Season 3 Episode 11

Words and Deeds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • House vs Tritter- The Final Round

    I thought this episode was much more light than the rest of the Season so far. House tries to avoid jail after slamming everyone of Tritters "doors" closed, and checks himself into rehab. It was a move that I didn't see coming, and was one last desperate attempt to free himself. The team meanwhile tries to diagnose a firefighter who keeps having heart attacks. The diagnosis of broken heart syndrome was something I'd never heard of before- it was pretty interesting how they came up with it.

    The case was quite interesting, although I am surprised that the man was willing to fry his brain to get rid of the memory of the girl he loved- it seemed believable when he said she was engaged to his brother, but when the twist was that was a lie, it makes it quite unbelievable- the depth people go to to hide their love and secrets!

    The case took a backburner to the trial of Dr House, and how he conflicted again with Tritter, questioning his own actions and words. I didn't see the twist in the trial coming, as Cuddy protects him by commiting perjury. It seems interesting that now she has complete power over him.

    What made the episode a ten for me, however, was the realisation that nothing had changed. House was still taking vicodin in rehab, and admits it to Wilson in the end- nothing has changed in his character, which mean Tritter ultimately lost. Also, Wilson and House's friendship is back on track, after House genuinely apologises to him, and they end the episode with them exchanging a typical House/Wilson scene.

    Overall, another great episode- perhaps not the greatest of all time, but certainly a decent finish to a story arc.