How Clean Is Your House? - Season 2

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Aug 01, 2002 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Sloppy Sibling
    Sloppy Sibling
    Episode 25
    Mark is a paralegal with a secret. Until now. He keeps a picture perfect office, but home is so bad he phoned family for help!
  • Marc Bangs
    Marc Bangs
    Episode 14
  • The Le Bas Family
    The Le Bas Family
    Episode 13
  • NO NO Shanette!
    NO NO Shanette!
    Episode 12
    She shops til she drops and that might explain why she’s too tired to tidy up. Kim and Aggie don’t just have something to say about the collection of crud, but some shame to share with this super shopper.
  • In The Doghouse
    In The Doghouse
    Episode 11
    Jackie is to the rescue when it comes to canine companions, but who will rescue Jackie and her husband from the dirty doggie mess?
  • No Laughing Matter
    No Laughing Matter
    Episode 10
    California comedian gets his 15 minutes of fame in shame. Is there anything more annoying than a mime? How about a ventriloquist comedian? It's really no laughing matter.
  • Houseboat Horrors
    Houseboat Horrors
    Episode 9
    This Jolly captain has a three story houseboat with nearly four stories of clutter! Kim and Aggie to the rescue before this ship sinks!
  • Crafty Catastrophe
    Crafty Catastrophe
    Episode 8
    Kim and Aggie take on a crafting team of sisters who are too busy to clean anything in their home! Nasty spa and furry fan - will the girls be able to 'needle' these two into a clean living?
  • Cleaning Boot Camp
    Cleaning Boot Camp
    Episode 7
    Bonnie's the mother of four children and three of them just won't leave! It wouldn't be so bad if they were really there to help mom out, like they say they are! Kim and Aggie are tough task masters for these grown kids needing basic cleaning boot camp!
  • Grease Monkey (Dirty Dan)
    Divorce seems to have sent this car collector over the edge of reason. His cars are living better than he is! Kim and Aggie are hoping to execute another dusty rescue of this rec of a guy!
  • Desperate Housewife!
    This could be one of those cross-over episodes with Fox's "Nanny 911" or ABC's "SuperNanny". Kim and Aggie intercede with a desperate housewife who has FIVE boys and a husband, who, if he's not helping, is part of the problem right?
  • Cleaning Out The Closet
    This queer guy is living like a straight guy, at least according to the ladies! Only a straight guy could possibly have so much clutter, grime and slime! He's come out of the closet. Now it's time for him to CLEAN out the closet!

  • Beauty Queen Clean
    Beauty Queen Clean
    Episode 2
    This episode is actually not officially titled and may be a left over from the 2004 season, possibly a re-air. Kim and Aggie swoop down on a beauty queen's home where a 12 year old boy keeps a beautiful macaw. Unfortunately, it seems the macaw does the house cleaning, which isn't much! From bird poo apparently keeping the ants alive in the bedroom, to mom's complete lack of organization to the point of losing one of the biggest, gaudiest crowns ever - there's plenty to clean and lots to sniff for the ladies with those wonderful gloves!moreless
  • A Frat-Tastic Disaster
    Season Premier aired 09/26/05 Those sniffing Brits are baaaackk! Aaaaakkkk!
  • In The Doghouse!
    Jackie is to the rescue when it comes to canine companions, but who will rescue Jackie and her husband from the dirty doggie mess?