctor cuddy only makes him stay there for 4 more days until he 'cured'. While this is going on the team of dr. foreman, dr. chase, and dr. cameron have to deal wiht a love sick patient that is haveing broken heart syndrome.
  • I have been somewhat skeptical of the entire line which "House" the series has taken with the addiction/criminal activity line. This episode was a tipping point.

    I have been somewhat skeptical of the entire line which "House" the series has taken with the addiction/criminal activity line. This episode was a tipping point for me and my wife, and is likely the last episode we will watch. I'd estimate we had probably caught 80% of the episodes prior to this. At some point you have to ask the question, why do we watch what we do? Is the point to see how far in a fictive universe someone can go with out a complete crash and burn? And in the mean time, what values are we advocating?

    It's ok to use drugs illegally, as long as you are a brilliant doctor who manages to "safely?" hold down a job?

    It's ok to commit purgury to save a drug adict if it is convenenient for keeping your staff around?

    In any case, I've lost interest in following this series.
  • At the beginning of the episode I thought there was going to be another argue with Tritter but knowing he was going to court to face House... it made me really curious about what was going to happen.

    At the beginning of the episode I thought there was going to be another argue with Tritter but knowing he was going to court to face House... it made me really curious about what was going to happen.
    I really thought House was going to loose, he had all things against him, even the judge. She didn't like him and he was always getting problems.
    But I am really happy with the conclusion. It made me suffer a lot along the episode. I don't mind if Tritter shows up again since House is the winner. At least Tritter made us know a little bit more about House. Besides this, I think the ending was a little bit disappointing. I know almost everyone was expecting House to win, and so was I, but he won in such a easy way... I know House suffered a lot some weeks but it ended so easily, the court scene could be longer and suspense should be kept during some episodes. That's all I regret from this episode.
  • Seriously...

    Really? Are you serious? They wasted half of a season with David Morse ruining the flow and the comedy of the team at Princeton only to have it end like this? When I found out that the big payoff for the ridiculously un-entertaining plotline involving Tritter was to re-implement the st0taus quo, I got upset. Sure we have still had sick people with strange problems and they still get cured, but the show has been suffering for this trial. I am unhappy; I feel betrayed and used; I wish they could take back all the time they wasted with Tritter and give back some hilarious clinic hours with Dr. House.
  • Awesome conclusion.......

    Just when you actually think House has turned his cheek and actually changed he turns the switch back. I just can't wait to see if Cuddy can actually hold him in check for long after coming to his aid. This plot was interesting but I am glad they didn't let it go too long so it would become stale. What next for House? Who will he provoke or insult next? I am sure those questions will be answered in the first few minutes of next weeks show. I am looking forward to the next weeks episode as I do every week.
  • Finally,...

    ...good old House seem to be back. Last few episodes have been a bit of pain for me. Triter really kicked everybody's ass, and I did not see how that added to the quality of the series. But this last scene was like a breeze of fresh air. I hope we have the show back. Can't wait for next week's part. Otherwise the episode was a standard of last few weeks. Many people made big sacrifices for House again, and again (as usually), House will not really appreciate them. I was really surprised by what Cuddy did, if that's not love, must be something motherly ;-) Very good episode, recommend to everyone...
  • The painfully long and somewhat irritating Tritter plot comes to a close.

    I was completely disappointed with the way this ended. They built this plot for far to long and the ending was completely ridiculous. They may as well have had Tritter get hit by a bus on his way to the court house to end this storyline. The judge from fantasy-land didn't help either. I know this isn't a court drama, but I think they should have represented this area a little better since they have been threatening House's trial for weeks. So after the conclusion of the case Tritter goes on his way, House serves a night in jail for contempt (this goes back to the judge from fantasy land who just allows the defendant to abruptly leave the trial), and we discover that House has been getting his pills the entire time. Cuddy, who at one time had some credibility, completely destroys it by comiting perjury and threatens House that she has him under her thumb. Riiiight... we have seen time and time again how well that works out for her. Basically we are forced through this trashy plot which in my opinion brought the level of the show down a few notches only to be left unsatisfied with a silly conclusion. I have been a huge fan of the series, but lately I am considering spending my Tuesday evenings doing something else.
  • We watch programs to escape reality, and this show just does this for me. I imagine I am Dr. House breaking the rules, and solving the worlds mysteries, one case at a time! House has no intention of really changing inside, House is House!!

    When watching this, I wish that we as constituants in life could march out of court like House did.
    We watch programs to escape reality, and this show just does this for me. I imagine I am Dr. House breaking the rules, and solving the worlds mysteries, one case at a time!
    House has no intention of really changing inside, just plays the game. His character is true to form, nice to see in the end, he still is House.
  • The subplot ends: House is proven to be a stubborn genius once again!

    I read a few reviews of this episode and people seem to be disappointed at the 'futility' of the Tritter arc. I don't really think it was pointless. The entire time, the audience experienced what I feel could be classified as a roller coaster of emotions. Great tools of suspense were employed. Part of the reason people enjoy House so much is because his character is so extraordinary and over the top, and pushes a lot of boundaries. One can draw commonalities between Season 1's arc (with the businessman, whose name I've forgotten) and Season 3's... each one explores the question of whether or not House can change, whether or not his ego can be shrunk down, and puts him in a situation where he is seemingly forced to do so. So we put up with these 'tiresome' subplots because we do want an answer to that burning question. While I do agree that the end of the subplot could have been a bit more exciting, the end of the episode did a great job of conveying the fact that there are some people in life, epitomized by House's character who will refuse to change and will continue behave as if they are subject to a higher order than the rest of us. As far as criticisms go for the lack of obscurity in this week's diagnosis... we can't have people dying from random diseases whose incidence is 1/1000000000000 every single week. Too much emphasis on a medical case would have taken away from the subplot conclusion, in any case.
  • Tritten and House finally face off in the court room.

    This episode had some really good things, but also some not so good things. I really liked the writers/directors ability to keep House the same. I don't remember where this was said, but "People don't change, at least not in any way that's meaningful" and House is one of those people. He shouldn't be changing. He's addicted to vicodin, and no stranger should be able to change that, and I'm glad it didn't. He's still the manipulative guy we've come to know. The others, however, were more than willing to believe the best in him, which also is consistent with THEIR characters. THEY haven't changed, either, no matter how many times House has manipulated them. On the other hand, this episode ended REALLY ubruptly. The whole Tritter thing just suddenly ended. It was like the writers were getting tired of Tritter, but couldn't think of how to make him leave, so they just wrote something in at the last second. It was a weak ending for the Tritter subplot.
  • Nothing changed - Hell yes, I can see that!

    Even the great medical case couldn't save the episode:

    the medical case WITHOUT House - doesn't matter how interesting it was - was very dull. Yes, it was surprising, but I was missing the typical House comments, one liners.

    The Tritter plot came to an end, and it's one disappointing ending.

    It was actually very similiar to the Vogler plot in season 1 - it was House's friends who saved his ass .

    And although House did apologize to Wilson - about time - it still didn't remotely make up for what he done.

    Actually, even in this episode he breaks the law by bringing vicodin into detox. I actually, for one time, believed that 'Yes, he can change, finally! No more drug addict House.'

    BULL. He was using vicodin all along.

    Without that 'twist' it could've been a good episode, but this way.... it wasn't so good.

    House needs to pay. Seriously.
  • Finally

    We finally see a conclusion to the whole Tritter/House fiasco that took too much of our time for the majority of this season. I'm glad that Tritter has finally accepted the fact that House was "sorry" for what he did and even though it was hard for House to admit it, House felt a bit sorry for what he did to Tritter. I think we are seeing House develop into more of a character that will be on a constant change. I love this show! vexus :)
  • Finally an ending to the legal troubles.

    So finally what i have been waiting for since this tritter business began a conclusion to it. Mind you it wasn\'t the smoothest ending to it, but it did the job well enough.
    i thought this episode was well thought out and i liked the illness.
    i thought of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, when they shock the patient to remove memories of the girl. i thought the acting in this episode was very good, and it is obvious that Hugh Derserved the Golden Globe. i think from here the episodes can only get better. i\'m waiting now for maybe a little more romance to be brought into the show. i think its time to see a little office love going on. between who i dont care, but i\'d like some.
    I liked this episode and hope that creator David Shore and the House team keep up the good work.
  • Nothing has changed

    I really enjoyed this episode because you could feel the pain House was going through. But at the end, you find out that it was all just a show for Tritter.....Lol. I thought it was so funny. I was happy to see that House will never change, but still got to apologize to his friends. We got to see the soft side of him. Great episode. But I can\'t wait to see the rest now. I don\'t understand the hiatus repeating like this. One episode every 3 weeks? That\'s wierd.
  • The subplot involving Tritter and House's legal troubles is somewhat clumsily wrapped up. The medical case in this episode is also somewhat subpar. However, some of the interactions between House and his friends/colleagues make up for other faults.

    After spending half of the season waiting to see whether House goes to prison, the resolution is sort of anticlimactic. Cuddy provides a little deus ex machina to get House off the hook, and Tritter oddly just accepts it and tell House "good luck." Lame. Where are the fireworks? I wanted to see House rub it in his face or Tritter swear to catch him if it's the last thing he ever does. Something a little more dramatic. This whole story seemed to building to something a little more confrontational.

    The medical case, as a result of the emphasis on the trial, seemed to receive short shrift. Nuking someone's memory without looking for other alternatives seems a little reactionary to me. But I'm not a doctor. Even so, I didn't find this aspect of the episode as compelling.

    The shining moments of the episode come from House's interactions with the others. Cameron is oddly unsympathetic towards House, until she finds out that he apologized to Wilson. Wilson is ever the good buddy, and keeps coming back to help out House, despite the latter's being a jerk. It was nice to see House apologize to Wilson, though. While drastically changing House's combative attitude would alter the show's essence, I do like to know that he has a few feelings buried in there somewhere. I like the House/Wilson relationship, and it's good that House realizes how much he needs Wilson as a friend. I did think that Chase and Foreman were a little overly sympathetic to House's predicament in this episode. Normally, they would have no problems consulting him on the case, no matter what his condition otherwise.

    All in all, a good episode, as are all from this series, but certainly lacking in some areas.
  • What was the point!!!

    Okay, exactly what was the point of the whole Tritter arc???

    We sat through 6 episodes of Tritter practically stalking House about his drug abuse and from beginning to end, House learned absolutely nothing!! Is that not the point of these arcs? Especially after the last episode with House overdosing, you would think he would learn some sort of lesson about his drug addiction and his behaviour towards his friends. Okay, yes he did finally apologize to Wilson, but while he admitted himself to rehab (in order to trick Tritter into letting him off the hook), he had "Valdemort" sneak him in Vicodin!!! Agh!!

    I hope to God that Wilson does not start writing him scrip's again, now that he knows House is still using. Otherwise not only did House learn nothing from this little adventure....neither did Wilson.

    I love House, but the writers need to work on the purpose of their arcs, every season we have had one and they get more painful each time. Stacy was really bad, Volger was a joke, but Tritter could have been something, they just need to flesh it out some. Oh well, maybe next year.
  • Hugh Laurie Rocks!!

    House has got that wit and charm and though you either love or loathe him, or love & loathe both at the same time, he is the most awesome character lately. He must deal with his trial for forging perscriptions, giving Tritter the cop a piece of his mind, as well as treat a patient can't stop shivering. Great performance by Hugh Laurie. Once again.
  • House is on trial for drug abuse and solves another medical mystery no other doctor can unravel.

    I was very interested in seeing how the Tritter story would be resolved, and was quite disappointed. This was one step above an \"it was all a dream\" ending. I realize House fans will be appalled at this, but I expected more from what is usually an excellent series. The entire courtroom scene was laughable; anyone familiar with court procedure would recognize the silliness. Notice the convenient leniency of the judge: she gives House one night in jail for walking out of the courtroom? And how long would it take for House to go back to the hospital, explain the situation to his three stooges, run the test, get the results, and then go back to the courtroom during which hours the judge, DA, House\'s attorney and Tritter had been sitting around doing nothing until Cuddy had been called up just before House returned? Not to mention the transparency of Cuddy\'s perjury: how did she know House would illegally write out a prescription for the dead patient? How did she substitute placebos for Vicodin without the pharmacist\'s knowledge? And would a D.A. put up with that sort of change in testimony? And, as has been noted in another review, how does Cuddy now have any power over House? Is she going to confess to the DA and go to jail for perjury just to injure House? Why would she want him to spend more time in the clinic, since that is what got House, Cuddy, etc, all in trouble in the first place? So now House is still addicted to Vicodin, has no reason not to forge Wilson\'s name on prescriptions, and has everyone in thrall to his astounding knowledge. Why mess with a winning formula? But with this one episode, the formula got quite old.
  • Everybody lies. That includes their actions. Especially House's.

    House may have cleverly worked his way around the reality of his situation and ended up with nothing being changed, but this is far from anything admireable. Usually I'm impressed by something House says or does, but this time the "enemy" takes the glory.
    House's little apology to Tritter wasn't sweet or heart-warming or nowhere near the right thing to do. He was simply trying to save his sorry ass from jail. Well, the man's got a point - no one wants to get locked up in a few feet of space for ten years. But as it turns out, House isn't one of a kind. There's someone else like him, someone who might understand him even better than he does. Tritter. There's no way to fool him. House may lie to him in all forms, but Tritter knows with a guy like House, even his actions lie. It may have seemed cruel how he slammed the cold truth in his face, but by that point I had no compassion for the doc left, he'd just taken it too far.
    I don't want House in jail, I simply want him to be more realistic for himself. The incapability of merely understanding the pure existance of rules has taken a somewhat utopic turn. Someone should electoshock his brain and try to give him the slightest sense of actuality.

    And what exactly was Cuddy's "I own your ass" speech for? House isn't going to pull double-shifts in he clinic or happily lecture med students. He screws everyone over and ends up getting it his way, Cuddy knows it. So what will she do, threathen him to go to Tritter just to get him to look at someone's strep throat? That would give Tritter evidence to lock House up and there's no way Cuddy will risk losing the hospital's best asset. Cuddy, there's really no point to threathen unless you're ready to deliver. You're not. And it makes you weak.
  • Not the best episode on many levels, yet the good news is that House got his manipulative yet brilliant personality back – and his sense of humor is still intact.

    <p>After watching this episode, I now I know why House doesn’t watch soaps any more – he lives in one! <br/>Writers, producers and whoever is in charge of this show - get your act together and face it – you've created a great character here, you write great episodes, but you keep failing when it comes to arcs. Acknowledge your limits, repent and thank your higher power for the truly wonderful cast that each time saves the day for you! They deserve a lot better than this and so are the viewers.</p>

    <p>Story wise, that was one of the weakest episodes ever. The medical case was very weak and poorly presented. The parallel lines between the medical story and Houses' situation were way too obvious (the patient shivering vs. House detoxing, the patient hiding his true medical problems, his nerve problem interfering with his judgment of reality and relationships, his willingness to take harsh measures like erasing his memory rather then dealing with the problem, him getting the wrong treatment that hurts him badly yet doesn’t solve the problem..) therefore too schematic and predictable. I wonder how Sherlock Holmes would react to that…<br/>

    <br/>The Tritter sub plot made no sense AGAIN (Cuddy lying on the stand ends the case???!) but at least we're finally done with it, so no need to dwell on that too much. It's just a shame that once again, like with the shooter, we didn't get a glimpse as to what his real agenda was and there was no real closure.</p>

    <p>The one thing that still needs to be addressed re this arc is what didn't happen: despite all the promises, the arc did not create any real character development: making all the characters do whatever they've been doing from day one only in louder and more melodramatic tons is not "character development": Cuddy still gets the same old lines (House is an idiot, it's all his fault and no one else's', he needs to do his job, she will make him work more from now on… ZZZZ...) and she makes the very same mistakes (she now realizes "House functions better on Vicodine"? well good morning to you Ms. Cuddy!…. House is only 2 days in rehab and she concludes its working – enough to permit the staff to fry the patients' brain without checking if someone actually got all the details beforehand, while merely a few months prior to that she'd refused to let the pain and drug free House to give a harmless shot to a brain damaged patient…. The woman really deserves some better writing or else, get her pregnant and send her on a long maternity leave. This is pure torture.</p>

    <p><br/>The same goes for Cameron – someone needs to decide where she's heading: on this episode the "Cameron of the week" comes in a Cuddy flavor: she "wants House to do his job", she makes bad medical judgments, she treats him like dirt only to end up supporting him in the most awkward way – that hug was SCARY….</p>

    <p>The only character development I could spot on this episode was when House finally admitted his pain and described it for the very first time. That was one of HL's best moments. A shame it was wasted on Tritter, but you can't always get what you want.<br /></p>
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