How Clean Is Your House?

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Aug 01, 2002 In Season


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  • These ladies are super! So cordial in telling you to get your act together but they help you get started.

    I wish they would come to my house. I have been sick for a number of years and the clutter keeps piling up. What little energy I have I try to tackle something everyday but it seems as if I will never get it done. I will die with a mound of things that need to be organized and thrown out. I don't battle filth just unorganized and a hoarder. God love these ladies. I would be so ashamed to let America see my mess. I love the way they use natural cleaners because I can't use the other stuff it makes me sick. I am so exhausted if I could just get it organized just once. I could probably have time to really relax after I get a schedule and stop worrying all the time. I don't allow anyone in my house I am so ashamed. Thanks for a great show they are my inspiration.