How Clean Is Your House?

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Aug 01, 2002 In Season


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  • Great Cleaning show that mixes reality, comedy into really getting down and dirty. A show that comands attention, but still enjoy watching indeed. :)

    I am in the United States, Please Kim and Aggie come here!!!!! WE need folks like you here. Not that we do personally that is. My fiance and I both watch your show, faithly, every night 7:30pm M-F. Also I get to watch some shows earlier (daytime), if I get home early and watch reruns. That is great too, as I get to see more of the tips I missed before. :) There are even some weekend shows, but only if BBC America will run them. I am glad to see a show that just gets into the heart of the matter and tell it like it is!! Kim is the leader in getting all to do thier jobs and keep at it. Aggie, love the testing of bacteria. This has to be one show that really got me thinking of bugs, I mean, really seeing what they carry and leave behind, if not caught or gotten rid of right aways!! Thanks for a great show. I do hope we get to keep it here, and do wish you can come to America, we need you. I am sure we have many folks here who could use your skills and tips, but also compassionate ways you both handle people, also some firmness as needed, but just done so, with diplomacy. We have many in the USA, who could use this kind of help and not be too chastised, but because they got sick, they are elderly, gotten way over thier heads in junk and other distractions, like kids, animals, etc... OF course there are those who simply don't care... Hmmmm like to see Kim and Aggie put those kind of folks in thier place. I enjoy this show so much. How about a go in America, or at least have a duo, just like you two in our County... it would be so refreshing to see that here. Thanks for letting me air my write. Have fun folks. Rose :)
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