How Clean Is Your House? (UK)

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered May 21, 2003 In Season


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How Clean Is Your House? (UK)

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Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie clean up homes in Britain, going through lairs of grime and muck. Homes that haven't been cleaned for many years. A bit like Changing Rooms with changing the homes, except from doing by cleaning.

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AIRED ON 5/31/2007

Season 5 : Episode 3

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  • What can I say – fantastic!

    What can I say – fantastic! The perfect balance of shame, disgust, and a good telling off, seamlessly balanced with kindness, understanding, education and plenty of smiles all round. I just love this show. I moved from England to America with my husband two years ago, and have been homesick since almost day one (I still long to be back in good old Blighty with all my heart – unfortunately because of my husband's line of work this would only be possible if I divorced him – so I'm stuck feeling sad!!). But when "How Clean is Your House" comes on BBC America, I sit back with a nice cup of tea, have a good chuckle, and get a half hour break from feeling any homesickness at all. Kim and Aggie are fabulous in every way!moreless
  • Kim and Aggie, thank you for bringing so much happiness and laughter to my life. Here in Ponchatoula, Louisiana we've had some rough years.

    One hint I'd like to pass on is, when you treat mold, mix some TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) with your bleach and water. As you know it's a surphactant and helps the bleach penetrate deeper and kills more spores. Yes, we have had too much experience with mold. I have turned many of my friends onto your show and it has helped many of us. Keep up the hints and help you give to those depressed women (and even the lazy arses). I just wanted you to know someone in the deep south loves your show and truly appreciates your personalities and senses of humour. Thank you darlins so very much. Please come to New Orleans, this area really needs you. Hugs and loves.moreless
  • Awesome show

    I love Kim and Aggie, i wish they could come to my house and see all the junk my husband brings home, maybe it might embarass him and make him get rid of his crap. My front room is his storage area, no longer a living room. we have been in our apartment for7 months and i cant get him to go through his boxes. I get rid of stuff and he packrats his stuff back in the boxes. It's amazing how the homes they go into are so spectacular. Only wish mine looked like them. Thanks for a great show.moreless
  • How can I contact you? I have got a dear friend in hospital NOW with blood posioning caused by the dog standing on her foot, causing a small injury, which was not cared for. Could you help me making these people aware that bugs KILL!!! Wivine Lanemoreless

    This is not a review! I would like to contact you, because I am in fear of more casualties in this household I am thinking of. I would like to get in touch with either Agy or her friend.

    I have seen many of their programs and completely agree with their strategy. They do a wonderful job.

    I want to help a household from killing themselves by living in a very unhealthy environment, they do not seem to be considering 'THEIR HOUSE' to be !a hasard!

    Please let me know whether you can help?

    This is a genuime request from a worried friend!

    You should check your word count. It says 100 words on top, but I get a warning that my review should at least be 100 words, which it was.

    I still hope you will read this.