How Clean Is Your House?

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How Clean Is Your House?

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A third season is on the way, so here they come again! Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie are aiming to conquer crud in the U.S.! By the time these two cleaning tornados whip through homes you can't even walk through, you'll be zipping through your own mess just to try out the handy tips they give, like polishing copper with ketchup/catsup and scrubbing tubs with baking soda and lemon juice. When's the last time you fog-proofed your bathroom mirrors by wiping them down with shaving cream? You think you know, but you might not! How Clean Is YOUR House?

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AIRED ON 12/23/2005

Season 2 : Episode 25


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    • My best friend's mom passed away but was a horder

      My best friend's mom passed away but was a horder and I wish I could have had Aggie and Kim help her out but she didn't want anyone to see how she lived or the state of the house much less let me tell anyone else about it. She died sitting in the same chair she had been in for weeks .. I asked her son how she did daily things but little details were given. He felt at his wits end but she would yell at him so he would just do all he could. People don't understand how this could happen and might blame him as a caregiver but he was her son and you can only do so much. It ultimately is up to the person themselves if they want help. You can't force help. But now the son is trying to clean up the house and it is so over whelming!!

      But anyway watching these shows inspires me to clean my own home as I HATE cleaning but once I start I am proud of myself. My dad is working on cleaning out his house to sell but it has become more like a storage room since he has been mainly at his girlfriend's house instead. Going through it to see what I would want .. I told him he would have to organize it so that people could see what there is to take. Too much stuff ....

      Thanks for your tips Kim and Aggie! I bought your book .. and now that I am cleaning up my place I realize .. I have no idea where it is :(moreless
    • disappointed


      just before i go ahead id just like to say i do enjoy the show!

      i was just wanting to share my distress about a certain episode that includes Aggie and Kim cleaning a farm house where the lady and her daughter spent more time in the stables than cleaning their own home!

      I noticed when Aggie was picking up bugs to see what kind they were, that she put live spiders into a jar. As she did so she exclaimed that they were not harmful and she would send them to the lab to see what kind they were.

      Aggie then got the results back from the lab and when it viewed the spiders again they were (DEAD)

      I think thats an absolute horrible thing to do specially since 1 they were not poison and 2 those ppl allowed those spiders to move in!!!

      i am very disappointed as spiders as are all insects still animals and have a live....and a soul.... i mean its exactly like me sticking a bird or rabbit into a big container and filming them alive then flashing back to them dead as they have suffocated....

      i am mortified

    • Application Form

      GREAT SHOW! LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, but i would love to know how to get on the show. i would like to enter my dad. His flat is not as bad as all the people you see on the Show but it could use a bit of the experts help, they say a tidy home keeps a tidy mind and i think this would help out my dad A LOT! it would be really good if you could get back to me Via e-mail and go from there. please help me out, it would be such a good thing for my dad and my brother who both live in a one bed flat in London. the flat was like it when he moved it and it isn't that sanitary. my e-mail is please someone help KIM AND AGGIE!!!!!!!moreless
    • kid appreciated!!

      i absolutely love this house is far from these houses but i love to see the results you ladies bring to people and love the tips.i have two boys 4 and 7 and one day they came into the room when i was watching your show and couldn't believe people live this way and i told them that if mommy didn't clean so much that our house would look like that.they both came over to me and hugged me and said"thank you for cleaning so much mommy,your the best mom ever".........priceless!! so thank you ladies for keeping america and others clean.....clean on!!!

      thankfully yours,a pittsburgh mom!!moreless
    • Very Wonderful show! Help Us In Nebraska!

      Very Wonderful show! I want to know how I can get these great gals, to come to my town? The reason: I have a Neighbor who desperatly needs help. Recently widowed (about 2 years ago) and now just remarried, 28 year old son still living home, and knick knack city here we come! The new wife wants to totally clean house, Hubby is "oh hum, I don't know what to get rid" duh! almost everything. Grown up son, won't do anything but eat, sleep and does have a job! But doesn't clean up after himself, let alone do anything! We need these gals to come to Nebraska and Clean This House! And show these men how to clean up after themselves.moreless
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