How Clean Is Your House?

Season 2 Episode 12

NO NO Shanette!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2005 on Channel 4
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NO NO Shanette!
She shops til she drops and that might explain why she’s too tired to tidy up. Kim and Aggie don’t just have something to say about the collection of crud, but some shame to share with this super shopper.
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  • When someone says, “The last time we cleaned our house? I would say ‘never’ “, you know you’ve got the right stuff for this series.

    Shanette and her three kids, ranging in age from 20, 19 and years to have the ‘busy excuse’ for not cleaning. This house is so cluttered there’s not even a path to walk through the rooms, the kitchen is about the only place one could stand on the floor without standing on top of garbage, but even then, it’s just a tiny little walk-way.

    Running their hands over countertops, computers, fireplaces, etc., it’s not just a matter of grime, there’s a depth of dirt that actually falls off to the floor (not that it would get noticed there). As I said, the kitchen has a view of the floor, albeit just a trail, but the counters have nary an inch of workspace! It’s the first thing the two ladies comment on after noticing the smell, which I’m pretty sure is pungently ripe of old food buried anywhere beneath that garbage stacked months high! There’s no way to use the sink, it’s just chock full. Laundry, something that should be fresh and clean, has been left in the washer so long it reeks (poor Aggie is the one sticking her nose into it this time). Dead bugs and some live spiders are found throughout the house, which gives me the chills to think about any of those people putting on clothes with nests in them. The bathtub is layered with grunge. I can’t imagine even taking a shower without worrying about touching the walls. It would be so much easier to just clean it than to be afraid to touch anything, huh?

    Doors barely open into their bedrooms, these aren’t stacks of clothes and ‘stuff’, these are mountain ranges! No sheets on the bed, but plenty of clothes to cover up in. Honestly, I just can’t imagine how anyone can open their eyes in this place (seeing this mess is stressful), let alone sit anywhere to watch t.v. or go to bed. A massive effort to get rid of the clothes warrants a home visit by the Salvation Army (they make house calls!).

    Neat tricks this episode? Scrubbing the fireplace bricks with regular dish soap and water, then half ‘n half bleach and water.

    Let’s not complicate things, the bleach ‘n water would have done it - or my favorite all around cleaner, white vinegar and water. The dish soap, without a good rinse, would just be dulling.

    Be careful of using bleach - no matter how careful you are, it’s going to end up on your clothes and surrounding carpet.

    A lesson in washing dishes gets product placement of Dawn Complete (which I like myself), and since this is what the series is really all about (cleaning products), ok.

    Club soda and baking soda are Kim’s tricks for cleaning the really awful washing machine that still has clothes in it! I get behind this little tip because the stuff is harmless to the clothes (still in there) and might even help when they’re put through another wash (and hopefully get taken out!).

    Aggie is doing her swab tests in the bathroom with results that aren’t surprising anyone. Every kind of mold imaginable and of course, they’re all ‘toxic’; however, this time, I lean toward agreeing that it might be serious and not exaggerated. This bathroom is pretty bad. She’s using apple cider vinegar and water (rather than white vinegar) and I’m loving it. She finishes off the tiles with bleach and water which oddly, makes me relax.

    Scrubbing with toothbrushes isn’t nearly as efficient as scrub pads, paper towels, but they are perfect for little spaces, cracks, crevices and corners.

    Tears flow upon seeing the end result, which is just beautiful! All clean, organized and the space!!! There’s those scented candles again.

    The bathroom is probably the most stunning makeover. Sparkling clean! I mean sparkling !

    As mom sees she’s got a bed in her bedroom, she jumps right in (can’t blame her!) and they all remark about how big the place is (they forgot!).

    Two weeks later, the check up shows that effort is made. Mostly. There’s a couple little piles starting to form at edges of desks and tables, so really, let’s check back in two months huh? I mean, the season is about over and I think re-visits would be more enjoyable than repeats, right?


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