Season 3 Episode 11

Words and Deeds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • House vs. Tritter - the finale

    It seems Tritter succeeded in bringing House not only into court but having him condemnded for drug use and theft. House realizes he has to do something or he will be going to jail, so he checks into rehab. Meanwhile a firefighter is having heart attacks so his brain needs to be "restarted" so he forgets the love of hid life who is causing the attacks. While House is detoxing and trying to find a way he doesn't have to go to jail, he is curing the patient.

    This episode is one of my favourite ones because once again the end is unpredictable and I also like the way House seems to be totally helpless and everyone (including Cuddy and Wilson) think they have to help him. In reality, he has had a plan all the time, maybe even if the judge would have condemnded him, who knows? Anyway, this episode marks the end of the Tritter arc which wasn't my favourite one, but you have to admit that there was someone who was equally smart as House (although Tritter was much more annoying), so in the end, it wasn't an all-bad arc.

    In the end, I liked this episode because of his end and an once again very clever House.