How Clean Is Your House?

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Aug 01, 2002 In Season


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  • My best friend's mom passed away but was a horder

    My best friend's mom passed away but was a horder and I wish I could have had Aggie and Kim help her out but she didn't want anyone to see how she lived or the state of the house much less let me tell anyone else about it. She died sitting in the same chair she had been in for weeks .. I asked her son how she did daily things but little details were given. He felt at his wits end but she would yell at him so he would just do all he could. People don't understand how this could happen and might blame him as a caregiver but he was her son and you can only do so much. It ultimately is up to the person themselves if they want help. You can't force help. But now the son is trying to clean up the house and it is so over whelming!!

    But anyway watching these shows inspires me to clean my own home as I HATE cleaning but once I start I am proud of myself. My dad is working on cleaning out his house to sell but it has become more like a storage room since he has been mainly at his girlfriend's house instead. Going through it to see what I would want .. I told him he would have to organize it so that people could see what there is to take. Too much stuff ....

    Thanks for your tips Kim and Aggie! I bought your book .. and now that I am cleaning up my place I realize .. I have no idea where it is :(
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