Season 3 Episode 11

Words and Deeds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • House's Legal Problem

    I don't even know where to begin, so I'll try to keep it simple. First of all, one detective does not head up an entire investigation against a highly respected doctor. Even if he could, he couldn't harass that doctor's colleagues, such as freezing the bank accounts of his team. In addition, pretty much everything Tritter does is illegal in order to "get" House. For example, he would need a warrant to look at the pharmacy records. Speaking of warrants, this whole thing got blown out of proportion after the giant stash was discovered when they searched House's home, apparently with a warrant. I don't know about the whole United States, but there was no reason to search the home, thus no judge would grant a warrant. Something else that was ridiculous is no one would receive a 10 year prison sentence for forging prescriptions and picking up one that isn't for them. While these things are illegal, they are not huge crimes. Even more, House would get off much easier because he actually has a legitimate pain problem. This leads to me to the thing that bothers me THE MOST:

    Many people have to take pain medication their whole lives because of pain issues. When his pain was gone after the Ketamine induced coma, he didn't take the Vicodin, which clearly shows he didn't have a drug problem. House has a very serious and legitimate pain condition, so he never would have had a problem getting sufficient medication in the first place (especially being a doctor). Also, can't he just write his own prescriptions? While I have always found this show to be fantastic and have even been intrigued by House's recent legal plight, I found it ultimately very frustrating. In reality House would have no problem getting all the pain meds he needed, and the entire investigation by Tritter was not even close to being believable.