How Clean Is Your House?

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  • disappointed


    just before i go ahead id just like to say i do enjoy the show!

    i was just wanting to share my distress about a certain episode that includes Aggie and Kim cleaning a farm house where the lady and her daughter spent more time in the stables than cleaning their own home!

    I noticed when Aggie was picking up bugs to see what kind they were, that she put live spiders into a jar. As she did so she exclaimed that they were not harmful and she would send them to the lab to see what kind they were.

    Aggie then got the results back from the lab and when it viewed the spiders again they were (DEAD)

    I think thats an absolute horrible thing to do specially since 1 they were not poison and 2 those ppl allowed those spiders to move in!!!

    i am very disappointed as spiders as are all insects still animals and have a live....and a soul.... i mean its exactly like me sticking a bird or rabbit into a big container and filming them alive then flashing back to them dead as they have suffocated....

    i am mortified

  • Kim and Aggie true cleaners by heart.

    How can any 1 leave there house in such a state. Bring on Kim and Aggie with there rubber gloves and their dusters. They clean and polish and the peoples house r looking lovely Well done u 2 but will the people stay at keeping there houses clean u will just have 2 watch. Excellant programme!
  • Some of the folks on the show need to understand the personal and emotional attachment they have to their stuff.

    Great show today! I believe that people may need to have a structured way to let go and would like to make a recommendation. It is that you contact Darren L. Johnson, author of the book Letting Go of Stuff: Powerful Secrets To Simplify Your Life. His book deals with managing the internal stuff, which is a perfect fit for the show. You could give his book as a gift to your show participants. Just a thought.

    Anyways, I love Ms. Nash. She's got personality.
  • Gross but great.

    This show is disgusting - the amount of mess some people get into. And then they have the cheek either to say it isn't as bad as it looks, they've cleaned up recently or they pretend to be disgusted when Aggie and Kim show them the mess. If they really had a problem with it don't you think they'd have cleaned up by now?
    The cleaning methods Aggie and Kim use aren't that difficult to understand - water and soap - how thick do you have to be not to get that? I'm glad they're helping to clean up the nation.
  • Fun and interesting!

    Just found this show-it's great! I love it! I think it's fun to see these girls react to these homes. And it makes me feel alot better about my home! I also love getting tips on how to take care of things in my own home. With three sloppy kids, two dogs and a cat, I REALLY need all the help I can get!
  • Please Help me. My Home really needs your help. I live in Danville, IL. I have two boys, ages 14, and 11. They won't clean up after them selves, and I just got tiered of cleaning it for them.

    I can't take any more. If I do I might die. There is a huge whole in one room of the house, we don't even open that door any more, and dust flying all over it. I suffer from allergies, and am sick alot and have to see the doctor alot because of it. Miss Niecy I beg you PLEASE......Desperate. My kids complain they never get to have any one over, this is why. They make a path thru their room and call it clean. My youngest sleeps in the living room, and it's a mess as well....Help, Help, Help.....And I do mean filth. We need house repairs, and my husband can't afford to hire anyone to do it, plus the basement is a mess, my mom complains about the house all the time. If I even think about doing this job I just go to bed or leave. We need your help badly. Now I have health problems, and suffer from depression, and just can not keep up with their filth any more. .
  • My best friend's mom passed away but was a horder

    My best friend's mom passed away but was a horder and I wish I could have had Aggie and Kim help her out but she didn't want anyone to see how she lived or the state of the house much less let me tell anyone else about it. She died sitting in the same chair she had been in for weeks .. I asked her son how she did daily things but little details were given. He felt at his wits end but she would yell at him so he would just do all he could. People don't understand how this could happen and might blame him as a caregiver but he was her son and you can only do so much. It ultimately is up to the person themselves if they want help. You can't force help. But now the son is trying to clean up the house and it is so over whelming!!

    But anyway watching these shows inspires me to clean my own home as I HATE cleaning but once I start I am proud of myself. My dad is working on cleaning out his house to sell but it has become more like a storage room since he has been mainly at his girlfriend's house instead. Going through it to see what I would want .. I told him he would have to organize it so that people could see what there is to take. Too much stuff ....

    Thanks for your tips Kim and Aggie! I bought your book .. and now that I am cleaning up my place I realize .. I have no idea where it is :(
  • These ladies are super! So cordial in telling you to get your act together but they help you get started.

    I wish they would come to my house. I have been sick for a number of years and the clutter keeps piling up. What little energy I have I try to tackle something everyday but it seems as if I will never get it done. I will die with a mound of things that need to be organized and thrown out. I don't battle filth just unorganized and a hoarder. God love these ladies. I would be so ashamed to let America see my mess. I love the way they use natural cleaners because I can't use the other stuff it makes me sick. I am so exhausted if I could just get it organized just once. I could probably have time to really relax after I get a schedule and stop worrying all the time. I don't allow anyone in my house I am so ashamed. Thanks for a great show they are my inspiration.
  • Great Cleaning show that mixes reality, comedy into really getting down and dirty. A show that comands attention, but still enjoy watching indeed. :)

    I am in the United States, Please Kim and Aggie come here!!!!! WE need folks like you here. Not that we do personally that is. My fiance and I both watch your show, faithly, every night 7:30pm M-F. Also I get to watch some shows earlier (daytime), if I get home early and watch reruns. That is great too, as I get to see more of the tips I missed before. :) There are even some weekend shows, but only if BBC America will run them. I am glad to see a show that just gets into the heart of the matter and tell it like it is!! Kim is the leader in getting all to do thier jobs and keep at it. Aggie, love the testing of bacteria. This has to be one show that really got me thinking of bugs, I mean, really seeing what they carry and leave behind, if not caught or gotten rid of right aways!! Thanks for a great show. I do hope we get to keep it here, and do wish you can come to America, we need you. I am sure we have many folks here who could use your skills and tips, but also compassionate ways you both handle people, also some firmness as needed, but just done so, with diplomacy. We have many in the USA, who could use this kind of help and not be too chastised, but because they got sick, they are elderly, gotten way over thier heads in junk and other distractions, like kids, animals, etc... OF course there are those who simply don't care... Hmmmm like to see Kim and Aggie put those kind of folks in thier place. I enjoy this show so much. How about a go in America, or at least have a duo, just like you two in our County... it would be so refreshing to see that here. Thanks for letting me air my write. Have fun folks. Rose :)
  • this show is really brings out the best in people but yet shows how there are some people out there in the world who dont care what their house looks like. keep up the good kim and aggie.

    the show how clean is your house has spark. these two ladies are really brave to go in and clean a house that looks like it hasnt been cleaned for 20 years...i really admire these two and aggie. if only they can tackle a house that i know of....they would have their challenge.
  • This show is so funny!

    I love this show. These two hilarious British women are on a mission to clean some of the most disquisting homes in America. I could not believe that people actually live this way. Some of those homes are dangerously filthy. The funny yet sick part is when Aggy actually smells everything. It's hilarious.
  • Application Form

    GREAT SHOW! LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, but i would love to know how to get on the show. i would like to enter my dad. His flat is not as bad as all the people you see on the Show but it could use a bit of the experts help, they say a tidy home keeps a tidy mind and i think this would help out my dad A LOT! it would be really good if you could get back to me Via e-mail and go from there. please help me out, it would be such a good thing for my dad and my brother who both live in a one bed flat in London. the flat was like it when he moved it and it isn't that sanitary. my e-mail is please someone help KIM AND AGGIE!!!!!!!
  • Very Wonderful show! Help Us In Nebraska!

    Very Wonderful show! I want to know how I can get these great gals, to come to my town? The reason: I have a Neighbor who desperatly needs help. Recently widowed (about 2 years ago) and now just remarried, 28 year old son still living home, and knick knack city here we come! The new wife wants to totally clean house, Hubby is "oh hum, I don't know what to get rid" duh! almost everything. Grown up son, won't do anything but eat, sleep and does have a job! But doesn't clean up after himself, let alone do anything! We need these gals to come to Nebraska and Clean This House! And show these men how to clean up after themselves.
  • Kim and Aggie are hilarious. And brilliant. They really get things clean. But don't just let you sit around and watch. They make you learn and help. And come back to make sure you didn't turn back into a slob. Awesome!

    I love this show. I use to watch it on BBC America every day. It always made my stomach turn. But I learned a lot of neat ways to get rid of grime and filth. Not that I'd let any hang around me. My sons grandmother could really use Kim and Aggie's help. He's not aloud over there because It's simply too filthy and cluttered. He would love to spend time with his grandmother. And daddy and I would love that too. I'd like to see more new episodes of this show. And be on it as well.I hope they start casting again!
  • A great show for cleaning advice and laughs!

    This show is the absolute best show on BBC America. Kim and Aggie Woodburn are hilarious ladies, and they are true miracle workers when it comes to cleaning up people's houses. My favorite part of the show is when Kim and Aggie first get a look at the huge mess they must clean up. Their reactions are so funny. They'll get flustered and say they're going to be ill, and then they'll start scolding the perpetrator of the unclean house. Another great aspect of the show is all of the different cleaning solutions and methods Kim and Aggie have to offer. "How Clean Is Your House?" is a great show to watch if you're in need of cleaning advice, or if you're just looking for some laughs.
  • A truly wonderful show, and refreshing that they help people show what products to use with out the salesmanship of brands like here in the states.

    I Love Love Love your show, Kim and Aggie. I know alot of people would say how can someone get into the state as someof your guests. Its easy when there is sickness age depression.. thank the Gods for you two.
    I especially love the home made cleaning products that you come up with. I wishyou had a book of all the homemade, and non chemical cleaning products, waxes etc. I would buy it up in a minute.

    It is refreshing that you two young ladies do an entire series with out advertising a specific brand, not shackling someone to if you want it clean you have to use Babbo's brand of top cleaners or some thing of the sort. I think American television could learn alot from you both.
    You are inspiring, change lives, give great advice and hints, and entertaining as well... what a package!!
    I hope there are more episodes to come!
  • We need some new episodes

    I fell in love with this show a few years ago when Kim and Aggie were in the USA (on Lifetime TV) When we moved to an area where we could get BBCAmerica, I was thrilled to be able to watch it again, even though I do have to use close captioning sometimes to understand the homeowners!!
    I think it is one of, if not the best of all reality shows. I has humor, education, and a lot of human interest. My only complaint is that they are allll re-runs.
    When are we going to see some new ones? Or have they succeeded in their quest to completely clean up England?
  • I love this clearly represents the true colors of some people who otherwise would go unnoticed. I enjoy Kim and Aggie for the wonderful work they do and their performance as well

    This show is one of a goes below the surface to unearth the grime and dirt people shove into the closest and hope no one finds. I am glad these two women are cleaning up these peoples' acts and declutter the planet. These women should be rewarded for their performance. Aggie and Kim we need much more of you and less careless individuals. I cannot believe some of the shows I have seen. It just amazes me how people can actually get away with this for so long and actually live to tell the tale and act like they are all innocent. I lift my hat to you ladies and watch very faithfully as gratitude and always keep clean. Cheers ladies...keep up the good work
  • kid appreciated!!

    i absolutely love this house is far from these houses but i love to see the results you ladies bring to people and love the tips.i have two boys 4 and 7 and one day they came into the room when i was watching your show and couldn't believe people live this way and i told them that if mommy didn't clean so much that our house would look like that.they both came over to me and hugged me and said"thank you for cleaning so much mommy,your the best mom ever".........priceless!! so thank you ladies for keeping america and others clean.....clean on!!!
    thankfully yours,a pittsburgh mom!!