Houston Knights

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

During an undercover operation, Joey is shot. Even though he was wearing a flak jacket, he still ends up in the hospital with two badly bruised ribs. The doctor, looking over Joe's past medical history, says he needs to take an AIDS test, because of a transfusion Joe had in Chicago a couple of years ago. Joe takes the test but is worried about what the results might be. Before this happened, Joe had refused to go to Lundy's hometown, Lombard, for Thanksgiving with Lundy's Grandmother. But when the doctor calls to say the test was inconclusive and will have to be run again, LaFiamma decides at the last minute to join his partner for the weekend. In Lombard, Joe meets Levon's Grandmother, Mother Minnie, who has a secret of her own. Levon's college alma mater, Texas A&M, asks him to present a MVP award to a local high school athlete. The Knights discover that the boy's father is in the witness protection program. There are also complications between Levon and the local sheriff, a high school friend, who also loved Levon's wife Caroline. Action abounds when the brother of the man the boy's father testified against sees a newspaper photo and article on the boy's football ability in a national newspaper. The Knights save the man and his son from death. Joe gets Minnie to tell her grandson her secret. AND the AIDS test proves to be negative.
(Used with Permission of JoeyPare from Houston Knights Roundup.)